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Suddenly you only have cold water in the shower? And, of course, it happens on a Friday evening after a hard week at work. It is almost certainly the fault of your hot water cylinder. But how do you know if it is broken and needs replacement by an expert?


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My Hot Water Cylinder is not working!

Hot Water Cylinder problems in NZ

We take it for granted: hot water in our homes! Turning on the tap and enjoying hot water is a matter of course in this day and age. Hot water for showering, brushing our teeth or bathing is no longer a luxury. However, we often become aware of this everyday pleasure when only cold water comes out of the tap. And who is to blame?

In most cases, a broken hot water cylinder is responsible for this inconvenience! Particularly in New Zealand, hot water cylinders are the most common and popular means to supply hot water in nearly every home. These hot water heating systems are usually very reliable. Still, depending on the brand and type, HWC faults and problems can occur from time to time.

We have compiled a list of the most common hot water cylinder issues and HWC problem troubleshooting. Enjoy reading it and please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 AQUA WORKS for further questions and enquiries.


No hot water? What should I do?

no hot water hwc problems

A hot water cylinder is critical in providing sufficient hot water in your household. If your HWC fails and stops supplying hot water, you should take action immediately. No hot water is inconvenient for you and your loved ones and might also be a significant sign of an undiscovered problem with your hot water cylinder.

However, first, check the thermostat on your HWC. Ensure the correct temperature and time are set and adjust if necessary. If the settings are okay, something else is happening in the background. Several elements in an HWC can break and cause Not Hot Water. Get our plumbers on board to check whether they need repair or replacement. Furthermore, HWC thermostat problems can contribute to this problem and require a thorough investigation by a professional HWC specialist.

With new, modern HWC models, you can determine the underlying problem by looking at the error code on display. In the operating instructions, you will find a reference to the problem “No hot water”. In addition, this information will help our service team to assess the issue when you call us on 0800 278 296.


Hot Water Cylinder valve is broken but which one?

Depending on the type of your hot water cylinder, a defective valve can cause a broken hot water cylinder. This is indicated, for example, by discrepancies in the water temperature or water pressure. Furthermore, it can also lead to an HWC leaking from the bottom. So where is the problem?

Hot water cylinders have different valves, such as isolation, pressure limiting, cold water expansion, pressure reducing, hot temperature relief, and tempering valves. That is a lot of valves! To make it more confusing: different water heaters use various valves in diverse combinations. If one of these valves fails, very high pressure can build up in the HWC. Consequently, it leads to a broken hot water cylinder but ultimately poses a danger to you.

So which valve is causing the problem? We highly recommend that only a licensed plumber works on your HWC. Our service team is trained in various systems such as mains pressure, low pressure and push-through cylinders. Therefore, they know exactly what to do! Replacing a part with the wrong one can have disastrous consequences, as mentioned above. Call our service team on 0800 AQUA WORKS if you think a valve broke!


Help, my HWC is leaking!

Hot Water Cylinder leaking from bottom

You should act immediately as soon as your hot water cylinder shows the slightest sign of leakage. Various causes can lead to an HWC leaking from the bottom.

Especially old hot water cylinders show signs of corrosion over time. Cracks can develop in the water tank, and water starts silently dripping on the ground. Therefore, you better check your hot water cylinder regularly. If you detect water puddles or, in the worst case, a jet of water flowing from the water tank into the floor drain, you need to take action immediately.

Loose connections or too much pressure in the water tank might also be the reason behind a leaking hot water cylinder. It is sometimes quite difficult for a non-specialist to assess the problem correctly. Therefore, call our emergency breakdown service for hot water cylinders Rodney  on 0274 787 427.

A small puddle under your HWC may not seem particularly important, but you should take it seriously. The underlying problem will get worse with time. From our many years of experience as HWC specialists, we know that a leaking hot water cylinder is usually a sign of age and, in most cases, needs to be replaced. However, sometimes an HWC repair is still possible. Be assured that our water specialists will give you an honest evaluation of the best option for your home and budget.


Hot water Cylinder is making noise

Is your HWC making a banging noise?
Is your HWC making a whistling noise?
Is your HWC making a buzzing noise?
Is your HWC making a loud noise?

As soon as your hot water cylinder draws attention to itself with unusual noises, you must get to the bottom of the problem. But what are strange noises from an HWC? Generally speaking, the heating of water in the boiler causes normal noises. However, if you regularly hear unusual popping, gurgling or rattling noises, it indicates a potential defect.

If the heating element is deteriorating, your hot water cylinder is popping, cracking or even whining. Burnt sediment and limescale can cause the same sounds. In both cases, we highly recommend giving us a call. Our plumbers will come onsite and investigate the problem of your HWC making loud noises.

Be careful if the hot water cylinder makes a gurgling or even boiling sound! This is likely a pressure rise or severe overheating in the water tank. Call our emergency breakdown service for hot water cylinders Rodney on 0800 278 296. We will immediately send a service technician to ensure no danger from your HWC.


Why does my hot water suddenly smell like rotten eggs?

Well, one very possible potential perpetrator is your hot water cylinder! How come? If your hot water from the tap or in the shower is smelly or discoloured, your hot water cylinder may be the cause. This is very easy to find out! Therefore, turn on the cold water tap. Is the water clear and (almost) odourless? Then you have found the culprit: the water heater. Otherwise, the problem lies with the water supply.

There are many reasons for stinky or discoloured hot water. For example, the smell of rotten eggs is caused by bacteria accumulating in the heating system. Additionally, accrued rust in the water tank can cause discoloured brown hot water. Both can be caused by a broken anode rod in the water tank.

The purpose of the anode rod is to prevent corrosion in the water storage tank and to kill bacteria. If this element is broken, it needs to be replaced by a plumber, and the hot water cylinder needs to be flushed. It does not require the hot water cylinder to be replaced. Call our service team on 0800 AQUA WORKS to schedule a hot water cylinder repair.

How do I know if my HWC needs replacing?

From our many years of experience as HWC specialists in Auckland, Northshore and Rodney, we know that all the points mentioned above usually indicate serious faults. Our experts will discuss with you on-site whether it can still be repaired or whether a hot water cylinder replacement is more cost-efficient and effective in the long term.

The regular service of your hot water cylinder will definitely expand its lifespan. Talk to our service team on 0800 AQUA WORKS about an annual maintenance agreement. Aqua Work’s service technician will check the temperature and the thermostat. He will look for obvious corrosion signs and leaks around and under the hot water cylinder. Additionally, he will review the expansion relief valve and inspect the electrical components. Finally, he will top up the pressure if needed and leave you with a confident feeling: your hot water cylinder passed the WoF.

Doesn’t matter if you live on the Northshore, Auckland, the Hibiscus Coast or in the Rodney District; the Aqua Works service team will come to your premises in case of an emergency breakdown of your hot water cylinder. Call Steve on 0274 787 427, and we will be at your side to fix the problem!

hot water cylinder replacement

Which hot water cylinder brands do we repair/service?

We service, maintain and repair all leading brands, makes and models of hot water cylinders. Whether it is a copper low pressure hot water cylinder, an enamel hot water cylinder, a stainless steel hot water cylinder or a heat pump hot water cylinder, we have the experience and knowledge.

If you cannot find your model below, please call us on 0800 278 288 to find out how we can help you anyway.







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