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High-performance water pumps and innovative water filters for safe drinking water in your bach haven, lifestyle property or residential oasis in Omaha 

The health risk of asphalt shingles and bitumen to your drinking water quality and safety 

Coming to Omaha means leaving the week and everyday life behind, immersing yourself in downtime and having a marvellous time with family and friends. It is a paradise for those who love golden beaches, white dunes and stunning blue sea. Only a 15-minute drive from Warkworth, this beach haven offers a unique environmental heritage. Beautiful beach houses and lifestyle blocks are beaming with the sun. However, many bach owners are unaware that their homes have asphalt/bitumen roofs. Why is this a problem? The building material is known to release toxic substances into the drinking water via the rain collection system. Aqua Works is a local expert in water treatment. Since 2000, we have ensured safe and healthy drinking water at the Matakana Coast.

Strong water pressure for various applications inside and outside your beach oasis in Omaha

In Whangateau Harbour and Omaha beach, you will find everything you need for a relaxing time in the cool summer breeze on the Matakana Coast. It is a fantastic spot on the East Coast of Rodney district, well-known for its great surf conditions and gateway for excellent boat trips. Thus, the last thing you want to do after a beautiful day out at sea and spend hours cleaning your boat. A variable speed pressure system pump, like the DAB E.Sybox mini, will boost your water pressure enormously, making the boat a breeze to clean. At the same time, you will have significant water pressure in your bathrooms for a shower and simultaneously watering the garden. Talk to our water pump experts to get the best advice for your perfect water pressure boosting solution!

Minimise the risk of water-borne diseases with a UV filter for your holiday home at the Matakana Coast.

It is not hard to launch into holiday mode at the Matakana Coast. Whether booking a weekend in an Airbnb or spending summer holidays in the family bach, everyone agrees: Omaha is a unique dream destination. Well-designed homes with beautifully landscaped gardens behind the dunes exude a distinctive charm. Ideally, the water catchment system is functional and almost invisible. However, buried concrete tanks, underground water pipes and plumbing run the risk of cracking unnoticed and causing a leak. Therefore, we recommend a regular inspection of the entire rainwater harvesting system. In addition, the water tank should be cleaned annually to remove sand and other coarse debris. With the appropriate pre-filter and post-tank filter, you can enjoy the sun and your drinking water without worries.

Safe and tasty drinking water from your well-maintained rainwater harvesting system

Picturesquely situated on the ocean and wetland, Omaha residents and visitors enjoy the outstanding scenery. However, due to the proximity to the sea, we often hear complaints from our long-standing customers that their drinking water tastes salty. How does that happen? The roof is the catchment basin for the rainwater. If not stopped by a pre-filter, everything that collects there finds its way into the storage tank. Especially faecal matter from birds is flushed into the tank as the rain starts. A carbon filter reduces impurities that cause taste and odour problems in the water. Additionally, a UV filter eliminates bacteria like E.Coli (bird poo) or Legionella (stagnant water in pipes), parasites like Giardia, or viruses from your drinking water and makes it safe for human consumption.

We go beyond and above what others do. Want to experience our excellent products and high-quality service for yourself?

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