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Water Services Act (2021)

The new Water Services Act 2021

At present, New Zealand’s Government is comprehensively reforming the drinking water regulation system. Thus, a decisive step regarding the planned reforms of the regulatory system for drinking water in NZ was taken when on 4 October 2021, Water Services Act (2021) received Royal Assent. With the commencement of the Water Services Act NZ on 15 November 2021, we believe this new law will be a game changer for the entire industry.

Ultimaltey, the goal of the new Water Service Act 2021 is to improve New Zealand’s regulation of drinking water, wastewater and stormwater networks. In addition, it includes improvements in the performance of these networks. This Act has a stand-alone status, abrogating Part 2A of the Health Act 1956. In this way, it is an independent law to regulate New Zealand’s drinking water.

Water Services Act 2021
potable safe drinking water

Implications of NZ Water Services Act

The new law establishes definitions that have an impact on various areas of our lives. For example, it defines the term “drinking water” and the meaning of “safe” regarding drinking water. In addition, it also explains the difference between drinking water suppliers, a drinking water supply, operator and owner.

Furthermore, Part II of the Water Services Act (2021) details the duties involved in providing drinking water supplies. This includes, among other things, the responsibility to provide safe drinking water, to register with the new Drinking Water Regulatory Authority, Taumata Arowai, and to prepare a drinking water safety plan or implement an alternative acceptable solution. But also the prevention of waterborne diseases that are hazardous to health, such as E. Coli or Giardia, are addressed. In addition, the law defines possibilities for water treatment through an end-point treatment device.

3 Water Reforms NZ

The outbreak of waterborne Campylobacter infection in Havelock in 2016 was a key factor, as thousands of town residents had contracted the diarrhoea-causing Giardia parasite through contaminated drinking water. In 2020, the New Zealand government launched a three-year programme to improve drinking water safety in Aotearoa. The three water reform programme aims to intensify drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater regulation and performance. All Kiwis have the right for safe and healthy drinking water.

The 3 water program and the Water Services Act are independent of each other. However, the program is a response to the Water Services Act 2021. Thus, as an essential counterpart to Taumata Arowai, the Water Services Act (2021) gives New Zealand’s new water regulator the operational powers it needs to fulfil its role.

3 water reform

Compliance with Water Services Act 2021

Potable drinking water with water filtration systems from Aqua Works. Our expert team helps you to meet your legal obligations. Thus, we ensure safe drinking water that complies with NZ drinking water standards.

Which businesses need to comply with the new Water Services Act 2021

Food services
Coffee Shop
Pastry Shop
Bed and Breakfast (B&B)
Food outlets
Home-based food business
Meal prep business
Boutique kitchens
food stalls @ famers markets
Rural businesses
Self supplying schools
Childcare centre
Kindergarten (Kindy)
Petrol station
Rest homes
Dentists clinics 
Surgical practices

Aqua Works is your competent partner for safe drinking water in NZ

At Aqua Works, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in drinking-water safety. Therefore, we offer professional and commercial water treatment, water purification and UV filter systems. Our passion is to support local businesses that require this expertise to meet their legal obligations under the Water Services (New Zealand’s Drinking Water Standards) Regulations 2022. Most of the time, we work with small water supplies. It includes cafes and restaurants, home-based food businesses, campsites and self-supplying schools, which must now comply with the new water regulations nz. However, before we start, you need to get your water tested. So, we conduct qualified drinking water analyses with a reputable laboratory. This way, you can be sure that the products we recommend are meeting your needs.


Drinking water acceptable solution

The best results are the proposed Drinking Water Acceptable Solutions by Taumata Arowai. These include endpoint off the shelf treatment devices such as UV and filtration/cartridge filter systems of reasonable quality. Additionally, it contains acceptable verification methods relating to rural and agricultural supplies, roof water supplies and supplies from springs and boreholes. Compliance with an acceptable solution or verification method would be at the endpoint treatment (house entry or building entry point). It can only be used as an acceptable solution or verification method under clauses 49 and 50. In the end, you have to ensure that the applied water treatment technology is competent to operate the acceptable solution. 


Drinking Water Safety Plan

A drinking water safety plan describes the concept of drinking water quality management from water extraction and treatment to the provision of drinking water at the tap. Finally, the aim is to prevent negative changes to drinking water on its way through the individual processes by means of preventive risk assessments and to ensure high quality. As soon as drinking water quality is at risk, immediate measures must be taken. If a small drinking water supplier serves 500 or more consumers on at least 60 days per year, the supplier must submit a water safety plan within one year of the date of commencement of operations. In all other cases, the supplier must comply with this duty within five years of the date of commencement of operations.


Call our experts about the Water Services Act 2020 and the implications for your business

If you have questions about the new regulation, please call and talk to our experts at 0800 Aqua Works. We have considerable experience in drinking water treatment, wastewater, and stormwater. Our team will help you to understand the requirements for private drinking water sources and small water supplies. Steve and Shane are currently preparing local communities and small businesses for the upcoming changes. Most importantly, we will support you to meet your new legal obligation. At Aqua Works, we are with you every step on the way to comply with the Water Services Act 2021 and the Drinking Water Standards of New Zealand (2022). Hence, we will ensure that your water is potable and safe to drink from any tap in your business.

Get your water tested today

Giving you clarity about your water composition, we carry out the professional collection and analysis of water samples. This way, we are giving you the peace of mind that our high-performance product solutions will provide refreshing and healthy drinking water.

Water is the elixir of life and our passion

Exceptional support for our business customers

Aqua Works has over 20 years of experience as a local expert in commercial water treatment for many industries. We offer water solutions supporting you to meet your individual needs and legal requirements. The modularity of our product range helps you to optimise investment costs. 

At the same time, it ensures the best purification of your water. We deliver customised water treatment solutions to keep your water safe wherever you need it in your business. Aqua Work’s water filtration systems, UV filter purification, water treatment, ozone systems, and water pumps combine sustainability, high performance and cost-efficiency. 

With years of experience and expert advice, our passionate team is here to help you every step of the way to clean and potable drinking water. Our maintenance service guarantees the continuous, reliable operation of the products used. Therefore, we recommend regular maintenance of all water treatment systems to detect possible malfunctions early.

Simultaneously, we eliminate the triggers and avoid costly replacements. And if something should happen spontaneously, call our 24/7 water pump emergency service. We will take care of your problem immediately and make sure that the water in your business is running again as quickly as possible.

At Aqua Works, we go the extra mile to ensure your water is healthy and fit for its purpose. Hence, all our water treatment products are field tried-and-tested, including our new innovative products and solutions. Want to experience our excellent UV filters, water filtration systems and water pumps or our high-quality UV filter service, water pump repairs or water pump service? Give us a call today at 0800 AQUA WORKS.