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Under Bench Water Filter

under bench water filter system

Under Bench Water Filter Installation

Professional installation of under bench filters ensures drinking water purity and safety. Our experienced team ensures a seamless and reliable setup, providing consistently clean and healthy water from your tap.

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Discover your Under bench Filter Options

Explore diverse under-bench filter options to suit your needs. From carbon filters to advanced systems like reverse osmosis, we provide customized solutions for pure, clean water at your convenience.

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Underbench Water Filter Service

Our under-bench water filter service ensures your system provides clean, pure water. We manage maintenance, filter replacements, and any necessary repairs so you can enjoy the best water quality in your home.

Secure your family’s health with an under bench water filter system

Protect the well-being of your loved ones with an under-bench water filter. Our filtration systems ensure that every drop you consume is free from harmful contaminants, providing great taste and peace of mind.

Under Bench Water Filters, Models and Brands We Service & Maintain

We install, service and maintenance all leading brands, makes and models of Under Bench Water Filter systems. If you cannot find your system below, please call us on 0800 278 288 and we will help you.

Aqua Filter, Under bench Water Filter


Underbench Everpure


Tri Flo Mixer Filter System


Puretec Under-Bench Water Filters


Aqua Works Under bench Water Filtration Systems NZ

under bench water filter stefani

NZ Filter Warehouse


Davey Underbench Purified Drinking Water System


Sapphire Underbench Water Filter


Microlene Under Bench Water Filters



Pure water at the turn of a tap

Let’s keep your underbench water filter in peak condition, ensuring your tap continues to provide you with clean, pure drinking water you and your family deserve.

Service & Maintenance Of Underbench Water Filter Systems

underbench water filter service

Servicing your underbench water filter is more than a routine chore. Ultimately, it is a crucial step to prevent potential harm to your health. Neglected filters can compromise the purity of your water. Therefore, it is essential to adhere to the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. Regularly changing your filters is the cornerstone of keeping your drinking water safe.

The frequency of filter changes varies depending on the specific filter type. Undersink standard water filters should be replaced every 6 to 12 months. For more specialised components like reverse osmosis membranes, this interval extends to 2 years, and for alkalisers, it is a 4-year window.

We service most under bench water filters NZ

Get your under bench water filter system serviced and professionally maintained. It is our goal to deliver excellent water filter systems for our customers.

 Under Bench Water Filters Installations

under bench water filter installation

Professional under-bench water filter installation ensures correct placement. Our certified plumbers identify the ideal location, seamlessly integrating the filter into your plumbing system, reducing the risk of future leaks or malfunctions.

Moreover, professional installation safeguards your warranty, ensuring your investment remains protected. Lastly, we offer tailored solutions by assessing your unique water quality requirements and selecting the right filter type and size. This holistic approach guarantees efficiency and consistently clean and pure water for your family.

Long-lasting quality for your under sink water filter

At Aqua Works, your safety and well-being are paramount. Therefore, we emphasise using top-quality materials and products to ensure pure and healthy drinking water from your tap.

Water is the elixir of life and our passion

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Exceptional support for our water filtration customers

20+ years of experience in Rodney means Aqua Works is your local water filtration expert. Our knowledge of the community and the region we live in, combined with our passion for clean drinking water, is the foundation for our daily work. We offer customised water solutions supporting you to meet your personal needs and individual budget. Our connected, smart product range enables you to master the water in your home. At the same time, it ensures the best purification of your water for healthy, tasty water enjoyment.

As a purpose-driven, local family business, we support you in your decision making by sharing our knowledge about your water resources. This way, we help you to be informed, so you can make great decisions empowering your families health and well being. The protection and provision of safe, potable drinking water in our lives is paramount to all of us. Aqua Work’s water filtration systems, UV filter purification, water treatment, ozone systems, and water pumps give you peace of mind to have a quality trusted, safe system. 

Going the extra mile at Aqua Works is what we do to ensure your water is healthy and fit for its purpose. Hence, all our water treatment products are field tried-and-tested, including innovative products and solutions. Do you need help with UV filters, water filtration systems and water pumps or our high-quality UV filter service, water pump repairs or water pump service? Give us a call today at 0800 278 288. As we often say, “If you don’t have a filter – You are the filter”.

And if something happens spontaneously, call our 24/7 water pump emergency service at 0800 278 288. We will take care of your problem immediately and make sure that the water in your home is running again as quickly as possible.