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Aqua Work’s path for clean & healthy drinking water

Aqua Works – your local Water Specialist Warkworth

Tailored Solutions for Your Home

At Aqua Works, we use our unrivalled experience to understand the individual challenges and needs of our customers’ home water supply systems and develop customised solutions that bring water to life and give you peace of mind. 

Where we come from – our journey to be your water specialist Warkworth

After travelling the world, Steve Reynolds discovered that water is an essential resource and everywhere tasted different. Even in the Rodney District water could taste quite different due to the various water sources in the area: rainwater harvesting (tank water), mains water (mainly Auckland or bores and wells in Snells Beach and Algies Bay) or river, springs and creeks.

These observations triggered Steve’s interest in good drinking water quality. Combined with his previous agricultural experience in designing water filtration systems, the shift to residential, commercial and rural was consistent.

In 2000, Steve Reynolds founded Pure Water Filters Ltd. Then in 2005 Steve bought out local company Pure Water Services and re-branded to Pure Water Services Ltd. In 2010 the model changed, and Steve started the Rodney Service based company Pure Water Services North Ltd.

In 2013, Steve joined with Aqua Filter NZ & Aqua Synergy Group and traded as Aqua Filter Rodney.

In 2018, Steve Reynolds launched an online water project It re-emphasises the urgent need to purify your water before you drink it and highlights the water pump repairs and maintenance side of the business that we now operate.

Safe and potable water for everyone

Aqua Works ensures that your water is safe and potable to drink so that your family and your business clients can trust it. Thus, enjoy pure, healthy and tasty water from any tap in your home or workplace.

Where we are today – a trusted, local water specialist in Warkworth

Steve and his team have been providing clean, safe drinking water since 2000. It had started like many other small Kiwi businesses; one person wanted better water quality and got a water filter. The customer was delighted with our service and product. Thus, he recommended us to his friends, and these in turn to their friends.

Following a slow start, (Steve liked driving diggers for too long!) our customer base has grown continuously to several thousand clients, around 50 different types of water filtration systems, UV filters and pumps, and an amazing team of six highly passionate and skilled co-workers. We all share similar values, enjoy working together and serve our customers and the community with great products and service.

Reliable and professional service, excellent and efficient products, awe for the vital source of water, and trustworthiness and loyalty of our customers have brought us to where we are today. Our success is based on the generosity of our local customers, some of whom have been regular customers for 20 years now.

Early 2021 saw a full rebranding to Aqua Works which Steve and his team are very excited about. Our own brand, gives us the flexibility and agility to respond faster to market conditions and new product developments which ultimately is better for our customers.

Aqua Work’s service commitment

Excellent service is close to our hearts. That is why our four full-time technicians, plumbers, sales guru and scheduler do their best to ensure that you have the correct product at the right time and in the right place at your premises.

water filter service company

Where are we going

Aqua Works ushers in a higher level of professionalism in our industry by bringing in certified plumbers and registered electricians in-house. This allows us to serve more customers with excellent products while improving customer service skills.

Changes in technology, more efficient water filtration systems, a greater emphasis on sustainable products and a general desire to do better than what we have been doing are food for thought and deserve our focus and attention.

We all want more efficient homes and workplaces that have safe, reliable water with minimal impact on the planet. Aqua Works plays an important role in connecting these desires and aspirations with practical applications to make it all happen.

Taumata Arowai and the Water Services Act 2021 also brings exciting new opportunities. Better regulations and a new water regulator will help us deliver safer, potable water for our rural drinking water suppliers. We can help lead local businesses through these demanding and exciting changes.

In a nutshell, Aqua Works aims to offer its customers these leading energy-efficient products and services and to be at the forefront of new technologies.

Work with us, your water specialist Warkworth