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Emergency Water Pump Breakdown Service

Our emergency call-out service means we are onsite rapidly and fix your water pump problem! We always leave you with water running guaranteed!

Is your Hot Water Cylinder overflowing?

Do you have an emergency with your overflowing hot water cylinder? Our certified plumbers provide you with high-quality products and services 24/7 so that you can lean back and relax again.

Are you running out of hot water?

If you suddenly run out of hot water when taking your morning shower, it not only feels cold and uncomfortable. It could also frighten you. But don’t worry!

Water pump design installations

General Maintenance

Extend the lifespan of your hot water appliances. & ensure smooth operations. Get a service contract to be on the safe side.

Plumbing Repairs

Leaking faucets, blocked toilets, overflowing hot water cylinders or broken water pumps, our certified plumbers get it sorted.

Plumbing New Installations

Upgrades & renovations, HWC & water pumps replacements, water tank & UV filtration installations, we got it all covered.

hot water cylinder replacement

Emergency HWC Service

No hot water? Is your hot water cylinder leaking or overflowing? We repair, service, upgrade & replace your hot water cylinder.

Need to get some plumbing done

Are you looking for a local reliable plumber in Warkworth? Our 5 service vehicles cover the whole area: Warkworth, Matakana, Omaha, Point Wells, Leigh, Snells Beach Algies Bay, Mahurangi West, Martins Bay, Puhoi or Kaipara Flats. We at Aqua Works have many years of experience in water purification, UV filtration systems, water pumps and hot water cylinders. Consequently, we are looking for the optimal solution for you. Even in the case of challenges, we try our best to maintain your budget.

Finally, our plumbers, electricians and service technicians have craftsmanship in our blood and are very passionate about what we do every day. Therefore, we look forward to hearing from you and how we can support you. Call us on 0800 AQUA WORKS.

Easy fix with your local reliable plumber Warkworth

Our qualified service team will come onsite to solve your plumbing issues quickly and dependably.

Plumbing – Repairs

water spotting filter
Kitchen, Bathroom & Laundry

At Aqua Works in Warkworth, our certified plumbers and service technicians take care of your plumbing repairs. Dripping water taps in your kitchen, leaking bathroom faucets or blocked drains and toilets, we will get it sorted! 

Hot Water Cylinder

Whether you run out of hot water or suffer from low water pressure, or your hot water cylinder is leaking or overflowing, our certified plumbers  will give you honest advice on the repair and costs before considering a replacement.

water pumps houses NZ
Rural Water Pumps

Call our 24/7 emergency breakdown service! We service the entire Rodney district, from Mangawhai to Albany and Auckland. Finally, you can count on us for high-quality water pump repair in Rodney.

Rainwater Harvesting System

Our skilled and experienced service technicians will assist you with any issues around your rain harvesting system. We are laying and fixing pipes and installing new water tanks, water pumps & water filtration systems.

Hot water cylinder overflowing? Need a local reliable plumber in Warkworth?

Do you have an emergency with your overflowing hot water cylinder? Our certified plumbers provide you with high-quality products and services 24/7 so that you can lean back and relax again.

Plumbing – General Maintenance

plumbing hot water cylinder service
Regular maintenance saves money

Frequent maintenance from a specialist business is critical to ensuring that household appliances, like hot water cylinders or water pumps, operate smoothly. Consequently, a regular service guarantees cost efficiency, energy savings and optimal water system performance.

Neglecting professional servicing of your water system can lead to higher CO² emissions and energy usage due to particle build-up. Moreover, it can also result in the release of harmful gases. In addition, you may risk losing your warranty claims.

plumbing hot water cylinder service
Add value for safe and healthy water in your home

Conducting a maintenance contract for your home appliances is a wise investment. Because it promotes extended lifespan, cost savings and improved performance. Furthermore, it enhances safety and compliance with warranty requirements. By prioritising regular maintenance, you can enjoy your home appliances’ reliable, efficient, and safe operation for years.

Private and commercial customers turn to us for maintenance and commission regularly. Would you like to conclude a maintenance contract?

Hot water cylinder overflowing?

Do you have an emergency with your overflowing hot water cylinder? Our certified plumbers provide you with high-quality products and services 24/7 so that you can lean back and relax again.

Plumbing – New Installations

water pump uv filter installation
Whole House UV Filtration System

Water spotting on fixtures, mirrors, glass shower cabins or bathroom tiles is annoying, mainly for aesthetic reasons. In addition, water spots can be stubborn and challenging to remove, thus a very frustrating cleaning effort.

We offer smart solutions for water spotting, especially for your bathroom and shower. With our whole house UV water filtration systems, you always have crystal clear views. And at the same time, you can enjoy pure, healthy water.

water pump uv filter installation
Renovations & Upgrades

Clever hot water solutions, like the InSinkErator or Econergy hot water cylinder, are rising to make our daily lives even more convenient. Our team is always on the lookout for the latest innovations, to fulfil your hot water needs.

The certified plumbers from Aqua Works take care of your kitchen upgrades, bathroom renovations, water pressure problem, plumbing installations and pipework replacements, ensuring you enjoy the water in your home.

water pump uv filter installation
New Hot Water Cylinders Replacement

If you are looking for a hot water cylinder replacement,  there are many options. Aqua Works always offers you the latest technology. We are happy to help you find the perfect design for your needs and budget.

Therefore, our suppliers include Rheem, Bosch, Stanley, Cooper and Eco Spring for hot water cylinders. These renowned manufacturers are known for the high quality of their products. In addition, with a modern hot water system, you protect the environment.

water pump uv filter installation
Rural Water Pumps

Do you need a new water pump for your rainwater harvesting system? The DAB Esybox Mini pumps are currently the most reliable and cost-effective water pumps in New Zealand.

However, Davey, Grundfos, Pedrollo, Bianco or CEG, among many other suppliers, are also known for producing reliable and forward-looking pumps. We have a wealth of experience installing all products from these and many other manufacturers.

uv water filters nz
Water Tank Installation

Leaving the water tank installation for your rain harvesting system to a professional plumber ensures that the job is done right the first time. Ultimately, Aqua Works’ long-term expertise guarantees compliance with regulations, proper sizing and placement, seamless integration, safety considerations, and warranty coverage.

Consequently, it gives you peace of mind and makes it a worthwhile investment. We have all trades under one umbrella: digger service, water filtration experts & plumbers to complete this job. Thus, you can enjoy the benefits of a well-installed and efficient rain harvesting system for years.

uv water systems
UV Water Filtration System

A UV filter in your rain harvesting system provides effective water disinfection and continuous protection from harmful impurities. Hence, it is a cost-effective, proven chemical-free treatment. A UV filtration system ensures that your collected rainwater is safe and suitable for various purposes, preserving water quality and peace of mind.

Aqua Works enables you to enjoy safe and healthy drinking water from every tap in your home. And we know from experience that your pets and plants in your garden will also appreciate excellent quality water and reward you with great health and blossoms.

Smart plumbing

The innovative plumbing products from Aqua Works are power-efficient and cost-effective. Thus, they answers your expectation for 21st-century plumbing solutions.

Aqua Works, your local reliable plumber in Warkworth

Get your plumbing job done by a certified plumber from Aqua Works

Aqua Works has certified plumbers, electricians, hot water experts and water filtration specialists. Therefore, our passionate and highly skilled team looks forward to sharing their many years of experience and vast knowledge with you. As a family-owned business, we are experts when it comes to repairing, servicing, upgrading & installing residential and commercial plumbing:


Hot Water Cylinders
Water Treatment
Rural Water Pumps
UV Water Filtration Systems
Whole House Water Filters
Water Pump NZ Expert

Aqua Works – experience the difference in plumbing

        • Certified and registered plumbers and electricians are well-experienced to deal with your plumbing requests.
        • Constant training keeps our technicians & service team updated and offers you the best plumbing service.
        • Energy-efficient and solar experts advice you in innovative and cost-efficient new technologies.
        • Our service team will balance the budget with performance requirements and your budget.
        • 20+ years experience in professional water treatment, water pump service & repairs, hot water cylinder installations & plumbing.
        • Emergency hot water cylinders service is at your side 24/7 to get problem sorted ASAP.

Aqua Works strives to be a reliable and long-term partner for our customers, on whom they can fully rely. Firstly, we combine traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques, equipment and efficient processes. Secondly, it is essential to us to realise our customers’ wishes based on their needs. Therefore, our team will be happy to discuss your requirements in advance without obligation.

Get hot water flowing

A leaking hot water cylinder can be caused by many issues that are sometimes difficult to identify. However, the safest and the best way forward is to call Aqua Works. Thus, we will ensure you can enjoy hot water in your home again as quickly as possible.