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Plumbing puzzles in New Zealand: Your guide to everyday plumbing glitches! Understand the 6 most common household plumbing problems and the proactive measures homeowners can take to prevent them. Get ready to conquer leaky taps, clogged toilets, hot water cylinder issues and more for hassle-free plumbing, ensuring a smooth flow in your home.


6 Common Plumbing problems & how your local reliable plumber for Rodney can solve them

Let’s talk about plumbing- something we all depend on but rarely think about! From Auckland’s bustling city life to the Matakana Coast’s, Warkworth’s and Rodney’s tranquil countryside, plumbing misadventures are like unexpected plot twists in our daily routines.

Think about it: blocked drains causing chaos in a rainstorm, the stubborn faucet drip driving us bonkers. The trusty pipes and taps bring us cosy showers and refreshingly cold drinks.

Join us on this plumbing escapade as we tackle 6 common plumbing problems that Kiwi homes face. We are looking at the frustration of a toilet playing hide-and-seek with clogs and hot water cylinders, deciding to take a vacation right when we need them most. But fear not! We’re not just here to share the plumbing horror stories— we are arming you with the know-how to deal with these surprises and even prevent a few along the way.


1. Dripping Faucet

Got a faucet that just won’t quit dripping? It might seem harmless, but that slow, rhythmic drip can quickly become a water-wasting nightmare. Let’s break it down: imagine one drop per second—it doesn’t seem like much, right? But that’s a whopping 86,400 drips a day. And here’s the kicker: 15,140 drops make up about 3.785 litres. So, you’re looking at around 21.6 litres of water down the drain daily. That’s over 7,570 litres yearly, equivalent to about 8 tons of water! And if you’ve got more than one leaky faucet, well, you can do the maths on that water party.  Especially in times of potential water scarcity, as we head into an El Niño phase, water conservation and even topping up your rainwater harvesting tank capacity plays a critical role.

 Additionally, and maybe worse in the short run, is the impact on your plumbing, as water plus metal equals rust. All that excess moisture can create rusty patches in your pipes and fixtures, often leading to sneaky leaks that catch you off guard.

And wait, there’s more! Water and wood? They don’t play nice, either. Wet, rotting wood becomes a playground for mould, quickly leading to health problems like triggering respiratory symptoms.

dripping tap reliable plumber

Luckily, tackling that dripping faucet and dodging these plumbing pitfalls can be as simple as changing a few O-rings—though it does depend on the faucet type. In some cases, getting our certified plumbers on board might be more convenient for a quick and easy fix.

Stop the Drip!

Our Master Plumbers are here to tackle that annoying faucet. Get in touch today!

2. Running Toilet Or Clogged Toilet? 

Got a toilet that just won’t quit running? It is like a leaky faucet’s wild cousin and is not great for your water bill. Are you wondering how bad it can be? A small toilet wastes 20-30 gallons daily, bigger ones waste even more, and a runaway bidet could rival a waterfall, wasting tons of water every month. If you have tried the quick jiggle-the-handle trick with no luck, it is time to get our reliable plumbers on board.

It could be a simple fix like a leaky flapper or a “haunted toilet”, which is not a ghost, just a worn-out stopper causing the trouble. We recommend replacing all the inner parts simultaneously to save from back-to-back plumber visits.

Dealing with a clogged toilet? Ugh, we have all been there: overflowing mess, funky smells, and that unsightly floor scene. Unfortunately, it might point to more than just a toilet problem —septic system trouble could lurk.

Thankfully, a clogged toilet doesn’t always spell a plumbing disaster. A good plunging can usually do the trick. However, sometimes you need a local plumber to give you a hand, especially when the toilet turns your bathroom into a waterpark. 

Now, tracking down that clog? It could be anywhere from your septic tank to any pipe in the house. A skilled plumber might have to pull out the big guns for those stubborn blockages. Sometimes, it’s our own doing—flushing hair, dental floss, and food down the throne, oops! Therefore, stick to the plumber’s golden rule: only toilet paper.

Flush Away the Frustration! 

Our MASTER plumbers swiftly resolve your clogged or running toilet, bringing peace and normality to your bathroom. Don’t let toilet troubles disrupt your routine – contact us for a hassle-free solution.

3. Water Leaks

A leaking pipe is probably the only time you immediately want to call a plumber. You might be dealing with an annoying pipe beneath the sink, a misbehaving toilet pipe, or any pipe in your home that has developed a secret water-loving hobby. Much like those pesky dripping faucets, these leaks aren’t just water wasters—they’re home troublemakers, too. Water is not exactly a friend to wood; it has a knack for transforming metal into rust, and those little pools? They’re like VIP lounges for bacteria and insects that love to play host to diseases.

6 common plumbing problems blocked pipe

When leaks occur, sometimes it is not a repair that is needed but a replacement. Even top-notch stuff can wear down over time. If the guilty party is a fixture, it might be so ancient that finding spare parts is a lost cause, and you ultimately need to replace it. Whether metal or PVC, pipes can be swapped out more quickly than overhauling the whole system. An experienced plumber isn’t just your guide in this decision maze but also the magician who waves away the trouble, whether it’s a dripping pipe under the sink or a potential flood brewing behind the hallway walls.

Call Troy on 0800 278 296. Our emergency service is there for you 24/7. 

4. Blocked drains

Pesky-blocked drains and sewer lines are like a plumbing puzzle that can easily throw you off. Imagine your plumbing as a bustling road, and these blockages? They’re like the traffic jams caused by greasy gunk, random objects, and even those stubborn tree roots that can’t resist a sneak attack. And let’s not forget about the quiet buildup of sediment that joins the party. The result? You’re dealing with backups and slow-moving water, and in the worst case, you might be in for a surprise flood that nobody asked for.

So, what is the game plan? Sometimes, a drop of drain cleaner might do the trick for those sluggish drains. But let’s be honest; sometimes a plumber needs to swoop in as the real troublemakers are often those pipes that love to hide behind walls and under floors, playing hide-and-seek. And even the experts sometimes need a good puzzle to solve.

Call Steve on 0800 AQUA WROKS and schedule an appointment to unblocked your drains by our skilled MASTER plumbers.


5. Hot Water Cylinder is not working

Hot water cylinders, the silent heroes of soothing showers and cosy baths, aren’t always immune to mischief. They are like the backstage crew ensuring our daily comfort, but sometimes they decide to pull a few pranks. Unpredictable temperature switches, sneaky leaks that play hide-and-seek with your patience, and, worst of all, going on strike when you need them most, it sounds like your trusty morning routine suddenly got a wildcard entry from a mischievous roommate. So, whether you’re getting chilly showers when you’re expecting warmth or your hot water cylinder gurgling like a waterfall, these hitches are like unexpected plot twists in your daily life.

Is your hot water cylinder….
… Leaking?
… Failing?
… Gurgeling?
» No hot water?
» No water at all?
» Not enough hot water?

While some minor plumbing tasks might suit DIY enthusiasts, hot water cylinder issues can be complex and risky. Opting for a plumber ensures a proper and safe repair, saving you time, hassle, and potential headaches down the line.

common hot water cylinder problems no hot water

Don’t Brave Cold Showers Alone

Whether you are facing hot water cylinder problems or need emergency assistance, our 24/7 service is at your side! Reach out to us for quick and straightforward plumbing solutions!

6. Low Water Pressure

Dealing with low water pressure can be a real headache, and it is not just a problem that hits you in the shower. Sometimes, it is a signal from the utility gods that things are lacklustre on their end. No worries, though—you can give it the pressure gauge test to confirm. If you are trying to juggle the dishwasher, lawn watering, and shower simultaneously, it can be a water overload that can cause low pressure.

However, your pipes may be playing hide-and-seek with the water. Is the low-pressure a solo act or a house-wide performance problem? Firstly, check the water valve as it could only be halfway open. Next, give each faucet and showerhead a whirl, and jot down the ones that aren’t feeling the pressure. If only one spot is acting up, chances are something is blocking that fixture’s path. However, if the whole house is in on the low-pressure party, the main pipes give you grief. Consequently, it is time to get your local plumber on board to check for the main culprit, like your water pump or hot water cylinder.

Get Aqua Works to help you with these 6 common plumbing problems

Aqua Works Plumbing

Overall, from our long-term experience as certified MASTER plumbers, it is essential to note that plumbing problems can vary in severity and impact. Homeowners might quickly fix some issues, while others require professional assistance from certified plumbers. Regular maintenance and addressing issues promptly can help prevent more significant plumbing problems from occurring. 

If you are experiencing any plumbing issues, we highly recommend contacting a local plumbing professional to address your plumbing issues. 


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