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Water Pumps Warkworth

Water pumps

When was the last time you thought much about your water pump? Never?!

Usually, a water pump does not get a lot of attention unless it gets your attention. Then there is already something going wrong. Is your water pump suddenly getting noisier? Does it make a humming or buzzing sound? Is the whole water pump vibrating? Does your noisy water pump keep running?

However, many of us are much more dependent on their water pump than we think – until something no longer works as it should. Does the water pump not start or not stop? Is your water pump switching on and off too quickly? Does the water pump keep starting and stopping although all taps are turned off? 

Water pump dramas 

Ultimately, the number of annoying hassles around water pumps is large, and the possible causes in return are manifold.

Your water pump could have worn out motor bearings, or the whole motor could be burned out. On the other hand, there could be a leak in your pipes, air in the pump’s inlet pipe, or the pressure switches could be set incorrectly.

These are just some of the reasons that can be responsible for problems with your water pump. In general, water pumps are very reliable and do not need a lot of service and maintenance. Meanwhile, water pump technologies have massively changed over the past decades. Therefore, it is often not worth fixing an old pump instead of getting a new water pump.

Call us for pump action

No Water? Is your water pump buzzing? Is it Friday afternoon? No worries! Quickly, get in touch with our emergency break down service immediately. We will come to your premises and definitely not leave before your water is running again.

Our Water Pump Expertise

New replacement water pumps

Need water to reach the kitchen tap? Or your shower head? Or a lawn sprinkler?

Aqua Works offers a wide range of water pumps – from new inverter technology to traditional-style pumps.

We ensure your water is delivered wherever and whenever you need it. From our base in Warkworth, we service, fix and repair water pumps across Rodney.

best water pumps NZ
water pump repair service

Urgent water pump repairs & service

No water? Is your water pump humming? Or noisier than usual? We repair and service all leading brands of water pumps, but also traditional models.

Our service vehicles provide loan water pumps and new pumps. We quickly and straightforwardly support you to get your water flowing again – usually within 60 minutes of getting on-site.

Water Pump Design & Installation

With water pumps, there is no standard size. The decisive factor is the unique system design to meet your individual requirements and enjoy safe, healthy water anytime.

Therefore, visit us in our showroom in Warkworth to find out which water pump suits your needs best. This way, we empower you to move and improve your water anywhere on your premises.

Water pump design installations
water pump check

Onsite water pump check $149 + gst

Get a WOF for your water pump! Our 10-point report gives you an excellent idea of your water pump’s condition.

Use this check to anticipate problems and gain more understanding of water pump lifespans so you can plan and budget for replacements and upgrades.

Our service team from Warkworth will come onsite to conduct this valuable service.

Water pump experts

Aqua Works has more than 20 years of experience in water pumps and water filtration. Our team is proficient in designing and installing whole water pump systems and the great wealth of knowledge to service and repair nearly any type of pump.

New Replacement Water Pumps

domestic water pumps NZ

Save money with the best rural water pump in Warkworth

Water pumps are the silent heroes in our homes, thus providing an immense service every day without us taking much notice. Therefore, they are often ignored until we have a problem. As long as you have chosen a high-quality water pump, this commodity generally works reliably and quietly in the background. Usually, it only needs a little attention and care for years. Hence, considering its daily consistent and reliable performance, it is good value for money.

However, there is no standard size. Thus, finding the suitable water pump for your individual requirements is key! Visit our showroom in Warkworth to chat with our water pump experts. Find out for yourself which pump is best for you.

water pump replacement

New technologies for innovative water pumps

Unfortunately, from our long-term experience, replacing rather than repairing an existing pump is often cheaper and more cost-effective. 

Aqua Works cares for rural houses, farms and rural schools, lifestyle blocks, and commercial premises with rainwater, groundwater, tank water or bore/well water. Furthermore, we offer you a free onsite consultation to check your existing water pump. Thus, you can expect a professional and honest opinion on what would be the most suitable, cost-effective solution for you.

Talk to our water pump specialists to find out how much money you might save with a replacement of your old pump.

Save money and water

Check out our new DAB EasyBox, a pump that pays for itself in power savings alone. Thus, it might be worth considering replacing your old unit with a modern pump.

Urgent Water Pump Repair & Service

water pump repair service

Water Pump Breakdown Service Rodney

In the event of a water pump failure, Aqua Works reacts immediately. Most importantly, we offer practical and cost-efficient solutions so that you can access running water again as quickly as possible. Thanks to our extensive experience over the last 20 years and the vast knowledge of our service technicians, we quickly understand your individual needs and offer straightforward solutions.

Whether you live in Warkworth, Snells Beach, Matakana, Omaha or Leigh, our five service vehicles serve the entire Rodney district. Aqua Works repairs or replaces your damaged water pumps. Firstly, we will come to your premises as soon as possible after receiving your emergency pump call. Usually, we will get your water flowing within 60 minutes once onsite.

urgent water pump repair service

Call our emergency water pump hotline

When our fully trained emergency service team is on-site, we will get your water flowing again. Aqua Work’s five service vehicles always carry at least three pumps on board to solve your water pump issues immediately. Sometimes, the problem is not the pump itself. If the suction line does not meet the requirements of the pump, it cannot work correctly. Additionally, if your water tank has not been serviced regularly, the pump’s inlet can be blocked from debris. Our wealth of experience allows us to solve all these problems and many more issues with your water pump.

You don’t want to be left alone with a broken-down water pump on a Friday night or in a hot shower. We won’t let you down! We quickly and straightforwardly support you to get your water flowing again so you can lay back and relax.

When good water pumps go bad

No Water? Your pump is buzzing? It’s Friday afternoon? No worries! Quickly, get in touch with our emergency call out service immediately. We will come to your premises and definitely not leave before your water is running again.

Water Pump System Design & Installations

Water Pump Installation Warkworth

Wanna have the perfect match? Get a pump from Aqua Works Warkworth

Are you looking for excellent mains pressure at your place? We’ve got you covered! First, our team comes to your premises. Then, they recommend the best pump, and installs it for free if you purchase it from us. Our technicians are experts at assessing your current system and choosing the perfect pump for your home’s size and application, guaranteeing consistent water pressure and flow from every tap in your house.

Whether you’re a rural school, medical centre, retail outlet, or farmer, offer tailored solutions for both commercial and residential applications. Our team always considers your future growth, ensuring your water pump system is scalable and adaptable to your changing needs. Say goodbye to low water pressure, and hello to Aqua Works!

Water Pump NZ Expert

Benefit from our water pump expertise Warkworth

Aqua Works has over 20 years of experience designing and installing quality water pump systems for commercial and residential use. We prioritize our customer’s needs and ensure cost-effective, high-performance results that meet legal requirements. Our team considers factors such as water usage, source, environment, pump application, and construction material when selecting the best pump to fit your needs.

Whether you require a residential or commercial water pump at the Matakana Coast, Snells Beach, Algies Bay or Mahurangi East/West, give us a call or come to our showroom in Warkworth to find the best suitable solution for you.

Get safe water on tap

Your water pump is the silent hero, providing you daily with a good flow of water. However, in combination with a UV filter system, you will be able to enjoy safe and healthy drinking water anywhere and anytime in your home.

Onsite Water Pump Check $149 + GST

Water Pump Test

Need more certainty about your water pump’s efficiency? Not sure when it was last serviced? Are you worried about the quality of your drinking water?

If you are unsure about the safety and performance of your present water pump in Warkworth, please get in touch with us.  We offer a thorough on-site inspection. Ultimately, our 10-point check will help you understand how your water system works and the key role of your pump.

water pumps houses NZ

Want to ensure your water pump is in top condition? Our experienced and well-trained service technician will provide you with a thorough assessment of your water pump’s current state and expected lifespan. Consequently, you can trust us to provide honest advice and recommend the best solution to ensure your home has safe drinking water.

Note; this service does not apply to emergency breakdowns – in those cases, we offer a separate service, which will be charged accordingly.

Onsite water pump check $149 + GST

If you want to know more about the silent hero in your water system, book a 10 point WOF onsite water pump check. Firstly, we will come to your property to understand the current water pressure system. Then, we will report on the condition of the system, water pump, suction and delivery lines, so you know what you have and how long it may last.

Water Pumps Models And Brands We Service & Maintain

We design, install and service all leading brands, makes and models of water pumps in Auckland, North Shore, Rodney, Warkworth up to Waipu. However, if you cannot find your model below, please call us on 0800 AQUA WORKS so that we can find out how to help you.

Aqua Jet Pump


DAB Esybox Pumps


DAB Esybox Mini Pumps


DAB Esybox Max Pumps


DAB Jet Pumps Jetcom, Jetinox


DAB Multistage Pumps, Euroinox


DAB Submersible Pumps, Divertron


AL-KO Water Pumps


Zenit Water Pumps


Dyna-Jet Pumps

Orion Pumps


Davey Torrium Water Pump


Davey HM Series Pumps


Davey HS, HM, HJ


Davey XF, XJ Series Pumps


Grundfos CMB Pumps


Grundfos CME, JP6


Grundfos MPQ


Grundfos Scala2


Calpeida Water Pumps

Stallion Water Pumps


Pedrollo Water Pump


Trevoli Water Pumps


Bianco Water Pumps


ICON Pumps and Controllers


Lowara Water Pumps


Inga JS, SMH


CEG Pumps


Wallace Pumps


Wallace Hydrojet

Pumped and ready to go

Get a decent quality pump for constant water pressure, low noise and high efficiency. Thus, with the right water pump primed for your needs, you can lay back! Enjoy safe and healthy water at any time.

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