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NZ Drinking Water Standards

Water Services (Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand) Regulations 2022

In New Zealand, the availability of safe drinking water is an essential prerequisite for public health. As part of New Zealand’s comprehensive drinking water regulatory reform, not only the landmark Water Services Act 2021 entered into force in November 2021. Additionally, the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand 2005 (Revised 2018) were revised and adjusted accordingly. 

Consequently, the new DWS set the values for drinking water in Aoteroa. They ensure that every drinking water supplier provides clean, safe drinking water to their customers, whether big or small.

Drinking Water Standards NZ 2022
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The latest NZ Drinking Water Standards 2022 have been established based on the World Health Organisation guidelines. These standards aim to ensure everyone has access to clean and safe drinking water by setting maximum acceptable levels for substances that can harm our health.

The revised NZ Drinking Water Standards address microbiological contaminants like e.coli or Giardia, inorganic substances like copper or lead, organic substances like herbicides, and radiological contaminants. By setting maximum acceptable values for these substances, the standards help to ensure that the water we drink is of the highest quality possible.

Aesthetic Values & the Water Services Act 2021

While the Drinking Water Standard of NZ sets the maximum acceptable contaminants values, the aesthetic values have been separated. The reason is a simplified handling process for small drinking water suppliers. In addition, there are distinctions between water supply type and size. Therefore, the new aesthetic values contribute to an easier understanding and implementation to comply with the Water Services Act 2021 legal requirements.

The aesthetic values not only take into account the concentration of substances but also consider the odour, taste and appearance regarding to drinking water. Thus, a drinking water supplier must take reasonably practicable steps to accomplish compliance.

Drinking Water Standards NZ Aesthetic Values

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Water Services Regulations 2022

The guidelines contain important information for water suppliers, water operators and homeowners. Hence, they support the management of public and private drinking water supplies. We strongly recommend familiarising yourself with these standards.

Every region in New Zealand has its specific characteristics and differs in the quality of its water. Are you based rural in the Rodney district or on tank water? Or is your business located North of Auckland, and you are on town water? We specialise in providing customised water management solutions for your individual needs. Therefore, you comply with New Zealand’s Drinking Water Standards to offer your customers healthy and potable water.

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At Aqua Works, we have knowledge and experience in drinking-water safety, professional and commercial water treatment, water purification and UV filter systems. Our passion is to support local businesses that require this expertise to meet their legal obligations under New Zealand’s Drinking Water Standards. Before we start, you need to get your water tested. We conduct qualified drinking water analyses with a reputable laboratory so that you can be sure that the products we recommend meet your needs.

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Aqua Works offers a wide range of innovative professional and commercial water treatment products. By deploying the best suitable water filter, you will meet NZ’s Drinking Water Standards and have peace of mind knowing that your drinking water meets these high standards.

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Aqua Works has over 20 years of experience as a local expert in commercial water treatment for many industries. We offer water solutions supporting you to meet your individual needs and legal requirements. The modularity of our product range helps you to optimise investment costs. 

At the same time, it ensures the best purification of your water. We deliver customised water treatment solutions to keep your water safe wherever you need it in your business. Aqua Work’s water filtration systems, UV filter purification, water treatment, ozone systems, and water pumps combine sustainability, high performance and cost-efficiency. 

With years of experience and expert advice, our passionate team is here to help you every step of the way to clean and potable drinking water. Our maintenance service guarantees the continuous, reliable operation of the products used. Therefore, we recommend regular maintenance of all water treatment systems to detect possible malfunctions early.

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