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Grundfos Scala

Domestic water pressure boosting

Grundfos SCALA1

Grundfos SCALA2

Grundfos SCALA1 System

  • Two models in the Grundfos Scala series for flooded or pressurised water sources. 
  • Variable speed water pump for domestic and light commercial applications.
  • Self-priming water pump designed for above and below groundwater sources.
  • Water pressure boosting system delivers constant pressure to all taps.

The Grundfos Scala1 & Scala2 are all-in-ones integrated Grundfos pressure pumps. These multistage water pumps adjust their performance according to your individual water demand. Best suitable for rainwater harvesting, groundwater intake and residential water pressure boosting, the Grundfos Scala series ensures comfortable pressure in your home.


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You get a compact all-in-one booster pump when choosing a Grundfos domestic water pump from the SCALA series. The motor, tank, sensor, drive and non-return valve are in one composite unit. The Scala1 domestic water pump is suitable for shallow wells or underground storage tanks. Here, the better suction capabilities prove their worth compared to the Scala2. This Grundfos water pump is better suited for fluctuating feed pressure or water tanks with changing pressure. 

Read our grundfos scala2 review to get some insight into our long term experience with these Grundfos water pressure boosting systems.

The Grundfos scala2 warranty, like all other models of the SCALA series, is two years. However, these variable speed water pumps are not free from faults. Grundfos pump failures might start happening. Talk to our water pump experts at 0800 AQUA WORKS when considering buying a rural water pump in NZ. With many years of experience in water filtration and water pumps, you will get honest advice to find the most suitable domestic water pump. 

Grundfos Pump Common Issues

Grundfos scala2 review

The Grundfos Scala 1 and Grundfos scala 2 self-priming water pumps are made for domestic applications such as rainwater harvesting, water pressure boosting or groundwater intake. Serving small to large houses, this Grundfos pressure pump can also boost the water supply of your lifestyle block. 

However, in the past, our service team has repeatedly experienced that this Grundfos domestic pump series cannot tolerate power fluctuations. As a result, there are significant electrical issues, i.g. the controller plays up, or the buttons don’t work anymore. In some cases, total water pump breakdown can occur when the pump blows up. If you are uncertain about the performance of your pump, please call us at 0800 278296.  We will be very happy to assist you troubleshoot your Grundfos pump. 


 Grundfos Scala Common Issues

In the past, the Grundfos Scala2 models have been suffering from inlet cracking, resulting in a leaking water pump. It turned out that this was a manufacturing defect. Consequently, Grundfos had a recall campaign for the faulty Scala2 water pumps. For this reason, we highly recommend being extra vigilant to observe if your Scala2 model starts to leak. It is the job of a professional to repair this damage. Call our service team at 0800 Aqua Works and arrange an on-site appointment. Thus, we can get your leaking water pump back working again. 

Is your water pump not working? Have you detected a crack or a leak? Do not hesitate and give us a call at 0800 AQUA WORKS. Based on our long term experience with the SCALA series, our expert team can provide you with an honest assessment of the condition of your pressure boosting system.


Specifications Grundfos Scala1 3-25

Brand: Grundfos

Model: Grundfos Scala1 3-25

Max Head: 25m

Max Flow Rate: 3/h

Suction Lift: 8m

Max Pressure: 63 PSI (8 bar)

Voltage: 220-240V

Power: 550 Watts

Warranty: 24 months

Liquid Temperature Range: 0 °– 45°

Specifications Grundfos Scala2 3-45

Brand: Grundfos

Model: Grundfos Scala2 3-45

Max Head: 47m

Max Flow Rate: 5m3/h

Suction Lift: 8m

Max Pressure: 63 PSI (6 bar)

Voltage: 220-240V

Power: 550 Watts

Noise: 47db

Warranty: 24 months

Liquid Temperature Range: 0 °– 45°


Product Number

SCALA1 3-25
SCALA1 3-35
SCALA1 3-45
SCALA1 5-25
SCALA1 5-55
SCALA1 System 3-35
SCALA1 System 3-45
SCALA2 3-45
No. 99240350
No. 99250495
No. 99342334
No. 99371163
No. 99448121
No. 99471149
No. 98562870
No. 98562872
No. 99027073
No. 99027074
​No. 99027075
No. 99027076
No. 99027077
No. 99240350
No. 99250495
No. 99342334
No. 99371163
No. 99448121
No. 99471149
No. 99530403
No. 99530404
No. 99530405
No. 99530406
No. 99530407
No. 99530408
No. 99530409
No. 99530423
No. 99530424
No. 99530425
No. 99530426
No. 99530427
No. 99530428
No. 99530429
No. 99530430
No. 99530431
No. 99530432
No. 99530433
No. 99530434
No. 99530435
No. 99530436
No. 99530437
No. 99530438
No. 99530439
No. 99530440
No. 99530441
No. 99530442
No. 99530443
No. 99530444
No. 99530445
No. 99530446
No. 99530447
No. 99530448
No. 99530449
No. 99656462
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No. 99656485
No. 99656486
No. 99656487
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No. 98562865
No. 98562866
No. 98562870
No. 98562872
No. 99027073
No. 99027074
No. 99027075
No. 99027076
No. 99027077
No. 99973514
No. 99973516
No. 99973519
No. 99973520
No. 99973520
No. 99973521
No. 99973523
No. 99973524
No. 99973527
No. 99973528
No. 99973530


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