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Grundfos CMB

Domestic water pressure boosting

Grundfos CMB SP 1-36

Grundfos CMB SP 3-28

Grundfos CMB SP 3-37

Grundfos CMB SP 3-47

Grundfos CMB SP 3-56

  • Water pressure booster for residential and commercial water supplies
  • Diverse Grundfos CMB range for domestic & light industrial applications
  • Self-priming water pump with a maximum suction lift of up to 8 metres
  • Cast-iron and stainless-steel variants for more flexibility indoors/outdoors

The Grundfos CBM is a Danish multistage water pump range with multiple variations. It is a compact water pressure boosting system for single and two-family houses but also serves motels, AirBnBs or small office buildings. The compact design of the Grundfos CMB water pump range makes this pressure manager booster system suitable for most spaces indoors and outdoors.


Call 0800 278 296 for help with your Grundfos CMB!

The Grundfos CMB range is a pressure manager booster system designed for residential and light industrial applications. Multiple models and variations guarantee more versatility for rural water supplies. Cast-iron and stainless-steel variants provide options for indoor and outdoor installations. The self-priming variant increases the suction lift by up to 8 metres. Manufactured in Denmark, these Grundfos domestic pumps come with a two-year warranty.

Take a look at our Grundfos cmb sp review for a further overview and determine if this Grundfos multistage water pump will meet your expectations.

Does your Grundfos pump keeps turning on and off? Is a Grundfos pump alarm light on? Don’t you know how to read the Grundfos pump fault codes? As confusing as this can be for you, our service technicians know exactly how to deal with these problems. Aqua Works has been servicing, repairing and replacing water pumps in the Rodney area over the past 20 years. Give us a call at 0800 AQUA WORKS, and we will troubleshoot your Grundfos pump.

Grundfos Pump Common Issues

Grundfos CMB Water Pump Review

The CMB multistage pressure system is an all-in-one water pump. In general, this pump has good performance. It comes with dry run protection and an anti-cycling alarm to warn about potential pipe leakage and other problems. However, the Aqua Works service team also discovered rattling capacitors and defective controllers. In addition, we have to find clever solutions if the Grundfos water pump does not meet self-priming expectations or does not reach the claimed specifications.

Is your Grundfos pump not working according to your expectations? Have you noticed less performance of your CMB multistage water pump? Talk to our technicians on 0800 278 288. Our water pump experts have many years of experience servicing and fixing Grundfos domestic water pumps. They know the ups and downs with these rural water pumps and will give you an honest assessment of the service life and issues.

Grundfos CMB Common Issues 

Aqua Works water pump specialists discover various Grundfos pump problems when they are onsite. Even though all Grundfos water pumps come with a two-year guarantee, our service technicians experience that a CM multistage pressure system can start playing up after 1.5 years. These are common problems that the weather conditions in New Zealand can also explain. Power fluctuations cause electrical issues. Geographical conditions, such as the salty coastal air of New Zealand, lead to rusting of the cast iron housing of Grundfos water pumps.   

We advise our customers on all aspects of water filtration, water supply and water pumps. Our daily business is dealing with a broken Grundfos water pump, solving pump failures of domestic and commercial pressure boosting systems, and general pump troubleshooting. Do not hesitate and call our service team on 0800 278 296 to help you with your Grundfos pump problems. We make sure to get your water pumping again!



Brand: Grundfos

Max Flow Rate: 6m3/h 

Max Head: 53m

Liquid Temperature Range: 0- 50°C

Voltage: 240V 

Power: 0.5kW

Max Operating Pressure: 370kPa

Warranty: 24 months

Noise Level: 55dB

Suction Capacity: 4m

1” Inlet/ Outlet Fittings


Product variations Grundfos cmb range

CMB 1-36
CMB 3-27
CMB 3-37
CMB 3-46
CMB 5-28
CMB 5-37
CMB 5-46
CMB-SP 1-36 
CMB-SP 3-28 
CMB-SP 3-37 
CMB-SP 3-47 
CMB-SP 3-56
CMB-SP 5-28
CMB-SP 5-47

Product numbers Grundfos CmB


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