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Boost your water supply with smart solutions from Aqua Works for water collection, water treatment and water filtration in Mangawhai and surrounding areas

Increase your water capacity with sustainable water solutions from Aqua Works

Situated on the East coast of Kaipara District, Mangawhai and its adjoining villages are picturesquely set among the Pacific Ocean and rolling valleys. The community established there over the last decades is rich in history, fabulous food and vibrant art. Mangawhai has something to offer for almost every taste! However, this stunning area is always short on clean, healthy drinking water. The Northland area suffers from water scarcity, especially in the summer months.

Aqua Works is a local water specialist, empowering communities in Rodney district and surrounding towns to enjoy safe and healthy drinking water. Since 2000, we have been enabling residential homes and commercial businesses to boost their water quantity and simultaneously improve the water quality. And if your water pump fails, call our emergency service and we get your water pumping again.

Water shortage in Mangawhai Heads during hot and dry Northland summers

Mangawhai combines golden sun, azure sea, fine sand and a unique spirit that gently rolls over breathtaking scenery. However, especially in Northland’s long, dry summer months, this coastal community regularly risks running out of drinking water. Private households, and businesses suffer from too little rain to fill their water tanks. Therefore, they depend on external water carriers to deliver fresh drinking water and stock up on their supply.

Many residential homes, lifestyle blocks, baches and rural farms in Mangawhai are nestled in the amazing countryside. They are a little out of the way but enjoy a peaceful and ethical lifestyle. Usually, rural properties obtain their drinking water from a rainwater harvesting system or a bore/spring. Aqua Works is an expert in professional water treatment. We offer sustainable solutions for efficient water purification.

Aqua Works tackles the challenge of bore and rainwater catchment in Matakana Village

Local businesses on the Matakana Coast mostly rely on bore water or rainwater. They need to take special precautions to treat the extracted water properly and make it safe for human consumption. Aqua Works is an expert in commercial water treatment and knows how to deal with these challenges. AquaZone water treatment, specially developed for bore water needs, and innovative UV filtration technology keep your drinking water from contamination. In addition, water softeners conquer the scale issues caused by calcium in bore water.  Finally, our registered plumbers will sort out your plumbing issues and take care of your hot water cylinder. The Aqua Works team carries out a professional job according to code so that you comply with all your legal requirements.

Water Service Act 2021: New legal compliance for businesses on the Matakana Coast 

With the new Water Service Act 2021, there are additional legal responsibilities for many businesses. It includes the hospitality sector: restaurants, cafes, hotels, motels, lodges, AirBnB’s and campgrounds but also wineries, dairies and local food markets. First of all, you need to register your water supply. Additionally, your business might need a water safety plan. The water services regulator, Taumata Arowai, determines acceptable solutions for roof water supplies and acceptable solutions for spring and bore water supplies for businesses. These solutions apply to businesses, providing drinking water to their staff and customers. If you want to know if your business is also affected and the impact of the Water Services Act, give us a call and talk to Steve.

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