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Grundfos MQ3

Domestic water pressure boosting

Grundfos MQ3-25

Grundfos MQ3-35

Grundfos MQ3-45

  • Automatic pressure pump with integrated user-friendly display 
  • Self-priming water pump built for both indoor and outdoor use 
  • Low purchase price grants affordability to this rural water pump 
  • Grundfos domestic pump has various models for more versatility 

The Grundfos MQ3 is an all in one water pressure boosting system. This self-priming water pump is generally used for water pressure boosting from ponds, wells and water tanks. The automatic pressure pump is ideal domestically and can be used for various applications. The Grundfos domestic water pump is suitable for multiple tasks, whether as a rain harvesting system or in agriculture and irrigation.


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This Denmark water boosting system is best used for rural applications. Whether as a rain harvesting system or pressure boosting system, this Grundfos domestic pump has multiple options to choose from. The multistage water pump has multiple models and comes with a warranty. The warranty covers this centrifugal water pump for a duration of two years. 

Read our grundfos pump review to learn about our long-term experience with this pump and find out if the Grundfos MQ 3 is the right pump for you.

Is your Grundfos pump not working? Does it displays an error message? Ultimately, this can happen for many different reasons. In most cases, our highly qualified and experienced technicians can repair your multistage water pump for you. It might result in a continued water supply for many years to come. However, if repair is too costly, we will be happy to give you honest advice on other options.

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Grundfos Pump Common Issues

Grundfos MQ3 Water Pump Review

This Grundfos multistage water pump has suitable pump performance for domestic applications. From our long term experience this water pressure boosting system will at least outlast its warranty. Although it has various features to protect the pump, in most cases we typically replace these self priming water pumps after 5-8 years of work.

Discovering the right domestic pump for your needs isn’t easy. Here at Aqua Works we have many years of experience behind us. Having helped many customers find the best pump for them, we could do the same for you. Give us a call on 0800 278 288 and talk to our team of professionals and receive some honest advice to find the right pump for you.


Common Issues With Your Domestic Water PumpGrundfos MQ3 

Most pump failures occur closer to the end of a pump’s life. Grundfos pump failure isn’t an exception. However, this rural water pump is also especially susceptible to power fluctuations. Electricity surges and spikes can cause pump damage, resulting in a Grundfos pump failure. These power fluctuations mean that the pump can go at any time throughout its life.

Is your Grundfos pump noisy or just generally louder? Does it makes a buzzing sound? Ultimately, this is a common issue that can often happen in the later years of this centrifugal water pump. However, Grundfos pump problems like these have many possible causes. If you find yourself asking ‘why is my Grundfos pump noisy’, give us a call at 0800 278288 and we can troubleshoot it for you.


Brand: Grundfos

Model: Grundfos MQ3

Dimensions: 570mm x 320mm x 218mm

Weight: 13kg

Max Flow Rate: 55L/min

Max Head: 48m

Suction Lift: 6.5m

Cable Length: 2m

Motor Protection: IP54

Voltage: 240V

Maximum Operating Pressure: 108 psi

Warranty: two years


Product number

MQ 3-45 A-O-A-BVBP
MQ3-35 B A-O-A-BVBP 1x230V 60Hz GTS IT
No. 96831481
No. 98423094
No. 98423095
No. 98423096
No. 96440336
No. 96440338
No. 96440339
No. 96440340
No. 96440342
No. 96440343
No. 96440344
No. 96440345
No. 96440346
No. 96440347
No. 96440348
No. 96440349
No. 96440350
No. 96440351
 No. 96441889
No. 96441890
No. 96515419
No. 96515511
No. 96515513
No. 96515515
No. 96515510
No. 96515512
No. 96515514
No. 96624775
No. 96441889
No. 96441890
No. 96441891
No. 96441892
No. 98423094
No. 98423095
No. 98423096
No. 96860172
No. 96860195
No. 96860201
 No. 96860207
No. 96607287
No. 96607288
No. 96549322
No. 96515412
No. 96515415
No. 96515416
No. 96515516
No. 96515517
No. 96515518
No. 96515519
No. 96515520
No. 96515521
No. 96624776

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