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Best Water Filters NZ

Educational resources on water pumps, hot water cylinders and best water filters NZ has to offer

Between Waipu and Auckland CBD, covering the whole Rodney District, North Shore area and West and Central Auckland, we are the experts in water purification systems, UV water filters, water pumps and hot water cylinders. Having a wealth of background knowledge and experience on these and related topics, we are delighted to share what we know with you. If you have any questions about a particular article, our products or services, call us at 0800 AQUA WORKS.


Town Water

New Zealand “tap water” is obtained from various sources depending on where you live and is usually treated in a treatment plant. It contains chlorine, chemicals, and heavy metals. Get more info on what you can do about it.


Rain Water

On its way to earth, rainwater binds a lot of airborne pollutants and then gathers bacteria and sediments, which multiply unhindered in the storage tank. Read more to know what you must do to drink safe potable water.



Bore water, if not treated before consumption, contains bacteria, minerals, or heavy metals commonly found in New Zealand’s groundwater. It needs different technologies for the treatment depending on the water test results.

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Water Pumps

Your water pump, the silent hero! However, we often only notice the vital function of the pump in our home when we are in the shower, and the water stops! Thus, explore everything essential about your water pump.

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Discover solutions for hassle-free home plumbing, including hot water cylinder issues, through our expert insights and practical tips. Ultimately, let’s ensure your water flows smoothly and tackle plumbing problems together!

The Fast Flowing Waikato River at Huka Falls near Taupo North Island New Zealand

General Water Issues

Diving into the depths and exploring common water challenges. Therefore, join us in unravelling the complexities of water-related issues and their remedies. Get valuable insights about widespread water issues in New Zealand.