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Grundfos JP PM

Domestic water pressure boosting

Grundfos JP 3-42 PM

Grundfos JP 4-47 PM

Grundfos JP 4-54 PM

Grundfos JP 5-48 PM

  • Water pressure boosting for small to medium houses with Grundfos jet pump 
  • Self-priming water pump for domestic and agricultural applications
  • Made with corrosion-free, stainless steel construction and great composite
  • Constant pressure water pump with an automatic start/stop function

The Basicline JP Series Household Pumps are water pressure boosting systems typically for domestic and garden applications. This self-priming, single-stage centrifugal pump serves many purposes. It will boost your water pressure as part of your rainwater harvesting system or as a bore pump. The automatic pressure pump Grundfos JP PM is suitable for residential ground water intake. 


Call 0800 278 296 for help with your Grundfos JP PM!

This water pressure boosting system will deliver constant pressure for rural applications. Manufactured in Denmark, the Grundfos JP PM is a rural water pump for NZ conditions and comes with a two-year warranty. This self-priming, single-stage centrifugal pump has a suction lift up to 8 metres, suitable for pumping water from a bore or ground tank. This Grundfos domestic pump is part of the Grundfos Basic line JP Series Household Pumps.

Read our Grundfos pump review to get a detailed overview and look into our long-term experience with this JP Series Household Pump.

Is your Grundfos pump noisy? Does your grundfos pump won't turn off? Need some help for grundfos pump troubleshooting? The service team at Aqua Works is well experienced and highly qualified to repair Grundfos household pumps like the Grundfos JP PM. Call 0800 AQUA WORKS and talk to our expert team about your choices for the best water pressure boosting system you could get for your individual needs.

Grundfos Pump Common Issues

Grundfos JP PM water pump review

The Grundfos PM booster is a simple but solid rural water pump for garden and domestic applications. From our long term experience in repairing and replacing water pumps, this Grundfos JP PM water pressure boosting system shows reliable performance and at least outlasts its warranty. It is a self-priming, single-stage centrifugal pump with different protection features to expand its lifespan. We usually swap these automatic pressure pumps after 5-8 years. 

At Aqua Works, we specialise in residential and commercial water pumps. Our expert technicians understand the requirements for rural rainwater harvesting systems and borehole/well pumps. Therefore, we also know that needs always vary when choosing the right domestic pump. Call us on 0800 278 288 and talk o to our team of professionals to get honest advice and find the right pump for you.


Common issues with your constant pressure water pump Grundfos JP PM

Many domestic water pumps show the same failure problems towards the end of their service life. Grundfos pump failures are not the exception but the rule. The Grundfos Basicline JP Series Household pumps are susceptible to the power fluctuations typical in New Zealand. Power surges and voltage spikes can damage the water pump and cause Grundfos pump problems. The reasons are manifold: capacitors can burn out, and heads can war out. The jet booster pump can get hot if it is not vented correctly or runs out of water.

If your Grundfos pump is not working or you need some help with your Grundfos pump troubleshooting, call us at 0800 278 288. Our service team has many years of experience with Grundfos pump problems and is happy to help you. A water pump can get noisier over the years. But if the buzzing water pump becomes too annoying or you have a bad feeling, you’d better get in touch with our expert, who will take a look at it.


Brand: Grundfos

Model: JP PM

Max Flow Rate: 105 L/min

Max Head: 50m

Maximum Operating Pressure: 6 bar

Starting Pressure: 1.5 bar

Liquid Temperature Range: 0- 40° C

Suction lift: 8m

Warranty: 24 months

Power Supply: 220-240V 

Protection Class: IP55

Suction and Discharge: 25mm

Impellers: 1


These pumps are available as Bare Pump, Pump with Controller and Pump with Pressure Switch/Tank. 

There are four sizes within the range:

JP 3-42
JP 4-47
JP 4-54
JP 5-48 (Formally JP5 or JP6)

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