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Unleashing the power of clean rainwater with a Maelstrom Filter! This gutting-edge pre-filtration system is transforming raindrops into liquid purity. Its innovative technology changes the way we capture and utilise rainwater. Experience the purity of Maelstrom-filtered rainwater in this article…


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Pure Precision: Maelstrom Pre Tank Filters ensure immaculate water quality every drop

This blog article reveals the unique charm and practicality a rainwater harvesting system brings to rural living. Join us on a journey where every raindrop transforms into a source of pure bliss, nurturing the land and the lifestyle it supports. Innovative solutions like the Maelstrom Pre-Tank Filters have emerged to enhance rainwater collection simplicity and efficiency. In this article, we’ll delve into the advanced features and benefits of the Maelstrom Filter, a cutting-edge system designed to revolutionise the way we capture and utilise rainwater.

» Harvesting pure bliss: rainwater collection in NZ

» Maelstrom: Triple layer filters for effortless water purity

» Elevated quality of your rainwater with Maelstrom

» Maximising water capture at high flow rates

» 4 steps for successful rainwater harvesting

» Compare Maelstrom® Original w/ Plastic Cage &

Maestrom Rainwater Catchment NZ

Harvesting Pure Bliss: Rainwater Collection in NZ

In most rural areas of Aotearoa, rainwater harvesting is a common practice for many households, public facilities and businesses. Not only homeowners but also cafes, restaurants, dentist surgeries, campgrounds, rural schools and kindies are catching rainwater for various needs.

While rainwater collection may seem straightforward, the system’s effectiveness depends on using the right products. Beyond a roof, gutters, downpipes, storage tanks, and obviously rain, there are nuances to consider. You must take into account various factors, such as the specific water requirements and the quality of drinking water. Taumata Arowai, our new water service regulator, provides a comprehensive approach, guiding households and businesses towards tested and proven solutions to ensure the safety of their drinking water.

Maelstrom Filters Rain Collection System NZ
Maelstrom Rainwater Collection System NZ

Rainwater harvesting systems in New Zealand serve many purposes, from garden irrigation to meeting all household water needs. These systems’ flexibility allows for size and design customisation, catering to the diverse requirements of individual homes and large commercial buildings. Discover the seamless blend of tradition and innovation as rainwater becomes a vital resource, contributing to self-sufficiency and sustainability in the heart of New Zealand’s rural lifestyle blocks.

Residential rainwater harvesting system

Aqua Works designs a rainwater collection system tailored to your domestic needs. First-Flush diverter, pre tank filters, calmed inlet or UV filter system – we ensure to install the best products for potable water.

Comprehensive filtration for effortless water purity: Triple layer filtration with the Maelstrom Pre-Tank Systems

Firstly, one of the outstanding features of Maelstrom Filters is their triple-layer filtration system. This innovative feature removes unwanted debris. Additionally, it is a robust barrier against insects and other animals. Thus, it prevents pests from entering and breeding in your downpipes and keeps your rainwater catchment system clean.

Maelstrom Triple Layer Filtration

The innovative design ensures a healthy rainwater harvesting system and complements the Maelstrom Filter’s overall efficiency. Additionally, the system’s ingenious 2mm initial filter efficiently diverts leaves and debris, subsequently flushing them out during rainfall events. What makes this design genuinely revolutionary is its low-maintenance approach, free of mechanical parts. With Maelstrom Filters, the process of effortlessly collecting water is streamlined, requiring minimal work.

Upgrade to precision filtration for more purer water and call us on 0800 278 288.

Guardians of Clean Water: The Triple-Layered Brilliance of Maelstrom Filters.

Elevate the quality of your rainwater with precision filtration technology: Maelstrom Filters

In pursuing cleaner and higher-quality rainwater, the Maelstrom Filter takes centre stage. This Pre-Tank Filter goes above and beyond in its filtration capabilities. The 2mm bucket, 180-micron filter bag, and 0.955 mozzie-proof screen seamlessly filter leaves and debris from your downpipes. By doing so, the Maelstrom provides a reservoir of purer water. Furthermore, it reduces the sediment volume, alleviating pressure on your tank pumps and post-tank filters. Consequently, it preserves the integrity of your rainwater and minimises splashing, leading to an increased overall volume of harvested rainwater.

Maelstrom Filtration Technology

Benefit from its ultra-fine secondary filter, which is five times finer than traditional rain heads and pre-tank filters. Enjoy drinking water of superior quality. Don’t miss out on the magic and get a Maelstrom today! Shop online…

Harvest More, Waste Less: Let Maelstrom Filters revolutionise your rainwater collection in NZ!

Maximising Water Capture at High Flow Rates: The Maelstrom Range

Maelstrom maximum efficiency

The Maelstrom Filter seamlessly combines enhanced water capture potential with the ability to maximise efficiency at high flow rates. By empowering users to plan for volume and predict water usage effectively, this innovative system ensures that every raindrop is harnessed efficiently. It guarantees the cleanliness of collected rainwater and mitigates the challenge of water splashing during high flow rates, achieving an impressive water catchment efficiency of 96% at 3,600 litres/hour in wet systems.

Ultimately, the Maelstrom Filter is an invaluable solution for optimising your rainwater harvesting efforts.

Maelstrom Magic: Maximising Rainwater Capture for Sustainable Living. Make the most of the available resources and capitalise on every raindrop efficiently.

Experience the power of Maelstrom Filters in maximising rainwater harvest!

Achieve optimal efficiency at high flow rates and elevate your sustainability game. Get a Maelstrom Pre Tank Filtration system now to make every raindrop count for a cleaner, eco-friendly tomorrow.

Maelstrom Filters: Transforming raindrops into liquid purity

A well planned rain catchment system guarantees that the collected water is fit for human consumption and, thus, free from any (harmful) contaminants. Vegetation and algae, fine particles, bird poo, small rodents, and insects, none should have a place in your drinking water. In addition, you want to ensure the best rainwater maximisation in your storage tank while simultaneously preserving its quality.

Therefore, innovations like the Maelstrom Filter are crucial in making rainwater harvesting more efficient and accessible. With its advanced filtration design, precision technology, and enhanced capture potential, the Maelstrom Filter is a testament to our commitment to cleaner, greener living. Incorporating such solutions into our homes offers a practical and effective way to harness the power of rainwater for a more sustainable future.

Maelstrom Filter

Maelstrom® Original w/ Plastic Cage

Capture massive amounts of water
Keep out sunlight
Ultra Fine Filtration
Maelstrom with stainless shark cage filter

Maelstrom® Original w/ Shark Cage

NEW Maximum Efficiency
Keep out sunlight
Ultra Fine Filtration
NEW Minimal Maintenance
NEW Stainless Steel Cage

Perfect rainwater harvesting starts with the right system & a reliable partner

The collection, storage, filtration, and distribution of collected rainwater requires careful planning and a well-thought-out concept. Therefore, we suggest following these four essential steps to achieve a rain harvesting system consistently delivering clean and safe water.

Step 1

Firstly, what are your individual needs to have a sufficient rainwater supply?

Secondly, wow much water must the rainwater harvesting system collect?

Step 2:

Thirdly, do you have “potable” drinking water for all your water needs?

Manage the environmental challenges for safe water.

Step 3:

Take measurements you protect your rain harvesting system.

Lastly, limit the sources of contamination for the entire rainwater collection system.

Step 4:

Choose the right rain collection system for safe & healthy drinking water.

Know your options and possibilities to maximise your rainwater capture.

Pre-Filter Maelstrom rain harvesting

Aqua Works, your rainwater harvesting expert

Aqua Works supports you to realise your ideas with tested and proven products and our vast experience in professional water treatment for residential and commercial applications. Our expert team will come onsite and give you the best advice for your rainwater collection system based on your pipework and personal requirements, whether it is a wet rain harvesting system or a dry system.

With over 20 years of expertise in the field, Aqua Works have extensive knowledge and experience in professional water treatment, UV water filter, rainwater collection, Aqua Filter systems, water pump installations, and water storage solutions.

Rainwater harvesting system with Aqua Works

Our expert team will come onsite and give you the best advice for your rainwater collection system based on your pipework and personal requirements, whether it is a wet rain harvesting system or a dry system.