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Maelstrom Shark Cage Filter

$528.70 excl. GST.

Rainwater Shark Cage Replacement Filter

  • Filters debris and removes suspended particles.
  • Keeps out sunlight to prevent algae growth and pests, like mosquitoes, rodents & slugs/snails.
  • Various installation options: on tank-top, in-tank, wall-mounted or in a stormwater pit.

The Maelstrom with Shark Cage Filter is your innovative solution for excellent rainwater filtration. This single-screen stainless steel marvel is designed to filter out particles as small as 180 microns, ensuring a remarkable 98% efficiency. Get a rapid filtration process, clocking in at an impressive 10 litres per second or 600 litres per minute.


Upgrade your Maelstrom's performance with the cutting-edge Shark Cage Filter

Elevate your filtration with the stainless steel Maelstrom's Shark Cage filter, delivering the same exceptional fine filtration as the original Maelstrom but with significant added benefits. Experience superior water catchment efficiency and effortless cleaning, setting it apart from the standard Maelstrom.

Crafted from a single skin of stainless steel mesh, the Shark Cage filter boasts a slippery surface that minimises the chances of leaves and debris getting trapped. Cleaning becomes a breeze with its user-friendly backwashing feature – no need to fumble with bags, just a quick hose and replacement.

Upgrade to the Shark Cage for enhanced performance and a streamlined maintenance routine. Revel in the luxury of top-tier water quality in your tank with minimal hassle. Make the switch today by seamlessly swapping your original filter for the advanced Shark Cage upgrade. Elevate your Maelstrom experience to a whole new level!


Experience unparalleled rainwater performance with the Maelstrom featuring the stainless steel Shark Cage Filter upgrade – a dynamic duo that maximises your water catchment capabilities.

This innovative system ensures that your tank receives substantial amounts of pristine rainwater, setting a new standard for efficiency and catchment. By blocking leaves, debris, and other undesirable elements effectively, the Shark Cage Filter ensures a swift, smooth water flow through your downpipes. Say goodbye to blockages and hello to a system that moves water faster and more freely.
With fewer barriers in your rainwater system, you are poised to capture a greater volume of rainwater. Elevate your catchment game with the Maelstrom and Shark Cage Filter, and revel in the benefits of a seamlessly efficient rainwater harvesting experience. Upgrade your system for unrivalled performance and enhanced water catchment like never before.

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