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UV Quartz Sleeve

UV Quartz Sleeves: All you need to know!

Ultraviolet (UV) quartz sleeves are essential to UV water treatment systems. They protect the UV lamp from water and other contaminants and help distribute the UV light evenly throughout the water.

Cleaning UV Quartz Sleeves

UV Water Filtration Service

Frequency of Cleaning

Most UV manufacturers recommend cleaning UV quartz sleeves every 6 to 12 months. Regular maintenance is crucial to prolong the life of the sleeves and maintain high UV transmission rates, which are vital for effective water treatment.

Aqua Works suggests:

» Domestic UV systems: Clean every 12 months.

» Commercial UV systems: Clean every 6 months.


Aqua Works Quartz Sleeve Cleaning Policy

A dirty quartz sleeve reduces UV light efficiency, potentially making the water non-potable. If a quartz sleeve is in poor condition and we can’t clean it, Aqua Works will replace it. If there is excessive dirtiness, we will investigate and may advise more frequent cleaning.

Replacing UV Quartz Sleeves

UV Quartz Sleeve replacement

When to replace UV Quartz Sleeve

Manufacturers typically recommend replacing UV quartz sleeves every 12 to 18 months, or sooner if they become brittle, cracked, or cloudy. These conditions obstruct UV light and reduce its effectiveness.


Aqua Works Quartz Sleeve Replacement Policy for our onsite service customers

» Quartz sleeves are replaced when they break, crack, or become cloudy.

» Some sleeves last 7-10 years with careful handling.

» If a sleeve breaks due to brittleness, the replacement cost is passed to the customer. If it breaks accidentally, Aqua Works covers the cost.

» Replacements cost approximately $150 plus GST.

Call us on 0800 AQUA UV to schedule a professional and safe UV water filter service.

If you change the delicate glass UV quartz sleeve yourself, please ensure you have a spare in case you break the old one. Otherwise, your drinking water will not be protected.

Signs of Brittle Quartz Sleeves

Quartz sleeves can become brittle due to exposure to UV light, heat, chemicals, or physical damage. Signs to watch for include:

» Cracks or brittleness.

» Cloudiness or discolouration.

» Water leakage.

» Reduced UV light production.

UV Filter Service Warkworth

Professional service & replacement of UV Quartz Sleeves

Ensure your UV water filtration system operates at peak efficiency—Trust Aqua Works for expert service and replacement of your UV quartz sleeves. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and guarantee safe, potable water for your home or business.

DIY Cleaning or Replacement

Considerations for DIY Quarz Sleeve cleaning

Cleaning or replacing a quartz sleeve requires electrical and plumbing skills. Key factors include:

» Electrical Safety: UV systems operate at high voltages.

» Plumbing Skills: Disconnecting and reconnecting water lines is necessary.

» Tools and Materials: Basic tools and a replacement sleeve are needed.

» Time and Effort: The process can be time-consuming.


Watch out!

The delicate glass sleeve breaking probability is much higher for a layman than a trained professional. Be very careful if you decide to replace the UV quartz sleeve yourself. If the sleeve breaks, you MUST make sure that you remove ALL glass pieces from the water. Failure to do so may have life-threatening health consequences when consuming the drinking water. 


Professional help

If unsure, contact Aqua Works for professional servicing. They ensure safety and efficiency, minimising the risk of damage or improper handling.

Professional UV System Servicing by Aqua Works

Why choose Aqua Works for your Quarz Sleeve replacement?

» Expertise and Experience: Trained technicians ensure your system functions correctly.

» Quality Workmanship: High-quality parts and adherence to manufacturer recommendations.

» Compatibility: Our service vehicles have 30 sleeves on board, so we always have the right sleeves on hand.

» Competitive Pricing: Affordable services to ensure access to clean water.

» Convenience: Flexible scheduling and comprehensive services.

» Service Guarantee: Commitment to your satisfaction.

» Environmental Commitment: Eco-friendly cleaning methods and recycling practices.

UV service sterilising water lines

But first and foremost … Sterilising UV & Water Lines

After cleaning or replacing a quartz sleeve, sterilising the UV chamber and water lines is essential to maintain a sterile environment. Aqua Works includes this process in their standard service, ensuring E.coli-free water.


Call us on 0800 AQUA UV to schedule a professional and safe UV water filter service.

Aqua Works Guarantee

At Aqua Works, we guarantee E. coli*-free drinking water. This water meets New Zealand drinking water standards and all legal requirements. Call us on 0212 787 427 to work together on how we can minimise the increasing water-related health risks to you and your loved ones.

This guarantee applies only when Aqua Works specifies, instals and is employed to service the UV filtration system at regular intervals to be agreed upon at installation, depending on your water quality. Responsibility is unable to be taken if raw water quality changes. Annual testing of ground and surface water is recommended.

*ecoli free means no active e.coli & water that passes NZ drinking water standards.

FAQs Quarz Sleeve

What is a UV quartz sleeve?

A cylindrical tube housing the UV lamp.

Why are UV quartz sleeves crucial?

They protect the UV lamp and distribute UV light.

How often should UV quartz sleeves be cleaned?

Every 6 to 12 months.

How often should UV quartz sleeves be replaced?

Every 12 to 18 months, or when brittle or cracked.


What happens when UV quartz sleeves gets brittle?

Exposure to UV light, heat, chemicals, and physical damage.

Signs it’s time to replace your UV quartz sleeve?

Racked, brittle, cloudy, discoloured, leaking water.

Can I DIY clean or replace a UV quartz sleeve?

Electrical and plumbing skills are needed.

Why choose a professional for UV system and quartz sleeve servicing?

Safety, expertise, efficiency, warranty 

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