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High-quality water filtration systems, water pumps and UV filter, plus first-class service for your family haven in Coatesville & Riverhead

Keep your loved ones safe with innovative water treatment solutions from Aqua Works

Nestled in the beautiful countryside of Riverhead and Coatesville, our customers appreciate pure and safe drinking water from their rainwater harvesting systems. However, it is not just tasty, healthy water from every tap in your home that keeps your family and friends safe. Your pets are also at their best when they get filtered water. And you will even notice the difference in the blooms in your garden. With our smart water treatment solutions, UV filtration systems and ozone tank water treatment products, the well-being of all family members will benefit from our vital resource: water. Call our expert team today and discover your options!

Hazardous asphalt roofing puts your rainwater harvesting systems at risk.

Do you suffer from smelly water? Or is your drinking water discoloured? From our long-term experience the reasons are manifold but especially in Coatesville and Riverhead the use of asphalt shingles roofing is very popular. If you use your roof to collect rainwater for human consumption, this building material is suspected of releasing unwanted, harmful substances into drinking water. Through the successful use of UV filter systems, large whole house Aqua Works automatic carbon filters and pre-tank filters, we can achieve clean, healthy drinking water for our customers from every tap in their home.

Test your drinking water before serving it to your family!

Aqua Works offers private households the option to analyse tank water or bore water. This way, you will get clarity about your water composition and, therefore, your drinking water quality. With a drinking water analysis from Aqua Works, you can quickly determine whether germs, bacteria or other harmful microorganisms are contaminating your drinking water. Our experts will give you detailed and in-depth advice on your water treatment alternatives based on the water test results. In addition, we recommend a tank water sterilisation for a clean start in the rainwater harvesting season in autumn.

Water pressure boosting with innovative pump technologies

Do you suffer from the low water pressure in your home, especially if you turn on too many taps, shower and wash simultaneously? Aqua Works offers a wide range of solutions to boost the water pressure in your house. Our water pressuring booster pumps add to your maximum comfort in your home by guaranteeing constant water pressure at any time. At the same time, these new pumps are so quiet that the dog is only awakened by its own snoring. Talk to our certified plumber about your different options for increasing water pressure throughout your home and making everyone happy with their individual water needs.

Internet of Things: soon, everything will be smart. Start with smart water solutions from Aqua Works

The term “Internet of Things” describes a vision of the Internet. In future, it will not just be the computer connected to the network but all kinds of things: washing machine, hot water cylinder, and your rainwater collection system. Internet of things (IoT) devices are equipped with artificial intelligence; they become “smart”. Sensors collect data from their physical environment (e.g. your water tank) and gather it in a cloud. Additionally, they receive commands about what to do when a particular data situation arises (e.g. overflowing water tank).

IoT applications are versatile. Smart water metres, water tank level indicators, and digital tank gauges help monitor your water supply. Controlling the water pump with a wireless pump controller or checking the UV filter system via an app are made possible by mobile connectivity. Consequently, IoT will empower you to make smarter decisions about your water consumption for a sustainable future.

We go beyond and above what others do. Want to experience our excellent products and high-quality service for yourself?

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