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How do you know if you are enjoying safe drinking water in your home? Have you ever wondered if your water filter is more of a decoration than a defender? Wonder no more! Dive with us in the riveting world of water filtration and find our how to ensure your shield against contaminants is ironclad.


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Ensuring safe drinking water

In a world where health and wellness have taken centre stage, ensuring the safety of your drinking water is not just a priority; it’s a necessity. But how can you be confident that the water flowing from your tap is safe for consumption? And once you have established its safety, how do you ensure it remains contaminant-free? Consequently, this is where the right water filtration system comes into play.

At Aqua Works, understanding the safety of your drinking water and selecting the appropriate filtration system is paramount to maintaining your health and well-being. Since 2000, we have meticulously analysed our community’s various water sources. Our expertise and deep understanding of local water conditions enable us to identify the best water filtration solution for any scenario.

Whether it’s combating E.coli or Giardia in tank water or removing fluoride and lead from municipal water supplies, our knowledge spans a wide array of contaminants and their effective removal methods.

Trust Aqua Works to safeguard your water

As your local water experts in Warkworth, we are dedicated to providing high-quality water filtration systems that ensure safe and healthy drinking water for our communities. Enjoy tailored water treatment solutions that meet the specific needs of your home or business.

The importance of water testing

Before diving into the world of water filters, it is crucial to understand the quality of your water supply. Water testing acts as the first line of defence against contamination. By analysing water samples, we can identify the presence of harmful bacteria, chemicals, and other pollutants. Therefore, we collaborate with a reputable laboratory to conduct comprehensive water tests, e.g. for E. coli. Consequently, it allows us to recommend the most effective filtration system tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your drinking water is safe and pure.


How do I know if I have the right filter for the job?

Determining whether you have the right filter for your water supply depends on critical factors, including the specific contaminants in your drinking water and the volume of water your household uses. The perfect filtration system addresses the unique challenges of your water source, from removing dangerous bacteria in rainwater to filtering out chlorine or lead in mains water. After completing a comprehensive water test, you have identified the exact impurities you are dealing with. Consequently, this allows you to match your filter’s capabilities to your water’s specific needs. Additionally, consider the maintenance requirements and filter lifespan to ensure it meets your household’s water consumption rate. Furthermore, consider whether you only enjoy safe water from a single tap, e.g. in the kitchen, or you wish to have potable water from every tap in your home. 

By aligning these aspects, you will find the right filter for the job, guaranteeing safe and clean drinking water for your home.

Get Tested, Stay Safe 

Do you need help to analyse your water quality? Schedule a comprehensive water test with Aqua Works and take the first step towards pure, safe drinking water.

Choosing the Right Water Filter: Tailored Solutions for Different Applications


1. Under Bench Water Filter for Mains Water Supply

Ideal for households connected to a municipal water supply, under-bench water filters are compact, efficient, and discreetly tucked away. These systems remove common contaminants in mains water, such as chlorine, lead, and other chemical residues. By employing a combination of carbon filtration and other media, under-bench units deliver clean, taste-free water directly from your tap. We particularly recommend under-sink water filters to improve taste and odour, making your drinking water more appealing.

Impurities Removed: Chlorine, lead, pesticides, and organic chemicals.

Risks of Impurities: These contaminants can pose significant health risks, including gastrointestinal issues, neurological disorders, and increased cancer risk.

Taste the Difference

Say goodbye to unpleasant tastes and odors in your drinking water. Explore our under bench water filters and enjoy the purity in every sip! Call 0800 AQUA WORKS to get a free quote.

under bench water filter system

2. Whole House Water Filter for Main Water Supply

A whole-house water filter system offers a comprehensive solution, treating water at the point-of-entry to your home. This way, you ensure every tap delivers safe water from your kitchen to your shower. These systems are especially crucial for families with sensitivities or in areas with heavily treated water supplies. Whole-house filters can remove sediment, chlorine, heavy metals, and more, improving the overall quality of your water.

Impurities Removed: Sediment, chlorine, heavy metals, and scale.

Risks of Impurities: Exposure to these contaminants can lead to skin irritations, respiratory problems, and other long-term health issues.

Protect Your Home:

Ensure every tap in your home delivers clean, safe water. Employ a whole house water filtration system and safeguard your family’s health. Book an onsite visit at 09 425 6080.

whole house water filter system

3. UV Filtration for Rainwater Harvesting and Bore Water Supply

UV filtration systems offer a vital layer of protection for homes relying on rainwater harvesting or bore water. Ultraviolet light effectively neutralises bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, ensuring your water is free from microbiological threats. This water disinfection method is highly effective, environmentally friendly, and does not alter the taste or odour of your water. With a UV water filter system, Aqua Works guarantees 99.9% E. coli-free water. 

Impurities Removed: Bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.

Risks of Impurities: Microbiological contaminants can cause serious health problems, including diarrhoea, hepatitis, and other waterborne diseases.

Guard Against Germs

Are you concerned about bacteria and viruses in your rainwater or bore water supply? Discover how our UV filtration systems can bring you peace of mind. Talk to Steve about your options and call 0800 AQUA UV.

uv water filtration system nz

Take control of our water

Don’t leave your family’s health to chance. Let Aqua Works help you choose the ideal water filtration system for your specific needs.

Aqua Works: Safeguarding Your Drinking Water for 20 Years

With over two decades of experience, Aqua Works has been at the forefront of ensuring our region’s drinking water safety and purity. Our expertise spans various filtration systems, each designed to address specific water quality concerns. From conducting detailed water tests to installing the perfect filtration solution for your home, our team is committed to providing you peace of mind.

Our extensive history of safeguarding drinking water reflects our dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction. At Aqua Works, we don’t just sell filters; we offer solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that your water is safe and enjoyable to drink.

Understanding the safety of your drinking water is a critical step towards a healthier lifestyle. With the right filtration system in place, you can protect yourself and your family from potential contaminants. Whether it’s an under-bench filter for your kitchen, a whole-house system for all-around protection, or a UV filtration unit for untreated water sources, Aqua Works has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process. Trust in our 20 years of experience to keep your water safe, pure, and delicious.

right filter safe drinking water

In today’s world, controlling your water quality is not just an option but a necessity. Let Aqua Works be your partner in this essential journey, ensuring every drop of water in your home is as safe and pure as nature intended.

Enhance your well-being and invest in quality. 

Safe water is essential for a healthy lifestyle. With 20 years of safeguarding drinking water, Aqua Works has the solution you need. Choose our expert team for filtration systems that remove harmful impurities and protect your health.