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Water Filters, Pumps & Plumbing

Our customers are pleased to recommend us – discover for yourself why our water filter systems, UV purification, whole house water filters, water pumps, water tanks, and hot water cylinders are so popular.

Aqua Works 

Your local, trusted partner providing products & services for clean, healthy, and efficiently delivered drinking water.

“Water is our business – helping you to drink safe, healthy water is our passion.”


Elevate your water quality now! Get the best water filter systems tailored to your specific needs. Remove harmful impurities like bacteria and viruses without chemicals, and deliver healthy and safe drinking water for your kitchen or whole home.


Is your water tap dripping? Do you have an emergency with an overflowing hot water cylinder? Our certified local plumbers provide power-efficient and cost-effective product and service solutions to answer your personal expectations.


There is no standard solution when it comes to water pumps! By choosing the right rural pump, you not only deliver water but also safety, health, performance, and serenity. Upgrade now to keep your water flowing wherever and whenever needed.


No water? Has your water pump broken down, and it is Friday night? Do you have an emergency with your overflowing hot water cylinder? Is the house full of guests, and your shower is just a dribbling misery?Our emergency service is by your side 24/7.

Best water filter experience

At Aqua works, we use our unrivalled experience to understand the individual challenges and needs of our customers’ home water supply systems and develop customized solutions that bring water to life and give you peace of mind. You can rely on us for professional water pump repair, sales, plumbing and maintenance.

Your experience & satisfaction is our commitment.

water filter systems Aqua Works


Under-bench water filter systems, whole house water filtration systems, water tank ozone systems or UV disinfection filter, your hot water cylinder nz or the water pump repair: Your Aqua Work’s service team ensures your water is always safe to drink.

We service and replace fridge filters, dripping water taps and leaking hot water cylinders. Our four service vehicles serve the whole Rodney District from Waipu to Auckland. Aqua Work’s emergency call-out service is at your disposal 24/7.



Providing you with customised solutions to supply your home or business with clean, safe, professionally managed water is our passion. Aqua Works’ water treatment solutions, water filter technologies, UV filters and water pumps offer excellent quality and enhanced sustainability with cost-effective and efficient performance.

Visit us in our showroom in Warkworth, or we can meet you onsite at your premises to discuss water filter systems that best suit your needs.



We offer tailored residential and commercial solutions for your health, safety and comfort. From sink to shower, our range of water filtration systems will provide you with safe and healthy water. Choose the right filter for your water supply (rainwater supply, mains, bore water).

At Aqua Works, we are certified MASTER plumbers. Therefore, our installations are performed to a high legal standard. Rural water pump installs, water tanks, hot water cylinders and general plumbing, our water experts anchor technicians got you covered.

commercial water filter systems

Commercial Water Treatment

Discover comprehensive commercial water treatment solutions to provide your company and customers with potable water. Our services extend to various commercial applications, including rural properties, schools & kindies, dairy farms, and rural food services.

With Aqua Works, you meet the legal Health & Safety requirements for NZ Drinking Water Standards, Food Act, and Drinking Water Suppliers. Get your compliance with the right products under Taumata Arowai and the Water Services Act 2021.

Aqua Filters

Water filters and UV filtration offer healthy water, removing bacteria, viruses, and unwanted residues without adding chemicals like chlorine.

Get the right filter with Aqua Works for safe drinking water at home or for your business.

Explore your water filter options! Click here.

Aqua Pumps

No one-size-fits-all for water pumps. Different applications require different strategies. Opting for the right pump means delivering water, safety, health, performance, and serenity.

Get a modern or traditional pump to keep your water flowing anytime, anywhere.

Get the best water pump in NZ! Click here.

Aqua Plumbing

Is your leaking water tap driving you crazy? Or do you have an emergency with your overflowing hot water cylinder? Our certified plumbers provide you with high-quality products and water pump services 24/7 so that you can lean back and relax.

Our smart products are power-efficient and cost-effective answers to your personal expectation for 21st-century plumbing solutions. 

Want to get into the flow? Click here!

Aqua Digger Service

Are you planning your next outdoor project? Retaining wall, fruit garden fence or spa pool? Aqua Works digger hire service with operator is at your side!

With our small but powerful 1.7t CAT digger, we complete the job for you in no time. Find out which outdoor project we can help you with. Click here!

Aqua Commercial

Our water management solutions provide safe water for your business and your customers. With Aqua Works, you know you meet the legal and health & safety requirements for NZ Drinking Water Standards, Food Act and Drinking Water Suppliers.

Meet your obligations under the new Taumata Arowai & the Water Services Act 2021 with the right products. Click here!

Aqua Water Tanks

When choosing a water tank for your rainwater harvesting system, there are several things to consider. Get our well-experienced water experts on board. They will help you to avoid common pitfalls and ensure safe and healthy drinking water.
Explore your options for a professional and reliable water tank installation by Aqua Works. Click here!

Home water filter systems that work

Take advantage of our many years of expert experience to obtain the right filter, UV filter nz or water pumps for your needs. Consequently, it will give you a peace of mind wherever and whenever you use water. Therefore: for reliable, high-quality water pump service, we are here for you.

“If you don’t have a filter – YOU are the filter”.


Steve Reynolds, founder of Aqua Works

Who are we?

We are a purpose-driven local business dedicated to providing products and services for clean, healthy and efficiently delivered water throughout the entire Rodney district, from Waipu to Workworth to Auckland, coast to coast.

Every day our small, enthusiastic team is passionate about helping you to drink healthy, safe and tasty water. Accordingly, over the past 20 years, we have built strong relationships with our customers based on trust, reliability, and honesty, providing water pump service, repair, and installations.

Making a difference within and beyond our workspace, we are committed to empowering and strengthening local community groups.

Aqua Works ensures that your water is safe and potable to drink so that your family and your business clients can trust it. Enjoy pure, healthy and tasty water from any tap in your home or workplace.