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Every household water pump needs service at least once every 3-4 years. But, many pump owners are not aware of this. It’s not a matter of complying with warranty terms, as most warranties are only good for about 24 months. Why do we recommend a water pump service? 

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Why is a regular water pump service useful?

Water pumps only work correctly if they are maintained and serviced regularly. Firstly, proper servicing of your water pump not only reduces costs. For optimal performance, it needs to be checked routinely to ensure maximum longevity and efficiency. After all, the issue of maintenance should not be underestimated.

There are several things to consider so that your water pump can reach its intended peak performance. You should not only check the water pump’s speed to make sure it matches the horsepower output. Likewise, a qualified person should regularly inspect the pump for wear, cracks and leaks. Therefore, we recommend annual maintenance to prevent damages and reduce your overall costs.

And if you have a sudden emergency water pump failure, call our water pump breakdown service on 0274 787 427. We will immediately take care of your problem and make sure that your water flows again as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we are happy to provide you with a loan water pump to not be at a disadvantage. 


How do you know if your water pump needs a service?

Is your water pump suddenly getting noisier? Does it make a humming or buzzing sound? Is the whole water pump vibrating? Does your noisy water pump keep running? These may be the first signs that your water pump needs an inspection to prevent further damage.

Does the water pump not start or not stop? Is your water pump switching on and off too quickly? Does the water pump keep starting and stopping although all taps are turned off? If you notice these indications with your water pump, we strongly advise you to contact our service team and make an appointment for maintenance. 

What does it mean when the water pump failure light on? Indicator lights signal that something needs your attention. An expert should investigate the issues promptly. Red indicates specific problems and functional failures. If your water pump failure light is lit red or flashing, this needs to be checked immediately.

Water pump troubleshooting can be complex for a layperson. We have found two primary reasons from our 20+ years of experience with a wide variety of water pumps in Rodney, Northshore and the Auckland region. First, most problems arise from the incorrect installation of the water pump right from the start. Secondly, issues can occur due to the non-workmanlike maintenance of the water pump. Therefore, water pump service is not a DIY job and should always be done by a professional service technician.


What does the water pump service include?

Sediments and wear on pump parts lead to loss of performance and, in the worst case, cause a total failure of the pump. Our experts will check and service your water pump and all necessary system components at regular intervals to ensure smooth operation. This includes an inspection of the water tank’s suction line to the pump, which is often overlooked. The service team will also check the shut off valve (tap valves) on the tank. The last step here will be a review of the floating off take valve (if installed). 

At Aqua Works, we carry out a water pump health check. First of all, our service technicians will check the vibration and the noise of the water pump. Afterwards, they will test the pressure control system of the water pump and the pressure switch. This way, we will make sure that the pressure of your pump is within the intended pump performance curve. They will inspect the non return valve/ check valve/ foot valve. If a pressure tank/vessel is installed, we also check its condition. Furthermore, our electrician will also have a look at the extension lead for the electrical supply. 

If your water pump has passed the check-up, we will award it with a “warrant of fitness”. Ultimately, the team of Aqua Works wants to ensure that your water pump still fits the conditions at your premises as these might have changed in the meantime. In addition, there are different options on how to increase the performance of your pump. The focus is on finding the best solution for our customers. We want you to enjoy clean, potable water from every tap in your home. To feel safe. To be healthy.


What problems could occur if you do not service your water pump regularly?

Regular maintenance of your water pump can make a big difference in its longevity and efficiency. We recommend that our certified plumbers come to your premises to perform an annual water pump service. In this way, we promise that you will enjoy your water pump for a long time. 

But there can also be a health and safety risk when not maintenance your water pump regularly. It is essential to check your water pump for signs of corrosion. Serious health issues can occur with using cast iron water pumps on domestic potable water supply. A safety risk could arise when the mounting of the water pump is not firmly installed, the screws are starting to rust, and the pump is not securely fastened.

At Aqua Works, we offer you a comprehensive water pump service. This maintenance includes essential water pump service and inspections of all parts. Our certified plumbers and electricians have extensive knowledge. Therefore, they professionally inspect the whole water pump and fittings to identify any problems. The service technician will discuss the solutions with you and resolve any issues with your pump on-site. In case that we can’t solve a matter immediately, our service vehicles always carry loan pumps. 


Which water pumps do we service and repair?

We design, install and service all leading brands, makes and models of water pumps. This list gives you an overview about the most common ones.


DAB E.Sybox, DAB Jet Pumps Jetcom, DAB Jetinox, DAB Multistage pumps, DAB Euroinox, DAB Submersible Pump, DAB Divertron


Davey Torrium water pump, Davey HM series pump, Davey HS, HM, HJ; Davey XF, XJ series pumps, Davey DynaJET, Davey DynaJET XJ70P, Davey XP


Grundfos CMB pumps, Grundfos CME, JP6, Grundfos Scala2, Grundfos MQ3-45, Grundfos CMB, Grundfos JP5, Grundfos JPC

other brands

AL-KO water pump, Zenit water pumps, Dyna-Jet pump, Orion pumps, Calpeida, Stallion, Pedrollo water pumps, Trevoli water pumps, Bianco water pumps, ICON pump and controllers, Onga JS, Onga SMH, Onga JMP, CEG pumps & Wallace pumps. 

However, if you can’t find your water pump model in this list, please call us on 0800 278 296 so that we can figure out how to help you.


Trusted water pump service with Aqua Works

Ultimately, our service team has a long experience with the leading brands in the industry. Thus, we can usually help you immediately, no matter what kind of pump you have or need. Our five service vehicles always carry at least three different loan pumps for on-site visits. We offer water pump service within the Rodney area, Northshore and Auckland region, from Waipu to Albany.

Additionally, if you have a UV filtration system installed, our technicians can service the filters at the same time. 

Call us today on 0800 Aqua Works to find out more about how we can help with servicing and pump repairs.