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Drinking Water Suppliers

The establishment of the new water services regulator Taumata Arowai is part of the Government’s Three Water Reform Programme. As one of the three pillars, this new standalone Crown entity has a supervisory role in New Zealand wastewater and stormwater systems. On 15 November 2021, the Water Services Act 2021 came into effect. With its commencement come several changes to New Zealand’s water services. 


Are you a drinking water supplier?
What are the requirements?
What do you need to do if you are considered a drinking water supplier?

What is a Drinking Water Supplier?

Definition, water supply and duties.

Water Services Act (2021)

What is the impact for Drinking Water Suppliers? 

Water Quality Assurance Rules

What are the duties for Drinking Water Suppliers?

Registered or Unregistered Supplies

What’s the difference and your duty! ⇒

Drinking Water Standards

Providing potable water for safe drinking water NZ.

Aesthetic Values

Taste, odour, appearance, … what is important for your drinking water.

Small Drinking Water Suppliers in NZ

Find out your duties and compliance.

Taumata Arowai & Hinekōrako

Register your supply with the new water service regulator.

Acceptable Solutions

What are solutions for different Drinking Water Supplies?

Water Carriers are Drinking Water Suppliers

Read more about your obligations. ⇒

Provide Potable Water

How to deliver safe drinking water for your customers.

Drinking Water Safety Plan

Get legal compliance by implementing a WSP.

We take care of the pesky paperwork

Are you a drinking water supplier in New Zealand? Our water experts team will be happy to help you get your legal compliance. This way, you can get back to your day-to-day business while we take care of the tedious paperwork.

Water Services Act 2021 & Drinking Water Suppliers

Bringing some light into the dark! What is a drinking water supplier?

Drinking Water Suppliers

Domestic self-supply & domestic dwelling

Water Carrier Service

Acceptable Solution Roof water supply

A Person that owns or operates a water supply


delivers drinking water to more than one household.

Water Supply

The water supply of a drinking water supplier is either a rainwater harvesting system, a spring/ bore or well.

Your water supply needs to be registered with Taumata Arowai.

Your Duties

As a drinking water supplier you need to comply with

  • Drinking Water Standards
  • Aesthetic Values
  • Drinking Water Quality Assurance Rules
  • Provide a Drinking Water Safety Plan


  • Drinking Water Acceptable Solutions
Spring bore water supply

A “domestic self-supply”  is a self-contained dwelling which has its own drinking water supply.

A “domestic dwelling” is a stand-alone building used as a single household unit, whether or not it is let on a long or short-term basis; permanently or temporarily occupied (e.g. a bach).

Water Supply

The water supply of a domestic self-supply & domestic dwelling is normally a rainwater collection system, a bore, spring or well.

Additionally, the water can also be retrieved from a lake or river.

Your Duties

You are not considered a drinking water supplier and do not have any obligations arising from the Water Services Act 2021. However, you have legal requirements to provide potable & safe water under Building Code G12. As soon as you serve more than a single household, e.g. having an office at home and seeing clients, you are considered a drinking water supplier.

UV commercial installation

A water carrier service obtains water from other supplies and delivers it by tanker to its customers or another drinking water supplier.

Water Supply

The supply source may be your own water supply (e.g. bore/ aquifer). Or it may be a water supply managed by other people or organisations (e.g. bulk filling station).

You need to register your water supplies with Taumata Arowai to identify them as your water source for your carrier service.

Your Duties

As a water carrier you need to

  • register with Taumata Arowai
  • renew your registration annually
  • comply with Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand
  • submit a Drinking Water Safety Plan

Bringing light into the dark

Are you struggling to understand what you are? Do you need help understanding your duties and legal obligations? No problem, our team of experts will help you quickly and straightforwardly.

Registered or unregistered Supplies? These are your duties!

Registered Supplies

Definition & Duties

Registered suppliers need to provide a Drinking Water Safety Plan that meets the requirements of the Water Services Act 2021. This plan needs to be submitted to Taumata Arowai by November 2022. Alternatively, registered drinking water suppliers can comply with a Drinking Water Acceptable Solution. There are three water sources:

Roof Water Supplies
Bore & Spring Water Supplies
Rural Agricultural Water Supplies


Unregistered Supplies

Definition & Duties

Unregistered water suppliers have up to 4 years to register with the water regulator until 2025 and a further 3 years to hit the mark regarding the regulations, e.g. providing a Water Safety Plan, until 2028. This gives them 7 years to fully comply with the Act’s requirements.

However, unregistered water suppliers have the duty of care to ensure any drinking water they supply is safe to drink. That means providing potable drinking water that meets the NZ drinking water standards.


Small Drinking Water Suppliers

Your duties

Although unregistered drinking water supplies have time till 2025 to comply with their obligation of the Water Services Act, small water supplies still need to:

  • Register supply with Taumata Arowai.
  • Ensure that drinking water is safe. The problem must be resolved immediately if the water becomes unsafe.
  • Ensure that duties under the Water Services Act are met.
  • Comply with the obligation to report in the event of an emergency.
  • Comply with record-keeping requirements.

Instead of implementing a Water Safety Plan, small suppliers can also comply with the Acceptable Solutions provided by Taumata Arowai. It represents a practical and cost-effective alternative to providing safe drinking water for their community.

Small Supply Rules & Acceptable Solutions

Source water rules

Source water rules cover surface water supplies, groundwater and rainwater collection from roofs. These sources need to be tested for E.coli and total coliform monthly, as well as ph, turbidity and conductivity. In addition, other parameters of the extracted water must be tested regularly.

Treatment Rules

The treatment process includes 3 steps for water disinfection:
1. Media, membrane or cartridge filtration.
2. UV filtration according to NSF standards.
3. Chlorination, a minimum dose of chlorine is required.

Distribution Rules

The water source monitoring requirements relate strongly to the water quality testing parameters. In addition, the backflow risk assessment to the water supply, and appropriate measures need to be in place.

Innovative Water Treatment technologies for Drinking Water Suppliers

We have years of experience in professional water treatment and the quality products to make your water source safe. Consequently, you can deliver potable drinking water to your customers without worry.

Innovative Water Treatment Technologies for Water Supplies in NZ

Aqua Works assists Drinking Water Suppliers to meet their legal duties!

Instead of implementing a water safety plan, small suppliers can also comply with an Acceptable Solutions provided by Taumata Arowai.

Aqua Works provides the required product solutions to meet these obligations:

Media, Membran & Cartridge Filtration
UV Filtration Systems
Chlorination Water Treatment
Water Pumps

Furthermore, we will gladly take over the tedious paperwork for you and take care of your Water Safety Plan, forms, check lists and dockets in this regard.

Therefore, talk to our water expert team and figure out how we can support your business!

uv commercial install

 Water Treatment Expert NZ

At Aqua Works we understand the challenges of different water sources in New Zealand. Thus, our water expert team knows how to make them fit for human consumption.

Water is the elixir of life and our passion

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