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Puretec HYBRID-G9

$2,683.48 excl. GST.

  • Kills 99% of E. Coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts.
  • Natural, eco-friendly, chemical-free purification process.
  • Designed for New Zealand’s various weather conditions.
  • Lamp count-down timer and alarm for your safety

The Puretec HYBRID-G9 excels with its dual-filtration system, providing extra sediment capacity for medium to large applications. Designed to accommodate higher capacity and longer-life filter cartridges, this system is versatile and suitable for both mains and rainwater supply.

Purity perfected: Puretec HYBRID-G9 - excellent water filtration for enhanced safety and longevity

The Puretec HYBRID-G9 is designed to significantly diminish sediment, silt, sludge, dirt, rust, and fine particles in water, offering a robust defence against contaminants. Its effectiveness extends to eliminating bacteria and parasites like E Coli and Giardia. Thus, this UV water filtration system ensures the delivery of clean and safe drinking water. Notably, the system has higher capacity and longer-life filter cartridges than its predecessor, the Hybrid G8, enhancing its overall performance and durability.

UV System Puretec HYBRID-G9: Dual Filtration Brilliance for Superior Water Quality

The HYBRID-G9 offers dual filtration for extra sediment capacity and is tailored for medium to large-scale applications. Thus, it caters to various settings demanding superior capacity and prolonged filter life. Its versatility is evident in its compatibility with both mains and rainwater supply, making it adaptable to various water sources. Notably, the UV water filter system has higher capacity and longer-life filter cartridges than its predecessor, the Hybrid G8, enhancing its overall performance and durability.

Designed for excellence & outdoor installation - ensuring durability and security with the HYBRID-G9

The unit comes with a weather protection cover for outdoor installations, enhancing its durability against the elements. Additionally, the system incorporates an antitamper and childproof lockable lid, providing security and peace of mind. These features, along with the hinged lid for easy lamp change access and the high strength light-weight aluminium bracket with Architectural Grade PVDF electro coating, collectively make the Puretec HYBRID-G9 a reliable and effective solution for water treatment in diverse settings.

Steve's Pros & Cons

Pro’s of Puretec Hybrid G9

The Puretec HYBRID-G9 stands out for its significant advantages, making it a reliable choice for rainwater treatment. The first notable feature is its ability to be mounted outdoors without needing an additional cover, showcasing its robust construction and durability against weather conditions, including New Zealand’s intense sun. The unit’s fully sealed design ensures the utmost protection for its electrical components, safeguarding them from the elements and ensuring long-term reliability.

The aesthetics of the Purtec HYBRID-G9 are remarkable, as it boasts a tidy appearance thanks to its aluminium powder-coated mounting system. This way, it contributes to a clean and polished look and enhances its resistance to corrosion, further extending the unit’s lifespan.

The convenience of the all-in-one system is a crucial advantage, streamlining the installation process. This feature simplifies the setup for users, reducing the complexity associated with integrating multiple components.

Additionally, the Puretec HYBRID-G9 is an energy efficiency UV water filtration system. Operating with an energy-conscious design, it meets the demands of effective water treatment and does so with an environmentally conscious approach. This energy-efficient characteristic reduces operational costs and aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainability.


Con’s of Puretec Hybrid G9

One notable limitation is that, despite its ability to be mounted outdoors without a cover, servicing the unit may require the expertise of a professional due to the fold-down lid. While this design feature may contribute to the system’s overall aesthetic appeal, a learning curve or “knack” is involved in servicing. Homeowners may find it tricky to manage the fold-down lid during maintenance, potentially making routine service tasks more cumbersome and time-consuming than with other, more straightforward designs.

Additionally, Aqua Works service technicians recommend installing the Puretec HYBRID-G9 away from direct sunlight for optimal performance and long-term use. Although it is a great outdoor UV water filter system, this limitation may restrict placement options for users with limited shaded areas, potentially requiring careful consideration of the installation location.


  • Brand: PURETEC
  • Model Number: HYBRID-G9
  • Flow rate @40mJ/cm²: 54 Lpm
  • Flow rate @30mJ/cm²: 70 Lpm
  • Flow rate @16mJ/cm²: 130 Lpm
  • Connection: 1″ BSP [25mm]
  • Warranty: 3 years

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