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Healthy drinking water for your scenic lifestyle block in rural paradise Dairy Flat with UV filtration and Ozone tank water treatment from Aqua Works

Smart and sustainable rainwater harvesting solution for your home in Dairy Flat

Between Silverdale and Albany, in southern Rodney is the community of Dairy Flat. Idyllic lifestyle blocks, country residences and rural farms lie in this peaceful tranquillity north of Auckland’s urban hustle and bustle. An abundance of vegetables grows in the gardens, ponies graze peacefully in the paddock, and the driveway is lined with Pohutukawa or Willow trees. Most of these residential lifestyle properties take advantage of obtaining their drinking water through a rainwater harvesting system. In the long run, they benefit from lower water costs, reducing their ecological footprint and securing a high-quality water supply. However, there are things to consider to provide safe drinking water.

Enjoy the benefits of country living in your residential lifestyle property in Dairy Flat

At Dairy Flat, nature is right on your doorstep! However, this rural idyll also has an impact on the quality of your drinking water. How? If you have a rainwater harvesting system, your roof is the catchment basin for all sorts of contaminants. Decaying leaves from Willow trees, flowers from Pohutukawa trees, seed pods and even spray drift accumulate on your roof and in the gutters. If there is no protection, such as gutter whiskers, this vegetation gets into the downpipes and ends up in the water tank. Consequently, it can lead to algal bloom, anaerobic fermentation, an increase in acidity and discolouration of the tank water due to tannins. In any case, the quality of drinking water is at risk.

Retrofitting and maintenance of your rainwater harvesting system and water tank

Since 2000, Aqua Works has supported residential and commercial customers to secure their rainwater catchment system, thus guaranteeing consistent, high-quality drinking water. Firstly, our experts obtain an overview on-site and advise the best options for optimising/retrofitting your existing rainwater collection system. Installing a pre-filter, such as a Maelstrom filter, makes a significant difference. It prevents debris from entering the storage tank, thus ensuring cleaner tank water. Additionally, the cleanliness of the water tank plays a vital role in providing safe drinking water. Therefore, we recommend regular, professional tank sterilisation, especially for rural-residential lifestyle blocks in Dairy Flat.

Water pressure boosting with innovative water pump technologies from Aqua Works

Do you suffer from the low water pressure in your home, especially if you turn on too many taps, shower and wash simultaneously? Aqua Works offers a wide range of solutions to boost the water pressure in your house. Our water pressuring booster pumps, such as DAB E.Sybox mini, add to your maximum comfort in your home by guaranteeing constant water pressure at any time. At the same time, these new pumps are so quiet that the dog is only awakened by its own snoring. Talk to our certified plumber about your different options for increasing water pressure throughout your home and making everyone happy with their individual water needs. And for your business, the DAB E.Sybox will meet your expectations.

Choosing the optimal water filters for safe drinking water

Aqua Works offers the ideal water treatment solution if your lifestyle property draws drinking water from its own bore. Ozone tank water treatment optimises your bore water quality enormously. An AquaZone ozone system eliminates pathogens and contamination of your tank water to keep your loved ones safe. Furthermore, a post tank filter, such as a UV filtration system, effectively removes 99.9% of the remaining bacteria, germs and viruses from your tank water. With a perfectly optimised and well-maintained rainwater harvesting system, you will be on the safe side of life. Ultimately, you and your family will enjoy healthy and tasty drinking water from every tap in your home. And your furry friends do best when they get filtered water too.

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