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DAB Esybox Diver

DAB E.Sybox Diver – water pressure boosting system

$3,295.00 excl. GST.

  • First electronic multistage submersible pump with integrated inverter technology
  • Versatile installation of the pump submerged, partially submerged or on the surface
  • Designed for various applications: water pressurisation, rainwater harvesting, groundwater use and irrigation
  • Monitoring and performance management with the DConnect app is quick and easy remotely.

Explore the ingenious future of water pressurisation with the Dab Esybox Diver. This all-in-one submersible pressure pump meets all kinds of expectations. The Esybox Diver stands out from the crowd of submersible pumps, becoming the residential domestic solution with perfect performance: absolutely efficient, technologically advanced, but extremely easy to use. Reliability and comfort are close at hand when choosing this technologically innovative submersible pump.

ALL IN ONE, the compact Dab esybox Diver sparkles with unique advantages.

Being the world's first multi-impeller submersible pump equipped with an integrated variable frequency drive, the DAB Esybox Diver also has a user interface to control the pump remotely. The integrated inverter adjusts the water pressure to the actual demand which allows the pump to switch on and off automatically. Consequently, it optimises performance and ensures enormous energy savings.

High energy savings of around 10 cents/hour of operation make this domestic pump very economical to run. Its impressive energy efficiency is credited mainly to the variable speed feature. This feature enables the pump to run only at the required speed based on system demands. It stops any unnecessary waste of power and also increases pump life. In addition, a permanent magnet motor improves pump efficiency. With grand energy savings, this water boosting system will pay itself off in a year.


Stay connected with your E.Sybox Diver wherever you are

The DConnect App connects the Dab pumps with the outside world by gaining access to the DAB cloud service. The simple and intuitive App allows you to control the pump remotely. The Dconnect Box 2 is standard. Therefore, installation, monitoring and performance management of the submersible water pump are a breeze. Ultimately, the pump's evolved inverter electronic technology and connectivity interact perfectly to offer the various users an efficient and versatile product experience.

With the help of the App, you can personalise your settings and monitor your water consumption. Additionally, you can quickly and easily set the desired pressure demand. The integrated inverter modulates the water pressure according to your individual requirements. Thus, the DAB Esybox Diver meets the needs of end-users and ensures significant energy savings. Furthermore, it is the only submersible water pump that has a display.


Customise your Dab E Sybox Diver with clever accessories tailored to your needs

This innovative impeller pump is unique and only comes in one model. But the accessories guarantee the versatility of a complete product range. Intelligent accessory components enable this submersible pump to suit any domestic application.

The Esybox Diver pump is intended for installation in the storage tank or well in the standard version. A surface installation is possible with the help of the DOC68. This allows the pump to be outdoors as certified as an IP68 surface pump.

The NFC technology always guarantees the sealing of the pump. This feature makes the installation of the accessories straightforward. When using a float switch and water level measurement, no additional wiring is required. The accessories can be fitted quickly and reliably and therefore do not require removing the pump casing. Consequently, simple and constant control of the pump is possible.

The new float with a sensor connects with the system without additional wiring. It detects the water level in the water tank and thus stops the tank from emptying completely. Thereby, it prevents the pump from running dry.

The DConnect Box 2 can be linked with a water level measurement that detects the tank's water level. Via the App, you can control the water level from your phone or tablet. This way, you have everything under control. You can react immediately if there is an emergency and turn off the pump.

The X-Kit version ensures that the pump only extracts clean water from the tank. This accessory is particularly suitable if debris or dirt regularly accumulates on the bottom of the tank. This way, the water is constantly pumped out just below the water surface.


Additional Product Features Dab E.Sybox Diver

  • A non-return valve prevents pump damage from reverse flow.
  • An integrated expansion tank protects against thermal fluctuations and reduces the number of pump starts.
  • Wireless Connection allows you to connect to and control the pump from your smartphone.
  • Dry Run protection to prevent pump damage when no water is present
  • A permanent magnet motor improves energy savings and motor efficiency
  • Easy Maintenance makes for quick fix times
  • Adjustable suction height from the bottom up to 8cm

Steve's Pros & Cons

Pros of DAB Esybox Diver submersible water pump

With the introduction of the Esybox Diver in 2020, DAB has launched a submersible pump that is so versatile that it is a sheer joy to install and service. Whether it is at your home in the large 3-5 bath family compound in Coatesville, your idyllic lifestyle block in the Matakana Coast or your farm in Rodney, the Esybox Diver provides constant water pressure, great comfort and high performance.

The multi impeller pump is a minor miracle in the submersible pump sector because it is so versatile. Our water pump specialists love to install and maintain this all-in-one dab pump. We have been successfully applying it as a standard version in the water tank, but also the dry version as surface installation. Furthermore, our customers love to use it as a half-submersible pump as a well installation in the X version.

The possibility of controlling the water pump via DConnect is simply fantastic. It opens up many possibilities for our customers to communicate with their pump, set parameters and check the water level. This way, they don’t risk the water tank running empty unattended and damaging the Esybox Diver.

Last but not least, we always recommend getting a professional when installing and setting up a pump. This way, you can lay back and be assured that the pump is performing in your best interest, and you will enjoy the water pump for a very long time. The new DAB Esybox Diver combines the performance and reliability of the Dtron range with the innovative functionality of the EsyboxLine. We promise you won’t be disappointed!


Cons of Dab E.Sybox Diver vertical multistage pump

…. Did you hear anything? No, we either! Installing an Exybox Diver might mean you can’t identify any noise when using the pump. That might feel weird initially, but you will get used to not hearing your pump operating at all.



Specifications of E Sybox Diver

  • Brand: DAB
  • Operating pressure: 5.5 bar
  • Dimensions: 18 x 65cm
  • Max Flow; 120L/min or 7.2 m3/h
  • Protection class: IP 68
  • Maximum immersion depth: 15m
  • Head: 55m
  • Warranty: 24 Months
  • Suitable For: Clean Water
  • Type Of Installation: Land or water
  • Maximum number of starts: 60/h 
  • Liquid temperature range: 0°-55°


Download Documents

DAB Esybox Diver Brochure

DAB Esybox Diver Brochure


DAB Esybox Diver Technical Data Sheet

DAB Esybox Diver Technical Sheet


DAB EsyLIne Brochure

DAB Esyboxline Broschure