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Commercial Water Treatment

What is commercial water treatment?

uv commercial install

Commercial water treatment is when large volumes of water are purified at high flow rates. Therefore, the filters and technologies used for commercial water treatment depend primarily on the desired degree of purity of the water. These commercial water filtration systems have a high capacity. Ultimately, they can effectively remove chlorine, fluorides, nitrates, iron, rust, manganese, sediment, silicate, microbes and organics.

Especially in rural areas, it is necessary to improve the water quality to make it safe for drinking. Germs or viruses that pose a risk of infection, especially for children or people with a weakened immune system, can be safely removed by professional purification. Ultraviolet disinfection can also be used to eliminate bacterial microorganisms, E.Coli, Giardia, Campylobacter, Cryptosporidium and viruses from the water.

Legal requirements for commercial water treatment

UV Water Filter Installations

At Aqua Works, we are passionate about water. Thus, we are passionate about ensuring that everyone has clean and healthy drinking water from every tap in their home. In doing so, we always keep up to date with the recent legislation. We have access to the latest research on innovations and drinking water changes. If you are considered to be a drinking water supplier, you have to comply with Water Services (Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand) Regulations 2022 and the Water Services Act (2021) will apply. Additionally, you also have to register as a Taumata Arowai water supplier.

Call us on 0800 AQUA WORKS to find out how we can support you in getting your commercial water purification going. Our expert team will come onsite and give you an in-depth recommendation.

Aqua Work – Benefit from our many years of experience in professional residential and commercial water treatment

Our long term experience within the drinking water sector, commercial and residential water treatment, water filtration and UV filter systems enables us to solve complex water issues for our customers. We help you meet regulatory requirements and develop a Drinking Water Safety Plan for your business. Thus, we empower our customers to meet the latest Drinking Water Standards and the Water Service Act (2021).

Our trained team goes the extra mile for you every day with innovative water solutions, smart products and professional service.

Free your water from unwanted contaminants

Whether chlorine, nitrate, minerals or faecal contamination – our smart commercial water treatment products remove all undesired substances and impurities from your water and make it safe to drink so that you comply with the Water Services (Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand) Regulations 2022.

Who Needs Commercial Water Treatment

Commercial water treatment systems are widely used to meet the needs of facilities/businesses that have increased water consumption and meet legal requirements for improved water quality.

Under the New Zealand Water Services Act (2021), anyone or any business that is more than a single domestic water supplier is considered a commercial water operator from 2021.

These are some examples and applications:

Cafés & restaurants

Bed and Breakfast & AirBnBs

Resorts, lodges & Campgrounds

Motels & hotels

Food outlets

Winery, distillery & Dairies

commercial water treatment operators

Rural businesses

Petrol stations


Rest homes

Doctors & Dentists clinics

Surgical practices

Aqua Works offers innovative and efficient commercial water treatment systems for a wide range of applications. Thus, our advanced water purification systems meet the customer’s most demanding water treatment requirements. This way, we will help you to comply with the New Water Services Act (2021) regulations.

The Aqua Works team will work with you to assess your businesses’ water consumption and understand your individual treatment requirements. Based on our years of experience, we will advise the best economic and efficient water filtration system tailored to your needs. Whether you need a UV filter system for your restaurant in Auckland or a high capacity reverse osmosis system, at Aqua Works, we have the products and wealth of knowledge to meet your desires!

Pure drinking water for North Auckland businesses

Aqua Works, a Warkworth-based family-owned company, specialises in sales, design and installation of water purification, UV filter systems and water pumps for effective, professional water treatment.

Our Process At Aqua Works

First of all, water is our passion! Secondly, our core competence is optimising the water. So, we can ensure that it is available to our customers in the best drinking water quality. Thus, we offer innovative and efficient solutions for almost every type of user requirement.

Ultimately, our water experts are specialised in the needs of the commercial sector. Call us on 0800 AQUA UV! Our service technicians will advise you for the highest efficiency in water optimisation. Benefit from our extensive portfolio of innovative products for every local water situation, every application and finally, your water requirement. 

Commercial water treatment UV Filtration

First, we will come for an onsite consultation to your premises. We want to understand your needs, the specifics of your water and test it if necessary.

Whole House Water Filters onsite visit


Second, we review your whole water process. So, we design customised water solutions and make a product selection.

Water pump design installations


Third, we perform the product installation reliably, professionally and on time by our certified plumbers.

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Service and maintenance contracts will help you to ensure the high performance of your water system.

UV Filtration Service onsite


Onsite call out service is there for you 24/7 in case of an emergency to get you flowing again.

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Keeping water safe

Aqua Works has the knowledge, innovative, high-quality products and design modalities to treat your water according to your requirements. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

Water is the elixir of life and our passion

Exceptional support for our business customers

Aqua Works has over 20 years of experience as a local expert in commercial water treatment for many industries. We offer water solutions supporting you to meet your individual needs and legal requirements. The modularity of our product range helps you to optimise investment costs. 

At the same time, it ensures the best purification of your water. We deliver customised water treatment solutions to keep your water safe wherever you need it in your business. Aqua Work’s water filtration systems, UV filter purification, water treatment, ozone systems, and water pumps combine sustainability, high performance and cost-efficiency. 

With years of experience and expert advice, our passionate team is here to help you every step of the way to clean and potable drinking water. Our maintenance service guarantees the continuous, reliable operation of the products used. Therefore, we recommend regular maintenance of all water treatment systems to detect possible malfunctions early.

Simultaneously, we eliminate the triggers and avoid costly replacements. And if something should happen spontaneously, call our 24/7 water pump emergency service. We will take care of your problem immediately and make sure that the water in your business is running again as quickly as possible.

At Aqua Works, we go the extra mile to ensure your water is healthy and fit for its purpose. Hence, all our water treatment products are field tried-and-tested, including our new innovative products and solutions. Want to experience our excellent UV filters, water filtration systems and water pumps or our high-quality UV filter service, water pump repairs or water pump service? Give us a call today at 0800 AQUA WORKS.