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DAB Jetcom

DAB Jetcom Centrifugal Jet Pump

$895.00$933.00 excl. GST.

  • DAB Jet pumps: Self-priming centrifugal jet pump range from Italy
  • 1 product line 3 models: DAB Jet, DAB Jetinox & DAB Jetcom
  • Excellent water boosting for multiple domestic applications 
  • Intelligent pump control: the DAB Jetcom with NXT Controller 

Self-priming centrifugal pump from DAB with perfect suction performance even in the case of air bubbles. The Jet pumps production line is particularly suitable for water supplies in domestic households, rural lifestyle blocks, small farms, gardening and generally where self-priming is required. 

The DAB Jet Pump series is characterised by its ability to convey water with low levels of sandy impurities. This feature makes this domestic water pump range suitable for various applications around your home. Nevertheless, knowing which DAB pump will fit your individual needs is sometimes tricky. Call our water pump experts! They will help you to find the perfect match. 

The self-priming centrifugal electro pumps from DAB - the Jet pump range

DAB water booster are professional and durable pumps, so they can be used continuously for long periods. The jet pump range comes with three different models, which are very similar. The main difference is the pump body, which is either cast iron, a composite material or stainless steel to resist rust and lime scale. The dab pumps come in different models to adapt to different irrigation needs. If you need more nozzles or higher water pressure, these self-priming pumps will meet your individual requirements.

DAB JETCOM-Domestic Water Pump Series

Once again, DAB remains true to its promise of quality when it comes to using high-quality, durable components. The versatile range of self-priming centrifugal pumps offers different pump casings for various applications and conditions. The jet pump range provides the following options.

DAB Jet: cast iron pump casing.

DAB Jetinox: stainless steel pump casing.

DAB Jetcom: pump casing in technopolymer.

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DABJetcom82, DABJectom102, DABJetcom132

Steve's Pros & Cons


The DAB Jetcom is a basic but highly functional NZ water pump for various domestic water supply installations. It has been the same model for over 20 years and has been further optimised in practical applications. This self-priming centrifugal has a long lifespan if not run at the maximum of its curve/output. Our water pump specialists still see this water-boosting system in successful operations; they are 15-20 years old. 

This DAB self-priming centrifugal water pump is a very reliable pump; we don’t experience many mechanical problems. Designed for multiple locations and various applications, the DAB Jetcom can be outside but, technically, requires some water protection. The rural water pump is easy to service and straightforward to repair if needed. We can quickly get most spare parts for these pumps – even for the older models.

Are you looking for a faithful and trusted pump for everyday use in and around your home? Consequently, DAB Jetcom is a reliable option!



One of the few drawbacks of the Jetcom is that it is a little noisy compared to its DAB siblings, like the Esybox. At 79 dB, it is in line with the class average, but it is still much louder than the multi-stage Euroinox or an Esybox. Thus, do not place this pump under a bedroom! If it is placed under your house, you will hear the humming noise from inside. Due to its long service life, you will hold on to this pump for a long time!

Also, this centrifugal pump does not like to be operated continuously for more than 60-90 minutes. There is a risk that the pump will get hot, and a capacitor can blow up.


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