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High-performance, energy-efficiency and great operational reliability, these are just three features that you can expect from the new DAB E.sybox water pump. Manufactured in Italy, this pressure booster is one of the quietest water pumps on the market in New Zealand and worldwide. And the best, it pays itself in 4-5 year.


Are you thinking of buying a new water pump for your home? Are your considering repair your old water pump? When replacing your old water pump, you will be confronted with many questions.

      • What is my water consumption?
      • What is the right size of water pump for my household?
      • Which is the best water pump for my needs?
      • Which is the most efficient water pump?

The new DAB E.sybox water pump will give very good answers to your questions and needs. It has been our best-selling pump for many years and continuously receives best product reviews. And here is why:


1. The  DAB E.sybox water pump pays for itself

The new inverter technology allows the comfort of constant pressure in the system while saving energy. The integrated speed controller guarantees that the pump runs only at the required RPM to deliver water at the right pressure to the right location. The pump has a soft start feature, resulting in electricity savings and prolongs the pump’s lifespan.


2. Constant water pressure in your whole house

The DAB E.sybox is perfectly suitable for high water requirements in your household but also larger irrigation systems. The integrated variable speed controller enables you to supply different groups in your home with the right capacity and the required pressure.


3. The quietest water pump on the New Zealand market

The DAB E.sybox operates so silently that you can hardly hear it. At 45 dB in standard use, this water pump does not produce a lot of noise and is therefore perfect for installation in your home, but also suitable for the common use near your water tank.


4. Manufactured in Italy with a two-year guarantee

DAB is an Italian water pump manufacturer known for its excellent quality in the standards and components used through a sophisticated quality testing procedure. Some of our customers only replace their old water pump after ten years if they had decided to buy a DAB.


5. Dry run protection for your DAB E.sybox water pump safety 

Most pumps cannot run dry for long periods. This often leads to the immediate burning out and/or blockage of the pump. Especially with domestic water pumps or irrigation pumps, it is more common that the water source can be dry, and therefore the pump can no longer draw in water. The installed DAB dry run protection saves you from this event.


6. DAB E.sybox water pump has an installed pressure tank

This is useful when the pump needs to dispense water from time to time (drip watering, e.g., filling the toilet reservoir). A pump without an in-build tank would turn on and off continuously. A pump with a tank can supply this demand from the tank, so it does not need to turn on immediately.


7. Protection from New Zealand’s poor power conditions

Another quality feature of the DAB E.sybox is the built-in over/under voltage protection and over current protection in the water pump. Therefore, it makes it one of the best water pump solutions for New Zealand poor power conditions.


Aqua Works has more than 20 years of experience in water pumps and water filtration. Our team is proficient in designing and installing whole water pump systems. We have a great wealth of knowledge to service and repair nearly any type of pump. Give us a call at 0800 278 296 and will get your water pumping!


“Steve and Shane are great to work with. Installed a DAB EsyBox system and would do it again without hesitation.”

Michael Strudwick, November 2020