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DAB Divertron

DAB Divertron Submersible Pressure Pump

$1,425.00 excl. GST.

  • DAB Leader Divertron 1200x is a high-quality pump for domestic applications
  • 1 HP multistage water pump with four impellers & electronic flow control
  • Fully automatic switching on/off built-in electronic pressure & flow sensor
  • Only suitable for clean water in residential water pressure boosting systems

The automatic high head DAB Divertron 1200 has been the leader of submersible pumps in New Zealand for the past five years. Perfect for domestic water transfer from storage water tanks, rainwater collection systems and garden irrigation. This DAB pump guarantees high reliability and durability in all its operations. Discover which model of the DAB Divertron series suits you best!

Reliable operation with the DAB Divertron

The reliable and solid DAB Divertron has led the submersible pump market in New Zealand for the past five years before being technologically overtaken by the Dtron and Diver. However, it is still one of the most commonly used submersible pumps in the Rodney region, and we service it regularly.

The Divertron range from the Italian pump manufacturer DAB includes four submersible pump models that guarantee versatility in residential water pressure boosting. Perfect for rural residential building services like rainwater catchment and surface irrigation, the water pump is also ideal for wells, boreholes, ponds, cisterns, and rainwater storage tanks. But it is also suitable for other domestic applications where high water pressure is required.

The Divertron X 1200 M is a multi-stage submersible pressure pump with an integrated switching unit (flow switch) from DAB. When opened and closed by a user, the pump switches on and off automatically. If a water shortage should occur, the integrated switching unit triggers and protects the Divertron from dry running.

The water pressurisation system Divertron for clean water has either 3 (1000 models) or 4 (1200 models) impellers. This DAB multi-impeller pump has a built-in integrated electronic pressure and flow sensor. This automatically controls the pump's switching (ON/OFF) based on the user's water demand. Additionally, it prevents the pump from dry running in case of water shortage.

Clever features for clever water pump action: DAB Divertron

Furthermore, electronics protect the pump against defects at the non-return valve caused by dirt or sand deposits. Such build-ups stop the non-return valve from closing so that the pump continues to run even if there is not enough water. If the non-return valve is clogged, the pump goes into alarm. You can't restart until the clogging causes have been removed.

The ideal operating situation is when the pump is completely submerged. However, the efficient cooling system of the motor also allows the pump to operate partially submerged up to the minimum suction height (50 mm).

It has a housing made of high-quality, corrosion and oxidation resistant Technopolymer. The shaft, suction connection fittings, suction filters and motor housing are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. It is convenient, especially if dirt or debris has accumulated on the bottom of the tank.

The only difference between the DAB Divertron 1200x and the DAB Divertron 1200 is that you can install a floating intake. The floating intake is advantageous as the pump does not draw in the water from the bottom of the tank. It thus prevents the risk of contamination due to pollutants being sucked in.

Steve's Pros & Cons

Pros DAB Divertron Submersible Water Pump

We have always highly recommended the Divertron over the past five years if you are replacing an old pump or need a new submersible pump. When you buy and install this multi-impeller pump, you get exactly what is advertised – an honest and reliable DAB water pump for various applications around your home. We have used the Divertron for rainwater collection systems, for boreholes and for pressurising wells. All work great in New Zealand conditions.

The Divertron is so quiet that you almost don’t notice its operation. So don’t panic if you can’t hear the pump turn on and off, it usually works great and does its job silently. But please do not hesitate to call our service team if you have any doubts about your Dab pump. We will be happy to come on site and take a look at it.

If you need more information about the DAB Divertron, please chat with the water pump experts at Aqua Works. We have a wealth of knowledge about this submersible DAB pump and are happy to share our experiences with you. Call 0800 278 296!

Cons Divertron 1200

Using the Divertron for your residential water pressure boost is a great choice. However, we highly recommend a small expansion vessel for leakages and low water extraction. From our long term experience with DAB water pumps in NZ, our service technician will advise you on the best options for your individual needs.

Additionally, the Divertron is a bit sensitive to power fluctuation. This submersible water pump needs constant power. You might risk the motor blowing off if you have a doggy powerline. If power fluctuations are a problem for your home, there are various other options. Please do not hesitate to talk to one of our water pump experts to determine which domestic water pump works best for you. 

If you need a water pump expert for your DAB Divertron repairs, give us a call at 0800 278 288. Our service team is coming to your premises and give you an honest opinion about the state of your pump. And also, check with us if you are looking for DAB Divertron spare parts. We are confident to help you!


Specs Divertron 1200 M & Divertron X 1200 M

Flow rate (range): From 1 m3/h to 5,4 m3/h

Head up to: 46 m

Maximum immersion depth: 12 m

Type of pumped liquid: Clean, free from solid or abrasive substances, non-viscous, non-aggressive, non-crystallized and chemically neutral

Liquid temperature range: From 0°C to +35°C

Pump maximum diameter: 150 mm

Flanges, thread: 1″ (supplied as standard with a four-section fitting-reducer)

Maximum number of starts: 20/h

Impeller/s material: Technopolymer

Protection class: IP 68

Motor insulation class: F

Single phase power input: 230 V 50 Hz

Three phase power input: Not available

Power cable (m) and plug: 15 m H07RNF with power plug

Possible type of installation: Fixed or movable in vertical position

Special versions on request: Cable of different light, different type of power plug

Download Documents

DAB Divertron Technical Data Sheet

DAB Divertron Technical Data