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Are you planning to buy a domestic water pump in NZ? Even if you are often lured online with tempting offers, there are great reasons to make the purchase better through a professional. Aqua Works has long-term experience in the installation, replacement and repair of water pumps. Our water pump experts see what’s going on on-site every day. Therefore, making them reliable advisors when it comes to buy a water pump for your household.


7 great reasons to consider an expert if you buy a domestic water pump in NZ


1 – Price-performance ratio

If someone is working in the business of repairing and replacing water pumps, you’re going to get the best advice on what brands to buy and what’s going to last. Typically good Italian pumps like DAB pumps are well built and long-lasting. They also know which of the more budget-conscious range to go for as well. At Aqua Works, we have a budget range of pumps we put a 2 yr warranty on. We call them Aqua Jetpump and are a good simple pump that will do as advertised on the packet


2 – In-field experience.

We know from doing this for over 20 years what works and what doesn’t. We see daily what pumps break down more often and which seem to last. We also know the serviceable ones and those, unfortunately, which are landfills ( except we have been recycling pumps for a good while now). Surprisingly, some main brand pumps can be the most finicky on the market once they have been in service a few years.


3 – Pump sizing.

At Aqua Works, when we specify a pump for a house, whether it’s a new house or replacing a pump, we ask a lot of questions, and then we answer all the questions. This is because it’s really important for the long term health of the pump and delivering excellent water pressure that you match the pump[ size and performance to the house and customer expectations.

We have replaced pumps because they are too big for a house and we have also replaced pumps because they are too small. And then, you have the different types of pumps and how they work, jet pumps, multistage pumps, centrifugal pumps and diaphragm pumps. Each one has a specific application, and you must match the right one to your home or workplace.


4 – Pumps warranty.

We have a 2 yr warranty on all our pumps. The Italian Dab pumps and the well made PRC Aquajet pumps. We trust our products, and when you buy from us, it means the warranty is with us. You know where we are, we are your local, and we are not going anywhere. So you can trust us that we are backing a top-quality product across your price range.


5 – Onsite expertise.

You often need us onsite quickly, with the right tools and troubleshooting experience, the right parts on board, and new pumps on board. All of our five service vehicles carry parts and new water pumps – we will not leave you home and dry!

Onsite we can check over your whole system and fix any sundry issues that may have caused the pump to fail, like holes in the suction line, for example.


6 – Own knowledge of pumps.

To be honest, we used to install and fix water pumps on our own. However, the law is clear in this area. Water pumps are part of a potable water system, and as such, they MUST be installed by a registered plumber. If your DIY or pump tech is not a plumber, then you have some serious issues. In the case of a flood caused by the pump or plumbing, the insurance company will likely absolve any responsibility. You will not be covered.

We made big changes at Aqua Works and employed Certified plumbers and three apprentice plumbers to legally work with water pumps, install them, and keep you covered. We also carry 5 Million Public Liability in case something does go wrong. We always want the best outcome for our clients.


7 – Spare parts availability.

We don’t sell pumps we cant fix, and if you can’t buy spare parts – then you cant fix them. Simple. You can get spare parts and fix the pump without creating more landfills if you have a quality pump. Go with a trusted brand you have heard of, and go with a local comp[any who stands the test of time, who will cover warranties and onsite repairs over time.


The bottom line is if you buy a domestic water pump in NZ

You want to work with a local company that has stood the test of time, who has the experience, the right stock and parts and has the availability and systems in place to run an efficient call-out service onsite if you need them. 

It sounds like Aqua Works to me, put us to the test. 0800 AQUA WORKS.

Over 100 5 star reviews on Google must count for something?


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