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Water Filtration Systems

water filter service company

Who we are

Every day, our small, enthusiastic team is passionate about helping you drink safe water with the best water filtration systems. At Aqua Works, we are more like whanau and friends. Our cooperation is based on mutual respect and trust, appreciation and enjoyment of working hand in hand.

Aqua Works local family business

What we stand for

We are a purpose-driven, local, family-owned business dedicated to providing products and services for clean, healthy and efficiently delivered water. Over the past 20 years, we have built strong relationships with our customers based on reliability, professionalism and trust.

water filtration system

Why we support local

Our goal is to make a difference within and beyond our workspace. Therefore, we are committed to strengthening our local communities. We take responsibility for the environment, and our fellow human beings seriously by supporting various social groups and activities.

Safe and potable water for everyone

Aqua Works ensures that your water is safe and potable to drink so that your family and your business clients can trust it. Thus, enjoy pure, healthy and tasty water from any tap in your home or workplace.

Aqua Works at Its Heart 

Our vision

Aqua Works is leading the Rodney District by providing healthy, clean and safe water to every home and workplace.

Our mission

Purifying today’s water one tap at a time.

Our purpose

Empowering locals like you to make their water safe and potable with trusted brands and our service professionals.

“Wisdom is our combination of long-standing knowledge and smart products for a sustainable future.”

Steve Reynolds,
founder of Aqua Works

Our Values

Service Concept

We are committed to lasting, long-serving relationships with our customers to maintain what has been installed.

Uncompromising Quality

We provide honest and reliable advice, innovative water filtration systems at fair prices with a great warranty.

Extra Mile

Sometimes things go pear shaped, and this is our opportunity to step up and play win/win so our customer wins and we win.


Water is the essence of your vitality and health. We like helping you live longer by doing a proper, quality job you can trust.

Holistic view

We all get to play, and we serve our employees, our employees serve our customers. Our customers serve us.


We give generously so that we can support our communities which in return serves us as a great place to live, learn & belong.


We strive to understand our customers’ needs to deliver tailor-made smart and efficient clean water solutions.


We have 100% faith in what we do and WHY we do what we do so that our customers gain confidence and trust in our products and services.


We love what we do, who we do it with and were we do it, so our customers win, our coworkers win and the business wins.

Our People

Steve Reynolds

Born in the UK and has travelled the world, Steve came to New Zealand in 1995 and fell in love with the country and his lovely wife, Dedge. Having a professional background in agricultural engineering, Steve has been running his own business for almost 20 years. It is a matter truly dear to his heart to provide everyone in Rodney with fresh, clean water since 2000.

Being in the business for so long, Steve knows his customers and their needs very well. He is a very dependable, honest and capable interlocutor, only using the best quality and highest standard for service to build and maintain trust. Steve ensures that his customers will get the best value for their money to have healthy drinking water. He is uncompromising when it comes to the quality of the products used when other people’s health is at stake.

Steve is a family man and loves to spend his free time with his two kids and wife. And he also loves fast cars and takes part in budget endurance racing. Following a holistic life approach, Steve is very people oriented. He strives to create an enjoyable and fun work environment for everyone as we spend such an essential amount of our time working.

Being part of the Rodney community, Steve aims to make a difference in peoples’ lives by providing them with the best quality, safe drinking water.

Steve Reynolds –  0800 – AQUA WORKS

Steve Reynolds Aqua Works

“Water is our business – helping you drink safe healthy water – that is our passion.”

Steve, founder of Aqua Works

Troy Parker

“Aqua Works profoundly cares about its customers and the community we are all a part of to provide safe drinking water. “

Troy, registered tradesman plumber

Troy Parker

As our in-house Registered Tradesman Plumber at Aqua Works, Troy looks after our new builds, installations and services water filtration systems, rainwater harvesting systems, water pumps and hot water cylinders. He is a local who perfectly understands the various water sources in the Rodney district. Troy is proficient and well-experienced with the water’s challenges in residential and commercial applications, whether Silica scale in Snells Beach, harder water in Warkworth or fluoride mains water in Orewa.

Personally, he loves to get the best of both worlds – being semi-rural with plenty of beaches and farms. In addition, the close-knit and caring Rodney community makes him and his family feel safe in all aspects of daily life. Being outdoors with his wife, two little boys, and two kittens keeps him busy and happy when not repairing a leaking hot water cylinder in a Warkworth family home. He is a supportive and playful Dad, always on the run to have some fun with them and a good laugh with his friends.

Straight after graduating from Mahurangi College, Troy gained his first work experience working with his cousin. He started to give him a hand for a week doing some plumbing. A week turned into a month, and finally, he was offered an apprenticeship in plumbing. Being a qualified registered plumber since 2015, Troy has a wealth of knowledge. Applying smart plumbing with proven technologies, he answers your requests dependably and efficiently. Just give him a call!

Troy Parker –  0800 278 288

Cameron Kennedy

Cam brings a unique blend of skills and experiences to our passionate team. He started his career by delving into a plumbing apprenticeship on the North Shore. He honed his skills in various aspects of commercial plumbing before his journey took an unexpected turn. In the US, Cam has specialised in custom harvesting, driving combines and tractors, and maintaining heavy machinery for three years. Upon returning to NZ early 2023, Cam found his way back to the plumbing world at Aqua Works. His focus is on service work, water pumps and plumbing installations. 

From South Island’s Christchurch to the serene landscapes of Matakana, Cam is captivated by the strong sense of community and the semi-rural environment. His recreational interests include fishing in the local waters, swimming in Omaha, and aspiring to surf and play squash. Alongside his wife, who is from the US, they love to travel and explore the beauty of Aotearoa through hiking, skiing and snowboarding. 

Cam’s upbeat and humorous attitude, coupled with his love for challenges, makes him a natural problem solver. He is always willing to go the extra mile and provide top-notch service to our customers. Cam is a great team player and dedicated professional who embodies the spirit of Aqua Works. His diverse background, hands-on approach, and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable addition to our close-knit community. 

Cameron Kenney – 027 4787429

Aqua Works Cameron Kennedy
Aqua Works Richard Platt

Richard Platt

Hailing from a little seaside town in the UK, Rich’s journey has been as diverse as the skills he brings to our company. With 12 years of experience as a chef, running various kitchens and training teams nationwide, he then made a leap to the world of drainlaying and drains in New Zealand for the past 8 years. 

In his transition to Aqua Works, his primary responsibility is the service of our UV filtration systems, whole house water filters, underbench filter systems, and repairs. What sets Richard apart is his dedication to pride in his work. He thrives in an environment where there’s no room for excuses, no hiding behind others, and every job demands accountability. With his genuine and authentic character, Rich has high standards of conduct, communication, and punctuality and is committed to doing things correctly. He enjoys the problem-solving aspect of the job and finds parallels with his previous experiences, although it’s a different trade. 

Outside work, Rich is a family man, amusingly a giant, scary monster to his 3-year-old daughter, his newborn boy just discovering the world and taking charge of the kitchen after a long day at work. His love for Mexican cuisine and wind-based activities like kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, and skiing reflect his diverse interests and adventurous spirit. Living West of Warkworth, Rich appreciates our friendly small-town vibe and sees it as a perfect blend of rural charm with top-class eateries in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Richard Platt – 021 2787422

Jakob Reynolds

Jakob is learning the water pump, filtration and treatment trade as he starts his plumbing and drainlaying apprenticeship. As a Snells Beach local, he has a high appreciation of the land and thus the water quality and is also an integral part of our local community.

Jakob is a jack of all trades at Aqua Works. He can wriggle in small spaces, which is helpful for plumbing issues and repairing water pumps. But, Jakob has also been changing water filters since he was a 5-year-old boy. Therefore, he knows all the small and big challenges this job might bring. Onsite, our customers love his courteous, friendly manners and appreciate Jakob’s analytical thinking skills when assisting with challenging plumbing problems.

Music plays a crucial role in his free time. Jakob has taught drumming for years and continues to qualify at the Trinity Rock & Pop to achieve all 8 grades. He also plays the bass and electric guitar, often joining a local band. Another passion is fast cars, spending weekends with our local Lemons & Nazcar endurance racing team. He has been driving diggers, cars and anything with wheels from a young age. Using his passion for machines, he operates our digger proficiently when carrying out drainlaying and earthworks jobs at your property.

Jakob Reynolds – 09 425 6080

water filtration systems

“Yes I have a spade – it fits on the end of the digger arm!”

Jakob, petrol head  & digger expert

Raewyn Dench Aqua Works

“We need water to live – drinking healthy water with water filtration systems from Aqua Works makes sense.”

Raewyn, the steady make it happen person at Aqua Works

Raewyn Dench

Raewyn has been working as an Office Manager for Aqua Works since 2017. She not only organises the service technicians’ daily schedule but also takes care of our customers’ telephone enquiries with a lot of passion, commitment and kindness. Raewyn likes to apply her skills from her long-time experience at ASB Bank. She returns home happy in the evening when the day has been efficiently planned, the service technicians have been busy throughout the day, and all customers’ enquiries have been answered.

Her British/Welsh roots show up in her passion for cars. She has been cruising around New Zealand in her 21-year-old MG convertible for 15 years. When she’s not busy with needlework, gardening or travelling the world, Raewyn organises events as social secretary of the local MG Group.

Whatever you have on your mind, Raewyn is approachable, reliable and committed to your requests. Give her a call today.

Raewyn Dench – 09 425 6080

Tina Westphal

Since September 2020, Tina has been taking care of our online digital presence. As Digital Marketing Manager, she ensures a professional positioning and good visibility of our company in the digital media. Whether it’s organising photoshoots, writing blog articles or setting up our commerce shop, Tina is always on the go with a lot of enthusiasm and her unmistakable German diligence and accuracy. After a long career in Human Resources in international positions, she moved to New Zealand in 2019 to study again at Otago University, Dunedin. With her extensive knowledge in Sustainable Business Management, she will leave one or two footprints in our company.

When she is not exploring New Zealand in her camper van Charlie, Tina loves to cook and bake for family and friends. She is doing quite well becoming a true Kiwi, wearing jandals, going fishing with her partner and his kids. However, she is pretty laid-back with most things but not with her insistence on good content, tone and style.

Tina Westphal Aqua Works

“Water is the most important food. With a water filtration systems from Aqua Works, you can enjoy healthy and safe drinking water.”

Tina, Digital Marketing Manager

Karl Bolstad

With a heavy heart, we share the news of Karl‘s departure from our team due to health issues that prevent him from continuing his role as a passionate service technician. Karl had been an invaluable team member, treating his job as a true lifestyle. His passion, dedication, and professionalism were evident to everyone working alongside him.

Karl’s commitment to the business and team player role was commendable. His friendly and respectful manners, combined with his vast experience, quickly earned him the trust of our customers. We will miss Karl’s love for his job, genuine care for our clients, and the personal touch he put into every job. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for his eight years of outstanding service.

Warren Coop

We sadly announce Warren’s departure from our team as he embarks on a new chapter in Waharoa due to private matters. Warren, our dedicated water pump specialist and service technician, infused our workplace with a passion for healthy living and technical expertise.

Originally from Warkworth, his background in farming, sawmilling, and various roles showcased his diverse skill set, particularly in troubleshooting and pump operations. Warren’s friendly and approachable nature and commitment to finding optimal solutions made him an integral part of our efficient and trustworthy team. We express our gratitude for Warren’s invaluable contributions and wish him the best in his future endeavours in Waharoa.

Aqua Work’s service commitment

Excellent service is close to our hearts. That is why our four full-time technicians, plumbers, sales guru and scheduler do their best to ensure that you have the correct product at the right time and in the right place at your premises.

Responsibility & Community

Our Community

Aqua Works plays an active role in our community. Being a local business in Rodney, it is natural for us to employ locals, to buy and service our vehicles locally and to support our local businesses when going out for lunch or getting a coffee.

We create and maintain close relationships with our employees, customers and neighbours. Our goal is to inspire others and build our community together. By increasing our spending, the local economy will be nourished, and everyone will benefit.

Being known for our honest, trustworthy advice, we are adapting our solutions to the budget and requirements of the community, especially in these difficult times. We all love to live here and be part of this friendly and vibrant community.

Giving back

Making a difference within and beyond our workspace, we are committed to empowering and strengthening local community groups by supporting Springboard Community Trust, Hospice, Westpac Rescue Helicopter, and One Mahurangi.

We assist in serving on school boards, help organise local community events and have helped run the local Boys Brigade/ ICONZ unit. Contribution personally and as a business in our local community means we all ultimately benefit.

We believe that when we are mutually supportive and serve each other, people will connect, and our Rodney community will benefit and prosper.

As a purpose-driven business, we want to be able to give back and “make a difference” in the lives of others.


At Aqua Works, sustainability is a central part of the way we operate and work together. We provide our customers with smart, sustainable water filtration systems to deliver potable drinking water at your home and business.

Our initiative “Aqua Refill – not Landfill” aims to reduce plastic pollution in the Rodney district. We want to shift every household, school and business from plastic bottles to reusable and refillable bottles.

Bring your plastic bottles, and we will dispose of them properly. Come to our showroom in Warkworth and pick up a refillable water bottle.

Additionally, we take care of your old UV lamps and quartz sleeves and recycle them.