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UV Water Filter Service

Protect yourself from harmful bacteria

Get your UV Water Filter Service regularly to enjoy safe drinking water!

Avoid hazardous and costly pitfalls

Get your annual UV Water Filter Service done by a professional from Aqua Works. This way you are always on the safe side!

Choose professional onsite UV Filter Service

Excellent local knowledge of UV filters! Long-term happy customers! Passionate & dedicated service team!

This is Aqua Works! Experience our UV Water Filter Service for yourself!

Do you want effective protection from harmful bacteria, viruses and other pathogens in your drinking water? – Get your UV Water Filter Service regularly!

The reason for annual UV Water Filter Service is simple. The UV lamp continues to decrease in intensity until it is no longer effective. After 9000 hours or 365 days, your UV disinfection system is ineffective. Thus, it won’t defend you from harmful, invisible impurities in your drinking water. The UV lamp will still shine beyond this point but will no longer provide safe and effective protection.

UV disinfection is one of the most common ways to disinfect drinking water in New Zealand. However, like any other water treatment process, your UV filter system needs regular maintenance to ensure its performance and, therefore, healthy drinking water from every tap in your home. Prevent waterborne diseases and book our UV Water Filter Service!

UV Disinfection surface water

Avoid hazardous pitfalls – Get your annual UV Water Filter Service done by a professional

Warren Coop Aqua Works

Maintaining pure, clean and healthy water for your home is essential. This particular job is not suitable as a do-it-yourself job, as there are severe hazardous quirks for an amateur.

The risk of accidental breakage of the quartz sleeves is more likely.
Broken quartz sleeves can lead to a water outage in the house.
Broken glass can get into the water supply and your drinking water.
Leaving air in the cartridges or UV chamber.
Water pipes are not sterilised according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Benefit from our many years of great experience and knowledge as UV filter experts. Call our service team today to schedule you regular UV filter maintenance done by our Aqua Filter expert team.

just take
our word
for it…

Karl completed our Annual Service to Ultra Violet Filtration System, he is very professional and helpful. Its great to have the system in place and gives us extra confidence that our water is of the best possible quality.

Cilla, February 2022

Choose an expert for your UV Water Filter Service

Our aim is to be a trusty and long-term partner for our customers, someone upon whom they can fully rely. Since UV filter systems require annual service, it is important to partner with a proven company that will be at your side for the long term relationship. We are still servicing customers where we installed a system 20 years ago. Therefore, you can always count on the professional advice of our experts! We are always happy to help you!

Ultra Violet Filter Service

Discover the benefits of Aqua Work’s UV filter maintenance

            • NO fuss, no thrills, competent annual service
            • A scheduled programme for maintenance – you get an annual reminder
            • We only use certified quality water filters for your UV system
            • Aqua Works installs and services NSF certified UV systems
            • It keeps the equipment within warranty if professionally serviced
            • Two dedicated UV service vehicles just for UV servicing
            • Service vans carry huge spares on site for your UV maintenance
            • Disposing of UV lamps correctly (mercury-filled vapour lamps)
            • We use accredited recyclers to reuse/recycle the mercury safely
            • 20+ experience in the professional water treatment & UV filter service
            • let us deal with the ants, crochroecht, rodents, spider in the pump box

Annual UV Water Filter Service for Safe Drinking Water

Get your UV water filter system serviced and professionally maintained. It is Aqua Filter Rodney goal to deliver excellent water filter systems for our customers.

Aqua Works – experience the difference in UV Water Filter Service

UV Filter Service

At Aqua Works, we conduct a comprehensive service for your UV water filtration system. Our Aqua Filter service team will …


  • Removing old filters and cleaning the housing inside.
  • Stripping down the UV to remove the UV Quartz sleeve.
  • Cleaning or replacing the UV Quartz sleeve.
  • Employing a new UV lamp and new water filters.
  • Checking and replacing O rings.
  • Resetting UV controllers, ballast, power pack and LCD screen.
  • Final step of the UV Water Filter Service…
UV Water Disinfection Service

Disinfecting the Lines

All of our long-term UV lamp manufacturers highly recommend sterilising the UV lamp and water lines after the service. The reason for this is that biofilm can build up inside the water pipes. This slimy accumulation of bacteria and their metabolic products can cause infections in humans and thus pose a significant health risk.

Therefore, if the water pipes are not sterilised by a professional after the UV filter maintenance, the bacteria can be reactivated after UV irradiation and potentially impact your health.

Water Disinfection Lines

Our service team at Aqua Filter takes care of the whole process and performs an overall inspection of the entire system at the end. Therefore, we can ensure that you can enjoy safe and healthy drinking water in your home. Aqua Works has developed a WOF checklist with a total of 11 steps. This ensures that every maintenance is carried out correctly and meets quality standards. Additionally, you also have the assurance that your entire rainwater harvesting system is monitored every 12 months.

Aqua Works – your water expert for safe drinking water

We know what we do! Since 2000, we have been installing, maintaining and servicing UV water filtration systems throughout the Rodney District, South Kaipara Flats and the Auckland area. As a locally owner-managed family business, we have continuously grown experience and knowledge, which is available to you in our knowledge database. In addition, we have a nationwide network for the maintenance of your UV system.

We believe that a UV water filter is the most effective and safest method for removing harmful bacteria, parasites and other pathogens from your drinking water. However, regular maintenance is essential to ensure that the UV filtration system works properly and provides healthy drinking water from every tap in your home. Call us on 0800 AQUA UV to schedule your annual UV water filter service.

Which UV water filter brands do we service?

We design, install and service all leading brands, makes and models of UV water filters. If you cannot find your model below, please call us on 0800 AQUA WORKS so that we can find out how to help you.

Puretec UV systems G & R series hybrids


Water Guard


Alpine Pure

Aqua Filter UV systems




Bug Buster UV Systems


Davey Centurion

Viqua UV


Davey Sterilfo







Splenvue UV


Luminor UV


Pure Zone UV

just take
our word
for it…

Karl serviced our water system which had been left without any care for many years by the previous owner. Karl was efficient and incredibly knowledgeable. I now feel safe to drink my water again and more importantly for my baby to do so also. Thanks heaps guys. Pleased to be on your list for yearly services moving forward.”

Beth Adair, April 2022


Aqua Works Guarantee

At Aqua Works, we guarantee E. coli*-free drinking water. This water meets New Zealand drinking water standards and all legal requirements. Call us on 0212 787 427 to work together on how we can minimise the increasing water-related health risks to you and your loved ones.

This guarantee applies only when Aqua Works specifies, installs and is employed to service the UV filtration system at regular intervals to be agreed upon at installation, depending on your water quality. Responsibility is unable to be taken if if raw water quality changes. Annual testing of ground and surface water is recommended.

*ecoli free means no active e.coli & water that passes NZ drinking water standards.

Exceptional support for our UV water filter customers

Aqua Works Sales Service

20+ years of experience in Rodney means Aqua Works is your local water filtration expert. Our knowledge of the community and the region we live in, combined with our passion for clean drinking water, is the foundation for our daily work. We offer customised water solutions supporting you to meet your personal needs and individual budget. Our connected, smart product range enables you to master the water in your home. At the same time, it ensures the best purification of your water for healthy, tasty water enjoyment.

As a purpose-driven, local family business, we support you in your decision making by sharing our knowledge about your water resources. This way, we help you to be informed, so you can make great decisions empowering your families health and well being. The protection and provision of safe, potable drinking water in our lives is paramount to all of us. Aqua Work’s water filtration systems, UV filter purification, water treatment, ozone systems, and water pumps give you peace of mind to have a quality trusted, safe system. 

Going the extra mile at Aqua Works is what we do to ensure your water is healthy and fit for its purpose. Hence, all our water treatment products are field tried-and-tested, including innovative products and solutions. Do you need help with UV filters, water filtration systems and water pumps or our high-quality UV filter service, water pump repairs or water pump service? Give us a call today at 0800 AQUA WORKS. As we often say, “If you don’t have a filter – You are the filter”.

And if something happens spontaneously, call our 24/7 water pump emergency service at 0212 787 427. We will take care of your problem immediately and make sure that the water in your home is running again as quickly as possible.