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Water. You know you need to drink it – probably more than you do. You know your body is made up of a whole lot of water. You may not know that 99 per cent of the tissues in your body consists of water molecules. You know that H2O is the chemical formula for water, ice, or steam. You probably think the scientific community has pretty much figured out all there is to know about water.

And you would be wrong.

Leading-edge research has identified the fourth phase of water. It is a gel that lines all your body’s cells and essentially turns your body into a battery. The gel fuels your mitochondria – the cell’s energy generator – to use as an energy source. It also stores and transmits information, much like a computer chip.

Dr Gerald Pollack, out of the University of Washington, has been a shining light in the field of Structured/EZ Water. He demonstrated that water inside our cells is much different than water inside the glass. He calls this phenomenon Exclusion Zone water. As we all know, the body is mainly made up of water. They say roughly 70%. However, that is referring to volume. Dr Pollack has shown that when you count the body molecule by molecule, you are actually upwards of 99% water.

As you can imagine, this water and its behaviour inside the body is crucial for optimal health and wellbeing. This water actually needs to be coherent and structured. This structure needs to be far from a state of chaotic molecules, what we now call “bulk water” or the water in the glass, to serve one of its most important uses. This highly structured state is more like a liquid, crystalline, gel-like matrix that acts as a water battery for the body. This battery-like quality helps power and charge the overall body field itself.

So how does this water become ordered/structured in nature and take on such profound attributes? It is a process catalyzed by the energy of the giant sphere of energy that greets us every day, which we call the sun. This energy from the sun’s light passes into our bodies and causes negatively charged water molecules to build up around the hydrophilic surfaces inside our cells. Hydrophilic surfaces are surfaces on which water will grab onto and bead up versus disperse across the surface as it would on a hydrophobic surface. Most surfaces inside of the body are hydrophilic in nature, from protein surfaces to mitochondrial membranes. Therefore, light enters the cells and provides the energy needed to build up this layer of negatively charged water molecules. This layer of the negatively charged water molecules is what we now refer to as the “Exclusion Zone.” This build-up of negative charge creates a magnetic exclusion effect where the positively charged molecules and particulate matter within the water get pushed out of the Exclusion Zone.

Recent researchers theorize that a healthy build-up of exclusion zone water may help detox the cells and keep them clean, as the particulate matter gets repelled away from these zones. But this significant phenomenon is not the main reason this exclusion zone water is so important. The main reason why this structured water is so important is that it acts as a liquid crystalline gel-like battery that helps to power and charge the human body itself. This is because of the separation of the negative and positive charges that we just discussed. Anytime you have a separation of charge, you have a battery-like effect. Therefore, as these layers of negative charge build-up, the more separation occurs between the positive and the larger your internal water battery grows. Of course, the larger your battery, the more energy you will have for life! But remember, as, with everything in life, you require balance. Too much energy can be detrimental as well in the proper context. You need a healthy but balanced amount of structured water inside your cells to have Energy4Life! But you may be asking, what charges this water battery? Dr Pollack explains: “In your cells are multiple batteries with plus and minus charges, separated… [T] he question is, how are these batteries charged? The charge comes from incident radiant energy; light, heat, and ultraviolet. All of these absorbed energies separate the charge. The energy that’s coming in from outside builds this charge of separation and order. This potential energy fills your cells. I think this energy is critical to understanding how your cells work.” (568) Water, Cells, and Life | Dr. Gerald Pollack | TEDxNewYorkSalon – YouTube

Essentially, Dr Pollack has shown that ambient photon energy (electromagnetic) in the environment can charge these water batteries inside our cells.

Most people don’t drink enough clean water, which is essential for a healthy body. Dr Pollack has demonstrated the importance of structured water within our cells to help energise us. If you are constantly tired, then perhaps more good clean water will help flush toxins out and energise you more at the cellular level.

There are many products available to improve your water quality. As history shows, when we have good quality water and sanitation, the health of everyone improves. And as Dr Pollack says, add some sunshine to power up the cells.


Warren Coop Aqua Works

An Opinion Piece by Warren Coop, Service Tech & Water Pump Expert