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Discover smart water purification solutions, UV filters, water pumps and plumbing services for safe and healthy drinking water at the Matakana Coast

Create unforgettable memories on the Matakana Coast while we take care of your drinking water quality

North of Auckland, in the heart of Rodney, lies the Matakana Coast with its pristine coastline and white sandy beaches, lush rolling valleys nestling private lifestyle properties, boutique vineyards and galleries. Especially at the weekends and during holidays, everyone is drawn to their family baches to enjoy this beautiful region. There is so much to discover! Consequently, you want to spend this precious time light-hearted and should not worry about the most natural thing in the world: Your drinking water. Aqua Works is a local water treatment expert based in Warkworth. Since 2000, we have taken care of the water quality of residential and commercial properties. We know the Matakana Coast like the back of our hand and understand how to deal with water issues in this area. 

Enjoy safe drinking water from your rainwater harvesting system with sustainable product solutions from Aqua Works

Harvesting rainwater can bring you significant economic, social and environmental advantages. A well-designed rain collection system provides your lifestyle home with sufficient and clean rainwater. Therefore, it is a sustainable water source ideal for use both inside and outside your home. Furthermore, personal and health preferences can also be better considered when using rainwater. The drinking water contains no added chemicals and can be enjoyed pure. At Aqua Works, we employ only tested equipment and proven processes to collect, purify and store your rainwater for its intended purpose. This way, we guarantee safe, healthy drinking water from every tap in your home. And you can stroll down to the farmers market and catch up with your friends without any worry.

Aqua Works tackles the challenge of bore and rainwater catchment in Matakana Village

Local businesses on the Matakana Coast mostly rely on bore water or rainwater. They need to take special precautions to treat the extracted water properly and make it safe for human consumption. Aqua Works is an expert in commercial water treatment and knows how to deal with these challenges. AquaZone water treatment, specially developed for bore water needs, and innovative UV filtration technology keep your drinking water from contamination. In addition, water softeners conquer the scale issues caused by calcium in bore water.  Finally, our registered plumbers will sort out your plumbing issues and take care of your hot water cylinder. The Aqua Works team carries out a professional job according to code so that you comply with all your legal requirements.

Water Service Act 2021: New legal compliance for businesses on the Matakana Coast

With the new Water Service Act 2021, there are additional legal responsibilities for many businesses. It includes the hospitality sector: restaurants, cafes, hotels, motels, lodges, AirBnB’s and campgrounds but also wineries, dairies and local food markets. First of all, you need to register your water supply. Additionally, your business might need a water safety plan. The water services regulator, Taumata Arowai, determines acceptable solutions for roof water supplies and acceptable solutions for spring and bore water supplies for businesses. These solutions apply to businesses, providing drinking water to their staff and customers. If you want to know if your business is also affected and the impact of the Water Services Act, give us a call and talk to Steve.

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