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Hot water is a matter of course for us. But what is the reason when customers call us because they have no or too little hot water? This phenomenon does not infrequently occur unexpectedly on a Friday afternoon or at the weekend.

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We naturally assume that one can take a shower to relax at any time of the day or take a hot bath to unwind in the evening. However, this quiet moment becomes a nightmare when you suddenly and unexpectedly find yourself under a cold shower. Why is the hot water cylinder system no longer heating? Or there is no water coming out of the tap at all. Are there other consumers who have used all the available hot water? Or is even the pump broken down?

In New Zealand, hot water cylinders are among the most popular and standard hot water heating systems used in almost every household. This is mainly because of their reliable operation and long lifespan. However, every hot water cylinder eventually gets on in years. Ultimately, there are significant signs of whether it is worth repairing your hot water cylinder or whether it is better to replace it.


7 sure signs that your hot water cylinder needs replacing


1. No hot water

You turn on the hot water faucet in the kitchen and the water that comes out of your tap is cold and stays cold. Or you look forward to a hot shower and are shocked that only cold water comes out of the shower head. Or you want to relax in a warm bath and are blindsided by the ice-cold water when getting in.

Consequently, cold water from every tap in your home, is a major sign that your HWC needs replacing!


2. Low water pressure

Even though old low pressure hot water cylinders are still used in New Zealand, a decrease in water pressure or a change in water flow rate can indicate a severe problem. If there has been a continuous decrease in water pressure, e.g. when showering, or a decline in water flow rate, this is likely to be related to sediments in the water heater or pipes in your home. As a result, the problem with buildups of scale will get worse over time and needs quick action to reduce the risk of running out of hot water.


3. Running out of hot water

Do you wash the dishes and know you don’t have enough hot water for a relaxing bath afterwards? Do you have just enough hot water for one shower a day? Are you constantly running out of hot water in your household? 

Consequently, your hot water cylinder is not producing enough hot water to serve all units adequately. Check how long your hot water supply will last. If you are used to showering for much longer before running out of hot water, there is a problem with your hot water cylinder. 


4. Leaking HWC

If you discover water dripping from your hot water cylinder, this could be due to a leak in the water tank. First, check if water has already accumulated on the floor around it. If there are already puddles or pools of water around the hot water cylinder or even a jet of water is flowing from the cylinder into the floor drain, you should act immediately. Therefore, a leaking hot water cylinder usually indicates a severe internal defect and needs a replacement.


5. Hot water cylinder making noise

Keep your ears open for your hot water cylinder. If you regularly notice unusual clanking or popping noises, there is most likely a mechanical defect. Noises such as cracking, popping or whining may indicate a deteriorating heating element. Or they are caused by burnt sediment and limescale. A gurgling or even boiling noise is caused by a pressure build-up or severe overheating in the tank. 

Finally, all these noises are untypical for a hot water cylinder and indicate a severe problem.


6. Discoloured or smelly water

If the water from the tap smells strange or shows a discolouration, the cause can be manifold. One reason may be a problem with the hot water cylinder. The smell of rotten eggs, for example, is caused by bacteria accumulating in the heating unit. If the drinking water turns brownish, this indicates rust in the water tank. The reason could be a broken anode rod in the water tank. This element is responsible for killing bacteria and removing rust from the tank water. 


7. Old hot water cylinder model

We recommend checking the age of your HWC. Most hot water cylinders are warranted for 5-10 years. While many last beyond the warranty expectation. But suppose your hot water cylinder is in the double digits of its lifespan, and you have noticed inadequacies in its performance or any of the above warning signs. In that case, it might be time to replace your hot water cylinder with a newer model.

Modern hot water cylinders are far more efficient, reliable and mostly maintenance-free. New stainless steel technologies for hot water cylinders to make them specifically suitable and safe for storing drinking water.

Get expert advice for your hot water cylinders Auckland

Defects, malfunctions or even break downs, especially during cold periods, at weekends and on a Friday afternoon, are particularly inconvenient for our customers. However, such events also provide the occasion to think about a maintenance contract and/or a new hot water cylinder. A faulty, defective hot water cylinder requires specialist knowledge.

If you live in Albany, Orewa, Millwater or Silverdale, call us today on 0800 AQUA WORKS and schedule an appointment with one of our plumbers.


Why is my hot water cylinder not working?

If your hot water cylinder stops working properly and breaks down, there can be several reasons for this.

Non-return valve is stuck

Hot water must not push back into the cold water pipe. A non-return valve prevents this. However, if this valve is stuck, only a little water flows back into the hot water supply, and the pressure in hot water pipes drops.

Limescale is built up in the boiler

Depending on the area, tap water contains more or less lime. When heated, limescale precipitates and accumulates in the hot water storage tank or the pipes. After a few years, several kilos of limescale can build up in an average 200-litre storage tank. A particularly warm spot in the hot water cylinder is usually the hot water outlet. Here, the limescale gradually clogs the pipe, and not enough hot water can reach the taps in the house.

Switching valve/mixer valve is faulty

If the hot water heating is controlled via a mixer valve, this may be defective or not managed correctly. As a result, only the heating is replenished, but not the hot water supply – or vice versa.

Corrosion of individual elements

If seals become porous or there is a defect in the boiler, water can leak from the storage tank. You may then need to have the pipes and seals repaired. Corrosion can also lead to a leak. When atmospheric oxygen reacts with metal, it is causing rust and decompose over time.

no hot water hwc problems

We won’t leave you in the lurch! Emergency breakdown service for hot water cylinders Rodney

Whatever causes the issues with your HWC, our electricians and plumbers will remediate the problem. At Aqua Works, we repair, service and carry out hot water cylinder installations quickly and straightforwardly.

If you live in Dairy Flat, Coatesville or Albany Heights, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 AQUA WORKS and we are happy to help you!


Can HWC be repaired?

If your hot water cylinder has a defect, the repairs/replacement should always be done by a specialist company. Because if you do the work yourself, you could end up incurring even higher expenses or causing more extensive problems. There is no general answer to how expensive it is to repair a defective hot water cylinder. The amount of the costs always depends on the extent of the repair work. If many working hours are required to repair your faulty hot water cylinder, a complete replacement of the appliance may be cheaper. Talk to our service team, and we will inform you about the costs and options.


Professional support for hot water cylinders Warkworth

For your safety, you should not attempt to repair the heating system yourself. On the one hand, you will lose warranty claims on newer appliances. But especially if the hot water cylinder is responsible for heating the drinking water, the repair should be carried out by a specialist. This is because the expert must take into account the requirements of the Drinking Water Standards. The plumber will ensure that the storage tank regularly heats the water to at least 60°C to prevent an infestation with legionella.


If you are located in Warkworth, Matakana, Omaha, Leigh or Mangawhai, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time when discovering any issues with your hot water cylinder. Our service team will reach out to you and give you honest advice on repairing or replacing your hot water cylinder. Call us on 0800 278 296.


Hot water element replacement

With a hot water cylinder, it is crucial to detect early warning signs in time. As a homeowner, you need to identify when this important system starts to fail. The sooner you recognise the following problems, the less likely you will be left out in the cold.

However, sometimes it just needs a hot water cylinder element replacement. If the heating element stops working, it does not automatically mean that you have to buy a new hot water cylinder. Replacing a hot water heater element may seem complex and is best done by a professional.

Each hot water cylinder is equipped with a thermostat that controls the hot water heater element. If the water heats up very slowly or you do have no hot water at all, there might be a problem with the thermostat. This heating element is located inside the water tank and controls the water temperature. As soon as the water temperature is below 60 degrees, this immersion element will switch on.

This is required by law to prevent the growth of legionnaires’ bacteria. If the thermostat malfunctions, the element can fail and shut down permanently. This way, you run out of hot water and expose yourself and your family to a severe health risk.


Call us for professional service for your hot water heater element replacement

Our highly skilled and experienced team looks forward to providing honest and reliable advice on whether you need a hot water element replacement. We will help you choose the best hot water cylinder option for your individual needs.

If you live in North Auckland, the Rodney district, or the Warkworth area, call us on 0800 AQUA WORKS and schedule an appointment with one of our plumbers.

Which hot water cylinder brands do we repair/service?

We service, maintain and repair all leading brands, makes and models of HWC. Whether it is a copper low pressure hot water cylinder, an enamel hot water cylinder, a stainless steel hot water cylinder or a heat pump hot water cylinder, we have the experience and knowledge.

If you cannot find your model below, please call us on 0274 787 427 to find out how we can help you anyway.







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