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Whole House Ioniser System

4 Stage Water Filtration System with Ionizer for Town Water Supplies

$1,390.00 excl. GST.

  • 4 Stage Filter System for delivering the best water quality in your entire home.
  • Designed specifically for high Silica & calcified water supplies in New Zealand.
  • Reduce scale build-ups, heavy metals, and chlorine from your town’s water supply.
  • Get healthier and better-tasting drinking water from every tap in your home.

Don’t compromise on water quality and safety!  Discover the power of a whole house water filtration system with Ioniser and experience pure, pristine water quality in your entire home: indoors for healthier, tastier drinking water & less water spotting. Outdoors for shiny cars & happy plants!

4 Stages Water Filter System with Ionizer - Innovate Technology for Pure Water

Enjoy clean and healthy drinking water from every tap of your home! This whole house water filtration system with cutting-edge technology ensures soft and safe water while reducing water spotting by silica and other minerals

1st stage: Sediment reduction with an NSF certified dual gradient 25-1 micron filter.

2nd stage: Carbon filtration for chemical reduction, such as chlorine and its by-products.

3rd stage: KDF 55 media, reduces organic chemicals & heavy metals such as iron, lead & aluminium.

4th stage: Ionizer which reduces the effects of water spotting, e.g. caused by silica or calcium.

Spot the Silica Menace: Understanding Water Spots and Combat Them with a Whole House Water Filtration System

Dealing with water issues within the confines of your home can be quite a challenge, often manifesting in various frustrating ways. From the persistent water spotting that mars the elegance of glass, windows, tiles, and tapware to the vexing stains that stubbornly cling to porcelain washbasins and toilets, these issues can mar the aesthetic appeal of your space. The struggle gets more frustrating when surfaces like shiny benchtops, stainless steel fixtures, and even freshly washed vehicles succumb to the unsightly marks left behind by water spots.

And then there's the matter of water taste, an unexpected inconvenience from chemicals like chlorine. The unsettling flavour can detract from the simple pleasure of a refreshing glass of water.

Despite the arsenal of household cleaners, these water-related challenges can prove remarkably resilient, demanding innovative solutions to restore our living spaces' pristine beauty and purity. With a Whole House Water Filtration System you are on the safe side for significantly reduced water spots and healthier drinking water from every tap in your home.

The Solution to These Water Issues Is the Silica Ionizer with GAC/KDF55 Media

This Ionizer changes how minerals in the water that cause scale behave when they try to stick to surfaces. Water spots might still appear after evaporating, but they'll be much easier to clean because they won't stick as strongly. Without the ionizer, removing silica once it's dried on surfaces is tough.

The Ionizer's effect may take longer if the pipes have an existing scale. In older homes with 10+ years of buildup, it might take around two months or more for the full effect to show, depending on how much water is used.

Local installations of this system have shown that it reduces the formation of silica and calcium scale. Some surfaces, like those in bathrooms, kitchens, and windows, can stay in better condition for longer, with fewer visual and damage issues.

The KDF-55 media removes tiny amounts of iron, manganese, zinc, and other heavy metals. The Carbon & KDF part removes bad tastes, odours, chemicals, and organic substances like chlorine. The sediment filter also reduces sediment before the water goes through the KDF/GAC filter and Ionizer.

Installation & Warranty

We highly recommend a registered plumber performing the installation. At Aqua Works, our certified plumbers conduct site visits, quote and carry out all installations. This way, we ensure a correct system set-up, smooth operations and all the warranties are validated.

Additionally, the Ionizer must be out of the weather, which means the system either needs a cover or installed inside. We offer galvanised, plastic and plywood covers for your individual taste and conditions.

Furthermore, for the annual maintenance and service, the water filtration system should be installed in an easily accessible spot, e.g. in your garage.

The virtual Ionizer comes with a 5-year warranty. The water filters and housings are guaranteed for 24 months.