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Hot Water Cylinder Installation

No hot water? No water at all?

Sounds like a nightmare! The reasons for this can be manifold and are certainly not DIY. So please don’t wait too long and call our service team. The certified plumbers at Aqua Works will help you out in no time!

Is your hot water cylinder leaking?

A leaking hot water cylinder is calling for your attention and needs a quick fix to prevent water damage in your home & preserve your hot water supply.

Emergency Hot Water Cylinder Breakdown Service

Is your hot water cylinder failing? Don’t wait & call our SOS hotline. Our emergency call-out service team will get onsite immediately and get you sorted!

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Hot Water Cylinder Upgrade

Do you have a high power bill? Is your water temperature fluctuating? Are you running out of hot water regularly? It sounds like it is time for a hot water cylinder upgrade to improve your happiness.

hot water cylinder replacement

Hot Water Cylinder & System Repairs

Our certified MASTER plumbers repair all leading brands of hot water cylinders. Whether it is a traditional models or a new technology like solar or Econergy, we got it all covered. 

Water pump design installations

Hot Water Cylinder New Installations

We provide modern & energy-efficient technologies and hot water cylinder solutions to enjoy hot water in your home. Various sizes provide flexibility to fit your individual needs.

hot water cylinder replacement

Hot Water Cylinder Service & Maintenance

Get your hot water cylinder serviced regularly to prolong its lifespan & ensure smooth operations. We guarantee that every service is carried out correctly and meets quality standards

Smart plumbing

The smart plumbing products from Aqua Works are power-efficient and cost-effective answers to your personal expectation for 21st-century plumbing solutions.

Transform your hot water experience with innovative technology

Econergy All In One Hot Water Cylinders

Discover the Heat Pump Water Heaters from Econergy, New Zealand’s leading name for innovative and efficient hot water solutions. Econergy’s water heating technology is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern households.

Innovative Hot Water Solutions: Econergy specialises in high-efficiency heat pumps and hot water systems for residential and commercial needs.

Eco-Friendly Technology: Their products offer significant energy savings and sustainability, reducing electricity bills and carbon footprints.

Reliable and Durable: Tailored for New Zealand’s climate, Econergy’s systems deliver consistent performance and longevity.


Call 0800 278 296 and talk to our plumbing experts about drastically reducing your heating costs!

Hot Water Cylinder Upgrade

Emergency HWC Service

When is it time to upgrade a Hot Water Cylinder?

Are you tired of your low water pressure when having a relaxing shower? Are you seeking a clever solution to maximise your hot water pressure for optimal performance? It sounds like you are ready to upgrade to mains pressure and enjoy the advantage of a new, powerful hot water system.

If you want to enhance your home’s hot water pressure, upgrading to a mains system is a wise choice. The difference will be immediately noticeable, as your hot water pressure can increase from ca. 75kpa to an impressive 500kpa. Not only will your showers feel more invigorating, but you may also be able to reduce shower times, which is especially beneficial if you have teenagers in the house!

Water Heating Solutions for individual requirements

When renovating your bathroom or kitchen, our plumbers highly recommend switching from a low-pressure system to mains. Modern tapware and mixers are designed to work optimally with mains pressure, and finding suitable lower-pressure mixers is becoming increasingly difficult. In fact, using mains pressure mixers on a lower pressure system can even worsen the water flow.

Therefore, if you are considering a renovation project, get in touch with our hot water experts. Aqua Work’s certified MASTER plumbers are always happy to provide guidance and advice before you tackle renovations in your home or business. We offer a wide range of traditional and modern Hot Water Cylinders to find the best solution for you!

Get full flow at your place

Aqua Works can replace and install your old hot water cylinder with an identical or similar modern unit. This upgrade from low pressure water systems to mains pressure will give you the freedom to enjoy a constant flow of water throughout your home.

Hot Water Cylinder Repairs

Hot Water Cylinder leaking from bottom

What influences the lifespan of your hot water cylinder?

Hot water cylinders in New Zealand are the most commonly deployed heating systems. With proper and regular service, they can last a very long time. The lifetime of a hot water cylinder is influenced by various factors, such as water quality (rain, bore, mains), water pressure, acidity, the material of the tank (enamel or stainless steel), location of the unit (inside or outside), and more…

Despite the best maintenance, your hot water cylinder will eventually get on in years and start to leak or overflow, for example. Repairing your hot water cylinder instead of upgrading and replacing it with a newer model is sometimes possible.

Hot Water Cylinder leaking from bottom

Is it worth repairing our hot water cylinder?

Firstly, we will make an on-site assessment. Our well-experienced certified plumbers will identify the problem, and, if possible, promptly fix your hot water cylinder’s fault. It is worth checking with our experienced service team whether we can repair your hot water cylinder before rushing into an expensive hot water cylinder replacement.

Whatever causes the issues with your hot water cylinder, our electricians and plumbers will remediate the problem. At Aqua Works, we repair, service and carry out hot water cylinder repairs quickly and straightforwardly. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 0800 AQUA WORKS; we are happy to help!

Hot water on tap

Our highly qualified and experienced service team will come onsite to solve your hot water cylinder problems quickly and dependably so that the hot water flows throughout your home again.

Hot Water Cylinder Installation/ Replacement

hot water cylinder installation replacement

Do you need a Hot water cylinder replacement?

Stainless steel technologies in the latest Hot water cylinders make them suitable and safe for storing drinking water. Your hot water cylinder should meet high standards and resist food, acid and corrosion. In addition to the high standard of hygiene and excellent water quality, hot water cylinders made of stainless steel are also very economical.

If you are considering replacing your old hot water cylinder, there are many things to consider. You will likely have mains pressure available at your front door in residential areas.

Do you want to discover how much it will cost for a hot water cylinder replacement at your home or business?

Aqua Works is an expert for Hot water cylinder installation

An upgrade from low water pressure to a mains pressure hot water system will offer you many great options but might also leave you with many questions.

Which hot water cylinder would best meet your needs?
How big should the water tank be to suit your water consumption?
Should you upgrade to mains pressure?
Is a new energy-efficient heat pump type cylinder suitable?

The hot water experts at Aqua Works will walk you through these questions and come up with the best solutions to ‘fit’ your place, even if replacing a ‘like for like’ cylinder.

North Auckland hot water cylinder installation experts

If you are located in Warkworth, Orewa, Whangaparaoa or Albany, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time when discovering an overflowing hot water cylinder. Our service team will reach out to you and give you honest advice on repairing or replacing your hot water cylinder.

Hot Water Cylinder Service

Emergency HWC Service

Maintain the peak power of your Hot Water Cylinder System

Although it may be the last thing on your mind regarding household maintenance, regular hot water cylinder maintenance is essential if you want your cylinder to keep running over time. Now and then, your hot water system needs some attention from an expert to maintain running at its technical peak performance.

The most important and easiest thing is to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for your hot water cylinder maintenance plan. It is essential to regularly check the area around the cylinder for early indications of leakage or corrosion. Furthermore, keep an ear on strange noises. Is your HWC clunking, popping, whistling, sizzling or even hissing? That is not normal!

Get expert advice when regularly servicing your HWC

In addition to the above recommendations, it is advisable to get a comprehensive service every five years by an expert to maintain your hot water cylinder running at peak capacity.

By servicing your hot water cylinder, you extend its lifetime and ensure more efficient hot water heating throughout the year. Regular, professional cleaning of the water tank will also help you to enjoy your appliance for a long time.

Aqua Works has a certified plumber and is excellent for servicing and maintaining hot water cylinders throughout the Rodney District. Our ever-growing customer base shows that our passionate team makes the most significant difference with the outstanding quality of our products.

Hot water issues solved

Contact the expert service team at Aqua Works right away when you run out of hot water in your home. Our certified plumbers and electricians will take care of your hot water cylinder concerns and get you flowing again.

Common Hot Water Cylinder Problems

How do you know if your hot water cylinder needs replacement?

If your hot water cylinder shows any of these problems, it might be time to replace or upgrade it. Talk to our hot water experts at 0800 278 288 and get further advice on how to deal with these problems.

Hot Water Cylinder Leaking

If your hot water cylinder starts to leak, it is usually a sign that it is nearing the end of its lifetime and probably needs to be repaired or possibly even replaced ASAP.

The reasons for leaking hot water cylinders vary and are often tricky for laypeople to identify. It is best to contact an expert to determine exactly what needs to be done.

A leaking hot water cylinder is a job for an expert. Call us at 0800 AQUA WORKS for a trustworthy and safe repair or replacement service to stop the leak.

Low Water Pressure

If there is significantly lower pressure at your hot water taps than at the cold ones, or you suffer from a weak shower, your hot water cylinder is probably on low water pressure.

Most new fittings and appliances, such as dishwashers, are only designed for main pressure. Upgrading to mains pressure will offer great options for an even flow in the house.

There are many ways to heat water at constant pressure throughout the house. Replacing your low-pressure hot water tank with a modern model will meet your needs and desires for smarter, more pleasant water flow in the home. Get in touch to talk with us about mains pressure hot water cylinder installation at your place. Call us at 0800 AQUA UV, and we upgrade you to full flow.

Running out of hot water

Are you constantly being left with no hot water? It might happen because of the size of your tank or a change in consumption. Also, the age of your hot water cylinder can be the cause.

There are some simple things you can check on the hot water cylinder first before calling us. It will help our technicians to diagnose the problem and give the best advice.

Your hot water system consists of various components that must work together perfectly to provide your entire household with hot water. If any part of your hot water cylinder is not working correctly, this will affect the amount of hot water available. Call us at 0800 AQUA WORKS to ensure that you will not run out of hot water in the near future.

Hot Water Cylinder Overflowing

Recognising that the overflow is continually running could indicate an expansion or valve problem with your hot water cylinder.

You should repair an overflowing hot water cylinder or hot water system as soon as possible only by an expert for your safety. This is not a DIY job, as the manufacturers prohibit it.

In any case, your safety should always come first. Call us at 0800 AQUA WORKS for a trustworthy and safe repair or replacement of your overflowing hot water cylinder.

No Hot Water

Is there only cold water but no more hot water coming out of your household’s taps? This may indicate a severe problem with your hot water cylinder.

If hot water stops flowing from your taps in your house, there are various elements in your hot water cylinder that could be faulty. Thus, they may need an inspection and repair by a professional.

For any other problem, you must call the experts on 0800 AQUA WORKS. Depending on the issue, we send either one of our electricians or qualified plumbers to assist you in solving your hot water cylinder issues.

Hot water cylinder overflowing?

Do you have an emergency with your overflowing hot water cylinder? Our certified plumbers provide you with high-quality products and services 24/7 so that you can lean back and relax again.

Specific hot water cylinders models & brands we service, maintain and repair

We design, install and service all leading brands, makes and models of hot water cylinders. If you cannot find your model below, please call us on 0800 AQUA WORKS to find out how we can help you anyway.

Rheem Hot Water Cylinder


Stanley Hot Water Cylinder


Simplex Hot Water Cylinder

Rinnai Hot Water Cylinder


Bosch Hot Water Cylinder


Eco Spring Hot Water Cylinder

Copper Hot Water Cylinder


Triumph Hot Water Cylinder


Dux Hot Water Cylinder