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Get tasty & healthy drinking water for your family home with whole house water filters, water softeners, water ionisers and water pumps in Warkworth.

Our element: water. Your wishes: our daily incentive. Enjoy great water with the best water filters and water pumps

Warkworth is a thriving rural town North of Auckland with growing importance over the coming decades. It is already considered a gateway to amazing beaches along the Matakana and Kowhai Coasts, small villages and vibrant wine culture. This North Rodney area is expanding, and lifestyle blocks, retirement housing, and holiday homes are becoming more popular. Since 2000, Aqua Works has been serving the community to enjoy healthy and safe drinking water. We are your specialised partner for professional water treatment, water filtration systems, plumbinghot water cylinders and water pumps Warkworth. Our registered plumbers, service technicians and water pump experts offer our customers in-depth professional advice and precision workmanship. Looking for the best water pump in Warkworth?

Tailored water treatment solutions, water filters and softeners for your home in Warkworth, Snells Beach & Algies Bay

Since 2000, Aqua Works has remained true to its service philosophy. We take a long-term approach and are committed to lasting, long-serving relationships with our customers to maintain what has been installed. We know the Rodney region like the back of our hand. Consequently, this is reflected in our knowledge of the different and individual challenges related to water filtration, water contamination and water treatment. Especially in Warkworth, Snells Beach and Algies Bay, households on mains suffer from water spotting. Silica in drinking water or water hardness is the main reason for this mainly visually annoying issue. Aqua Works develops customised solutions for mains water supplies to remove chlorine, heavy metals and chemicals.

With Aqua Works, you can rely on a safe water from every tap in your house

Water is a natural part of our everyday lives. Life without water is unimaginable, from the morning shower to preparing food to use the washing machine! The most effective way to obtain pure drinking water is to install a water filtration system. It reliably removes contaminants, chlorine and other unwanted impurities from your water. However, various drinking water filtration systems are on the market, depending on requirements and personal preferences. Under bench filter and water softener are attached directly to the tap. In contrast, a house water filter is integrated behind the water metre in the main water pipe of your home. Consequently, you ensure cleaner, softer and healthier water directly from the tap. Talk to our water specialists about your best option for pure drinking water.

Aqua Works, your water specialist for excellent drinking water quality and water pressure in your home

The installation and maintenance of residential drinking water systems require specific expertise. At Aqua Works, we look back on many years of experience and knowledge in water purification, water filters and water pumps. Every day, our certified plumbers, water pump experts and service technicians go the extra mile to ensure that our community has healthy drinking water. We are passionate about water and its safe enjoyment. Give us a call to whether your hot water cylinder is leaking or you have general plumbing issues. If you need a water filter replacement or install a water softener/ water ioniser, our professional team will look after you. And the best, just walk into our showroom in Warkworth and chat with our water specialist. We are happy to hear from you in person and together find the optimum solution for you !

Benefit from our expertise! Call us on 0800 AQUA WORKS and we will come onsite to help you!

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