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When was the last service for your Puretec UV Filter? Is your Puretec UV Water Filtration System already beeping? Time for your annual UV water filter system service by a professional!



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Regarding your health and safety, you shouldn’t take any shortcuts! This also applies to the annual service of your PURETEC UV filter system. If you are tech-savvy, you can do the maintenance on your own. However, pitfalls and risks are involved, and good reasons to have the service done by a professional like Aqua Works. This is why…


1. Avoid hazardous pitfalls

2. Don’t trick the UV System

3. Your health & safety risks

4. Proper installation – proper service

5. Regular maintenance for your Pretext UV system

UV water filter system NZ

Aqua Work’s UV water filtration systems ensure that your water is safe and potable to drink to keep your family safe. Enjoy pure, healthy and tasty water from any tap in your home with smart product solutions from Aqua Works.


Avoid harmful risks when servicing your Puretec UV filter system by yourself

Maintaining pure, clean and healthy water for your home is essential. However, only a well-maintained Puretec UV filtration system will do this job properly, and regular maintenance is crucial. Therefore, from our long-term experience, this particular job is unsuitable as a do-it-yourself job, as there are severe hazardous pitfalls if you are unfamiliar with such tasks.


Do you know that…

… You must remove and clean the quartz sleeve every 6-12 months. The quartz sleeve is fragile, so the risk of accidental breakage is relatively high. Ultimately, this will lead to a water outage in your house, if you don’t have a spare quarry sleeve at hand.

UV Water Filtration Service

Aqua Works service vehicles always carry huge spares on-site for the maintenance of your UV water filter system. Consequently, we get the job done 99% in one visit.

… If the quartz sleeve breaks, tiny bits of glass are released into the chamber. This way, glass fragments will enter the internal water cycle and, thus, in your drinking water. This causes an enormous health risk.

UV replacement

Karl and Warren know their job by heart! They are aware of all the potential pitfalls and know exactly how to avoid them. Additionally, they have a steady hand and calm temper 🙂

… Air is likely to be left in the cartridges or UV chamber, thus, entering the water cycle. The air left in the water pipes can cause water hammer and damage to the system.

pitfalls UV lamp replacement

Our well-trained service technicians have a comprehensive knowledge of the entire water filter system and how to avoid these potential hazards to keep your water system safe

… It is possible to introduce bacteria contamination into the water cycle while servicing the UV system. Therefore, the UV water filter manufacturers highly recommend sterilising the water pipes after the service.

Sterilising the water pipes after UV maintenance is one of the most critical steps of our UV filter service. Afterwards, we guarantee you 99.9% E.Coli free water.

2nd reason: Do not try to trick your Puretec UV filter system

Why is my Puretec UV water filter beeping?

The reasons why your Puretec UV filter system is beeping are manifold. However, the most common reasons are:

Low UV lamp life: UV filters use lamps to disinfect the water, and these lamps have a limited lifespan. When it reaches the end of its service life, the UV system will beep to indicate that the UV lamp needs replacement.

Faulty UV lamp: If the UV lamp is defective or not installed correctly, the UV filter may beep to indicate an issue. In this case, the UV lamp needs to be replaced or reinstalled.

Power outage or voltage fluctuation: A power outage or voltage fluctuation can cause the UV filter to beep. If so, the UV filter should stop beeping once power power is on or the voltage is stable.

Sensor malfunction: Some UV filters have sensors that can detect water flow or lamp status. If these sensors malfunction or become dirty, the UV filter may beep to indicate an issue.

System malfunction: In some cases, the UV filter may beep due to a system malfunction. A faulty circuit board, wiring issues, or other problems with the internal components of the filter could cause this.

If you are unsure why your  Puretec UV filter is beeping or cannot resolve the issue on your own, give us a call. We will help you to avoid any damage to the system and your personal well-being. Give us a call on 0800 AQUA UV.


How do I stop my UV filter from beeping?

The process for stopping a UV water filter from beeping may vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer of the filter. However, here are some general steps you can try:

» Check the user manual. It should have information on how to turn off the beep function. Otherwise, contact the manufacturer.

» Press and hold the button. Some UV filters have control to press and hold to turn off the beep function.

» Watch a youtube video. Some manufacturers have uploaded videos demonstrating how to service a UV filter yourself.

BUT honestly, the best thing to do is call a professional water filtration expert to resolve this problem. In general, the entire UV water purification system is a technically very sophisticated system where the devil is sometimes in the details.

Aqua Works NZ is highly experienced in servicing all leading brands and models of UV systems in Rodney, South Kaipara Flats & Auckland area. With 20+ years of knowledge, our skilled team has the expertise and training to provide you with the best service.

And remember, only a functioning and regularly maintained UV filter protects you and your loved ones from health-threatening microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. So, get it serviced annually and don’t trick the system. It is in your own best interest!


3rd reason: YOUR HEALTH & SAFETY.

Our service technician Karl is always surprised to find that most UV filter systems do not have a warning sticker stating that under no circumstances you should look into the UV light.

The UV lamp of a Puretec UV Filter System produces intense UV-C light that can harm the eyes and skin. If the UV light enters the eye unfiltered, it can damage the cell structure.

Depending on the severity of the irritation, the eye may be red, painful and burned. Worst case, you can damage your eyesight permanently.

UV water filters

Karl’s heartfelt concern is that everyone in the community can access clean and safe drinking water. That is why he has worked for many years to maintain our clients’ water filtration systems and educate people.

From his experience, most people don’t even know they shouldn’t look at the lamp.

Another significant safety and health concern is accidental breakage of the UV lamp.

The UV lamp contains mercury, vapours and gases that are very dangerous to your health, especially in a confined space.

So imagine you are stuck with your head in the pump box and accidentally break the fragile lamp – the worst thing to do, but also the most common, is to pick up the glass. The best thing is to leave the area immediately to not breathe in the health-threatening fumes and wait until everything has disappeared.

Therefore, choose an expert for your Puretec UV filter service who will take the necessary precautions to ensure the system is safely maintained and cared for. This way, you don’t have to worry and stay safe. Call us on 0800 278 288.

4th reason: Proper Installation – Proper Service

Do you know that ONLY a registered plumber is allowed to install a UV water filter system? These are the legal requirements in NZ! But what does this mean in reality? From our long-term experience, many plumbers install UV water filtration systems in NZ as part of their work portfolio but won’t return to perform the annual maintenance. 

What are the consequences?

» Access to the UV purification system is limited and/or difficult. We often find UV filtration systems installed in places where it is tough to access, e.g. under a house, and can’t be serviced straightaway. Typically, our technician spends a certain amount of work upfront to make the system serviceable before performing the maintenance work. In rare cases, it is even too dangerous.

» Often, there is insufficient space under the filtration system to replace the UV lamp. It needs a certain length under it as the UV lamp must be pulled out straight out of the chamber. Worst case, we must replace the UV system to make it serviceable.

» The installed UV system does not match domestic conditions and represents your needs. The number of bathrooms, the position of the water tank, and the size of the catchment area… all matter when it comes to the size of the best suitable UV system. It is not uncommon for the installed system to be too small or too large for the application.

At Aqua Works, we have all trades under one umbrella. Our certified MASTER plumbers have much experience and consider the whole process when installing a UV water filter system. This way, we ensure that the UV system is easily accessible and that the annual UV filter service is straightforward.

Call us on 0800 278 288 to schedule a free onsite visit!

Clean drinking water from every tap

UV water disinfection is a safe, clean and cost-effective way to sustain a high quality water supply for your whole family. If you are not sure which UV purification system meets your needs and maybe don’t understand how these systems work, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help!


If you are getting a professional to service your Puretec UV filters, Aqua Works guarantees that you give the system the best because you know it is done correctly. Additionally, it is safer because there are many pitfalls and dangers to servicing a UV system that most people don’t know about. Ultimately, the Aqua Works team has the knowledge and experience to identify potential issues before they become major and maybe costly problems.

At Aqua Works, we ensure your UV water filter system is maintained correctly and working efficiently. With our well-equipped service vans, we come to your home. Firstly, we undertake a 10-point service check. Then, our service technician will replace the old filters, disassemble the UV system and clean the UV quartz sleeve. Over time, the UV lamp and quartz sleeve inside the system can become coated with mineral deposits and other contaminants, reducing the system’s effectiveness. Ultimately, we install new UV lamps and filters and reassemble the entire water filter system.

Water contamination by bacteria, viruses and germs is often an underestimated health hazard. These can easily enter the system during a routine UV water filter system service. That is why we disinfect the water pipes according to the recommendations of the UV manufacturer. This way, you will pass any E.Coli contamination water test.

Call Raewyn to schedule your annual Puretec UV water filter service.


Puretec UV Systems that Aqua Works service & maintain

Puretec Hybrid G Series
Puretec Hybrid G Series G6
Puretec Hybrid G Series G7
Puretec Hybrid G Series G8
Puretec Hybrid G Series G9
Puretec Hybrid G Series G12
Puretec Hybrid G Series G13
Puretec Hybrid R Series
Puretec Hybrid R Series R3
Puretec Hybrid R Series R4
Puretec Hybrid R Series R05
Puretec Hybrid R Series R06
Puretec Radfire Hybrid R10
Puretec Radfire Hybrid R11

Which other UV water filter brands do we service?

Aqua Works takes care of rural houses, farms and rural schools, as well as lifestyle blocks and commercial premises with rainwater, groundwater, tank water or service water. We service and maintain the following UV water filter systems, tailored to the specific requirements incl. NZ Drinking Water Standards.

If you can’t find your model, please do not hesitate to contact us at 0800 AQUA UV as we can still be able to help you!


Viqua UV Systems
Greenway Ultraviolet Systems
Wyckomar Disinfection Systems
Water Guard Water Filter Systems
Aqua Filter UV Systems
Trevoli Water Steriliser Systems
Davey UV Systems
Bug Buster UV Systems
and many more!