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DAB Esybox

DAB E.Sybox Variable Speed Pressure System Pump

Original price was: $3,220.00.Current price is: $2,745.00. excl. GST.

  • Innovative inverter technology for maximum efficiency & constant pressure
  • Sharp increase in power savings pays itself off with only NZD 8-9/week
  • Water-cooled engine reduces noise, quiet operation with 45db in standard use
  • Reliable operations all year long with an all-in-one ready-to-use booster pump
  • High-quality water pump manufactured in Italy comes with a 2-year warranty

Our customers love this water pump. This pressure booster system is our perennial favourite for flexible, reliable residential applications. Therefore, we always have enough of these multistage centrifugal and self-priming pumps in stock to serve you as quickly as possible at any time. Talk to our expert team and find out which dab e.sybox water pump from the E.SYLINE is the best for you!

DAB Esybox water pump - variable speed pressure system

Paving the way in electronic pump technology, the DAB Esybox is a revolutionary innovation. Above all, this patented pressure booster system guarantees high performance and increased efficiency for domestic applications. The multi-stage DAB pump is a compact and fully integrated water boosting system. However, this self-priming variable frequency drive pump is also suitable for light commercial applications.

Most importantly, the new generation of water pressuring booster pumps is changing how people use our most important water resource. The E.Sybox is ideal for use with drinking water, in household water systems and garden applications. This variable speed pump is an intelligent and versatile system for domestic pressure boosting, thus adding to your maximum comfort in your home. Ultimately, controlling the water pressure in your home has never been so easy and quiet.

DAB Esybox is even quieter; you only hear the flowing water.

The unique water-cooled motor design eliminates noise caused by conventional cooling by fans. Additionally, the ABS soundproof casing, the vibration-damping feet and quiet electronics ensure smooth operations. Consequently, the DAB Esybox has very low noise at only 45db and is much quieter than the average domestic household pump. Therefore, it is a silent water pressure pump designed for relaxation while maintaining high performance and efficiency.


The dab e.Sybox delivers constant pressure with maximum energy saving

After setting the desired pressure, the new inverter technology maintains a constant water pressure at all taps in your household. The variable-speed inverter measures flow rate and pressure, ensuring that the pump will only run at the required speed. This adjustable speed feature makes the DAb E.Sybox a highly economical and energy-efficient variable speed pressure pump that gives you 30-40% energy savings. Moreover, it is also an excellent water-boosting system when utilising solar power.


The DAB Esybox needs minimum space with maximum versatility

Particularly worthy, the new components and an ergonomic design make this water boosting pump very compact. This compact DAB water pump takes up at least 30% less space than other traditional pressure booster systems. Consequently, this variable speed water pump can be installed in any environment, even under your kitchen sink. Its sleek design gives the option of either vertical or horizontal installation, ensuring it can fit comfortably anywhere inside or outside of your home.


Communication with the DAB Esybox is wireless.

The 70 x 40mm LCD display has a high resolution and intuitive user interface. Therefore, it allows quick and convenient access to all information, sets parameters, or checks set values. Firstly, the display is rotatable to adjust the readability depending on installing the water pressure boosting pump in your home environment. Secondly, the integrated wireless interface Esylink connects the e.sybox to the internet. Thus, you can remotely receive and manage all data, parameters, and values. Thirdly, it allows the composition of pressure units and connectivity to other DAB devices.


Great performance in various applications - the dab E.Sysbox

The patented booster system DAB Esybox is an exceptional water pressure boosting system in domestic applications. It serves single-family houses and small apartment buildings up to 6 floors and a maximum of 9 flats. However, with a flow rate of 120L/min, it is also capable of some commercial applications. Accordingly, the water booster pump is suitable for wells and bores up to eight metres deep, rain harvesting systems and water tanks. With its inverter technology, several showers, a washing machine and dishwasher, toilets and various taps, all no problem for the Dab ESybox. It will serve them all at once!


Dab Esysbox is AS/NZS4020 certified and thus stands for great application safety.

The New Zealand standard AS/NZS4020 guarantees that products coming into contact with drinking water for their use are tested and found to be safe. Therefore, this approval safeguards that the DAB ESybox water pump does not contain any toxic substances or metals that can be discharged into your drinking water. In addition, you can be sure that your water pressure boosting system does not promote the growth of harmful microorganisms. Ultimately, this means that the taste or appearance of your drinking water will not change, and you can enjoy pure and healthy water without hindrance.


DAB Esybox additional features:

  • Dry run protection ensures there is no damage to the pump when no water is present.
  • Two year labour and parts warranty.
  • Anti-freeze protection prevents ice formation inside the unit.
  • Two litre expansion tank protects against thermal fluctuations and lessens the number of pump starts.
  • Over under voltage protection to avoid electrical damage.

Steve's Pros & Cons

Pros of DAB Esybox water pump

This automatic pressure booster system is one of our best-selling water pumps. And this for many good reasons! The feedback from our long-time customers is consistent: the E.sybox variable frequency drive pump exceeds their expectations of functionality and performance.

From our point of view, the Esybox combines the following four features very successfully.

The larger the flow rate, the more efficient this pump will be. Therefore, you should make sure that the pump size also corresponds to the required water volume to ensure the best possible performance of your water pump. Talk to our water pump experts on 0800 278 296 to ensure the water pump meets your individual needs. 

This variable speed pressure pump offers enormous energy savings and thus pays for itself. Ultimately, it does not only save you money but is also environmentally friendly and sustainable. Increase safety and comfort. If you decide to get a Dab E Sybox, we recommend installing it in a docking station. The E.sydock facilitates the annual service through a rapid disconnection function, thus saving money and time. 

The self priming pump Dab E.sybox works best if your house has three bathrooms. If the constant water demand is higher due to the size of the property and/or additional applications, simply add another DAB E Sybox to the dock. The Esytwin quick connect station makes it foolproof to create two-pump sets, enjoying constant water supply around your home.

Call 0800 AQUA WORKS and we will get your water pumping!


Cons of DAB ESYBOX pressure booster system

There is little to complain about this technological miracle of water pressurisation for domestic and residential applications. The only thing the Esybox can’t easily put away, in our view, is tiny roommates. The pump reacts sensitively to insects and especially ants inside the pump. Therefore, we recommend laying out enough ant poison around the pump to keep these unwanted intruders outside. Other than that, there is nothing to report.


DAB E Sybox Water Pump

  • Brand: DAB
    • Model Number: E-SYBOX
    • Power: 1.55 KW, 2.1 HP
    • Voltage: 240V
    • Amps: 10 Amps
    • Max Flow: 120L/min or 2L/sec
    • Max Head: 65m
    • IP Rating: IP44
    • Max Operating Pressure: 8 bar
    • Warranty: 2 Years
    • Max Suction Lift: 7 metres, 8 metres
    • Installation: Horizontal and Vertical
    • Inlet/ Outlet Connection: 25mm
    • Liquid Temperature Range: 0°- 35° for domestic use and 0° – 40° for other

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DAB Esybox Insect Protection

DAB Esybox Insect Protection


Esybox Technical Data Sheet

DAB Esybox Technical Data Sheet


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DAB Esyboxline Broschure